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Comfort of Strangers  performed by Skin  2000
Recommended by Groucho_75 [profile]

Off the brillaint soundtrack for 'Timecode' by Mike Figgis and Anthony Marinelli, not sure who actually wrote this song but the whole album is really good. The film's pretty good as well. Skin has a great voice and this is a really moody, atmospheric song that makes me feel both warm and lonely at the same time. The Main Title track is great as well.

from Timecode Soundtrack

Creole  performed by Charlie Hunter Quartet featuring Mos Def  2001
Recommended by secularus [profile]

"Easy fantastic, lonely together.." - I have listened to this song at least 100 times since receiving it on Audiogalaxy. Simple yet beautiful. I never knew Mos Def had such a pleasant and sexy voice! I am in heaven when he sings "I just go walking in the rain ... when I feel you passing by..." The back drop is provided by the talented contemporary 8 string jazz guitarist Charlie Hunter (once a member of Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprosy).

from Songs from the Analog Playground (Blue Note)

Dining Alone  performed by Carla Bley
Recommended by mr_klenster [profile]

The balance of beautiful, introspective lyrics (which are mostly spoken rather than sung), and lonely instrumentation combine to create a top-notch stunner. As a whole the album Dinner Music is a very eclectic and interesting assortment of songs. I wish "the lights wouldn't turn low and it wouldn't be time to go", but the way this song captures the feeling of yearning and melancholy is absolutely perfect.

Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell  performed by The Flaming Lips  2002
Recommended by pleasepleaseme [profile]

Funky Rock. Nice Title! Sweet Lyrics. And i love the Beach Boys break. Move over George Martin!
Is this the best concept album since "Dark Side Of The Moon / Wish You Were Here". Or Maybe even "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/Magical Mystery Tour"? Very Trippy Rock! Nice electronics. How do you sound like Neal Young, Bread, America, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, David Bowie, Beach Boys and the Beatles all at once? You can hear the full album through the thier site:
Super Generous & Super Talented. One of the most beautifully produced albums ever!
POP HEAVEN! "Light Side of the Moon" for the new millennia.

from Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, available on CD (warner bros.)

Ely Arcoverde Quarteto  performed by Ely Arcoverde  1965
Recommended by sodapop650 [profile]

Ely Arcoverde is a Brazilian organist. His sound is similar to Ze Maria but not as chime-like and almost even a church-organ sound at times. I love this LP because it has a real low meditative sound. It is a quality I find in much of the music from Bahia as opposed to that from the south. The quarteto inludes organ, drums, bass and - a quality that I love alongside the organ - an accoustic guitar. It is mostly instrumental with some vocals similar to the way Jorge Ben would just make repetetive humming and moaning noises in his early LPs. The whole record has a very dark and mysterious feel - sad and lonely the perfect LP for the dark just the light from the stereo tubes flickering. It is available on ebay a lot, it is Ely's most popular LP and it should run you about $50 - 75.

from Ely Arcoverde Quarteto (RGE RXLP-5.279)

Hackensack  performed by Fountains of Wayne  2003
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

This song is lonely. It reminds me of an ex-boyfriend that I had. It makes me so sad.

from Welcome Interstate Managers

Heaven  performed by Los Lonely Boys
Recommended by .holly. [profile]

I’m Wishing  performed by Lorez Alexandria  1968
Recommended by Festy [profile]

This track is for the heart-broken and the lonely. It's mournful and the lyrics are sad - yet it's still a pleasure to listen to. Originally released in 1968, I was introduced to it through a Gilles Peterson compilation on Luv N Haight titled "Gilles Peterson Digs America 2".

from Didn't We (Pzazz)
available on CD - Gilles Peterson Digs America 2 - Searching At The End Of An Era (Luv N' Haight)

Insight  performed by Joy Division  1979
Recommended by Genza [profile]

Prior to Ian Curtis' death and the infamous but less interesting second album Closer, Joy Division released a whole bunch of fantastic songs. Atmosphere, She's Lost Control and Transmission (recently superbly covered by US minimalists Low) are all rightly loved - but the fragile wonder of Insight is almost always forgotten.

