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2 tracks performed by OutKast have been recommended.
Prototype  performed by OutKast  2003
Recommended by Festy [profile]

I knew nothing about OutKast, and know little more now. What I do know is that this song was from a concept album in which both members of Outkast ("Andre 3000" and "Big Boi") produced a side each. Also from what I understand, this track may not be typical of their usual stuff. I also found out that this was played to death on the radio when it was released, so this may not be a new song to many. Not being a commercial radio listener, I missed it when it was released!

I'm not sure what attracted me to the song first off. Perhaps it was how sparse and basic it seems, perhaps the humour in it ("stank you smelly much" - real lyrics in this love song), or perhaps the "behind the scenes" audio, like Andre's dicussion with the engineer. Why would he leave that in, I wonder. Is it a theme that runs through his side of the album? Anyway, a soulful and beautiful, if not strange song which I heard on a compilaton called "Strange Soul" put out by Albion Records.

from Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (LaFace Records 82876 50133 2)
available on CD - Strange Soul (Albion Records)

Hey Ya!  performed by Outkast  2003
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

Does anybody not love this song?

from Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (La Face)

  18 Feb 04 ·babu-she: Quite simply one of the best tracks from last year. As Andre 3000 says 'it's cooler than cool... it's icecold'. Out-Princes Prince evn when he was at the height of his powers.
  26 Feb 04 ·jeanette: The thing is, in the UK at least, this song is so overplayed: simply because it is the only song with any merit in a chart of hopelessness. So I'll probably like it again in about 6 months, when I stop hearing it three times every day. So the question has gone beyond whether you like the song, but who's your favourite girl-fan in the video? Mine is the first one you see, the very pretty one who holds her head in her hands and screams.
  10 Jul 05 ·spinner303: Its 2005 and radio stations have finally stopped playing it every hour on the hour, now its every 3 or 4 hours :) But listening to it again now, it really is a great song.
  11 Jul 05 ·tonyharte: Save for a tremendous hook, I don't get it meself! Still, I'm clearly in a minority of 1.

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