The song starts with sound of a lift going down - and the overall feel is lonely, desolate and claustrophobic. Insight stirs the soul and breaks your heart my friend. Mighty powerful stuff.

from Unknown Pleasures (Factory)

  delicado: It's an incredibly intense and affecting track, one of my favorites, alongside 'disorder' and 'decades'. And 'no love lost', obviously.
Iris  performed by Goo Goo Dolls  1990
Recommended by irisbuen [profile]

I love the song because the orchestra background is simply marvelous. The lyrics fit so well and knowing that this was a product of John Rzeznik's awakening from his writer's block, I'm a proud bearer of the name same as the title of this song.

A must-hear for those who are cynically in-love.

from Dizzy Up the Girl

Lonely Boy  performed by The Black Keys
Recommended by lhirsch92 [profile]

Lonely is as lonely does  performed by The Fleetwoods  1964
Recommended by delicado [profile]

The Fleetwoods were an excellent vocal group from the late 50s and early 60s who are best known for 'Come Softly to Me' and 'Mr. Blue'. Both of these are 'classic' oldies tracks, evocative of the late 50s.

'Lonely is as lonely does' came late in their career, and actually sounds much more modern than its 1964 recording date would suggest. This is really a prototype of the 'soft pop' style that would become popular later in the 1960s. The composer, Chip Taylor, went on to write 'Wild Thing' and 'Angel of the Morning'.

The track opens with a nice picked guitar introduction. As in many of my favorite Fleetwoods tracks, Gary takes the lead vocal, with Gretchen and Barbara singing backing vocals. Gary has a very sincere voice. At the beginning the song sounds very routine, but there are some clever chord changes and some cool lyrics. My favorite line is 'As your tears fall, remember this: you're just a kiss away from happiness'.

from the single Lonely is as lonely does (Dolton)
available on CD - Come Softly to me - The Very Best of The Fleetwoods (EMI)

lonely town  performed by blossom dearie
Recommended by leopoldo [profile]

Lost in the Supermarket  performed by The Clash  1979
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

Melancholy, lonely and beautiful. Proof of the versatility and intellligence of the Clash's music.

from London Calling (Epic)

Love’s A Lonely Place To Be  performed by Virginia Astley  1982
Recommended by john_l [profile]

A gossamer light track with cello, glockenspiel and some other non-standard rock (?) instrumentation, by a classically-trained musician. The only song that it is heavier than is the Caravelles' 1963 hit "You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry", which is probably the song it sounds most like as well, if I had to pick one. Quite gorgeous! But there was a re-recorded version that found its way onto the 1986 "Hope In A Darkened Heart" LP; it's NOT nearly as good as the original.

from Promise Nothing (Why-Fi)

Love’s A Lonely Place To Be  performed by Virginia Astley  1982
Recommended by thefamilycat [profile]

This is my favorite song and is very close to a Christmas carol,especially "Walking in the air"
It appeared on the Indie charts in early 1983 peaking at No.5,sharing the chart with no end of punks.
Virginia Astley had little to do with Rock,never mind Punk

from Promise Nothing (Crepsescule)

  shakeahand: Yes quite beautiful, and then so easy to forget how dark and uncomfortable the lyrics are - being in a loveless relationship with, it seems, no way out. See also Some Small Hope, a duet with David Sylvian, another etherial mix of beauty and sadness.
  thefamilycat: Only a few of Virginia Astley's songs related to her own life.Her pet subjects were "having someone" or "almost having someone",tales of childhood or ideas from World War 1 poetry. "Tree Top Club" is actually set in thre village where her family lived at the time":Stanmore North London.The "ruined church" referred to can be seen in the churchyard where it was left after burning down. Her 90s songs continued the poetic and religious imagery she was so fond of and scenes from Alice in Wonderland are quite obvious
lover’s spit  performed by broken social scene
Recommended by licoricewhipped [profile]

its so lonely and perfect.

Mull of Kintyre  performed by Paul McCartney  1977
Recommended by bunwhisper [profile]

This is a beautiful, sweeping song that brings such strong visuals of the Scottish landscape to mind. Like the land it is alternately beautiful and lonely.

from Single only (EMI)
available on CD - Wings Greatest Hits (Capitol)

Road to Happiness  performed by the Lilac Time   1989
Recommended by geezer [profile]

A melancholic slice of tranquility,little in the way of instrumentation save for an accordion,and some percussion and acoustic guitar,so sad and lonely it makes you feel better about yourself and the drone like melody will stay in your head long after your gone .

from The Lalac Time
available on CD - The Liac Time

Season of the Shark  performed by Yo la tengo  2003
Recommended by megara [profile]

Due to the constant everyday trippings, one learns to walk looking down, watching the cracks, watching the steps, watching the pebbles. That's how I found this track. I took a dive recently and came back to the surface with this song.
One little tune, one refrence and one image, these three combined make a lonely humming of this indie tune almost orchestral, de description of the saddest episodes or maybe just the most difficult ones, the unexplainable feeling, translated into a postcard of the big ocean, the clouds, the sun, the isolation, the danger, the sharks down by the surface surrounding your tiny boat, a breeze, a guitar, however you dive, always assured that seasons come and go.

from Summer Sun, available on CD (Matador)

Sleepwalk  performed by The Supremes  1965
Recommended by delicado [profile]

What can I say! I always imagined there would be a vocal version of this classic Santo and Johnny instrumental, but I had never located one until I found this recording. This track remained unreleased until the mid-1980s, was recorded in March 1965.

I can't deny that much of the appeal of this song for me lies in the novelty factor of hearing lyrics sung to this classic tune. If you're interested, the lyrics go something like this:

Sleep walk, instead of dreaming I
Sleep walk, cause I lost you and
Now what I am I to do;
Can't believe that we're through
(I don't care how much you tell me)

Sleep talk, cause I miss you I
Sleep talk, while the memory of you lingers like a song;
Darling I was so wrong
(but I'll be right some day)

Fills me my lonelyness;
I see your face
Spinning through my brain

I know
I miss you so
I still love you
And it drives me insane

Sleep walk, every night I just
Sleep walk; and when
You walk inside the door,
I will sleepwalk no more

If you're having trouble imagining how these words would fit to the tune, I think the Supremes did too; this may explain why the track remained unreleased. Don't get me wrong - the overall sound is very cool, and the verses work quite well. But I think the tune is so well-known that they didn't feel they could change a note, and so some of the vocals are a bit laboured.

Still, a great track, which seems to hold up to repeated listens!

from 25th Anniversary (Motown 5381ML3)
available on CD - 25th Anniversary Volume 2 (Motown)

So Lonely Was The Ballad  performed by Jamie T
Recommended by nicolebaker [profile]

Summer  performed by Buffalo Tom  1995
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

This is Buffalo Tom's best single, off their last 90s studio album Sleepy Eyed(Big Red Letter Day was a better album). It opens with an unorthodox chord progression played on an alternate-tuned guitar that desperately wants to resolve but makes you wait for the cathartic chorus. The insistent nature of the chord progression in the verses is what hooked me and it still does just as much as the first time I heard it.

from Sleepy Eyed (Beggars Banquet)

The end of a love affair  performed by Julie London  1963
Recommended by delicado [profile]

'do they know, do they care, that it's only/that I'm lonely and low as can be.../And the smile on my face...isn't really a smile at all...'
This is a brilliant, devastating recording. Julie's gentle, heartfelt vocal, the lush background... I'm speechless!

from Love on the Rocks (Liberty)
available on CD - The Liberty Years (EMI)

  G400 Custom: Julie London's version of 'Fly Me To The Moon' is the best I've ever heard.
  followyourbliss: I love Julie London - I agree with G400. Her Fly Me To The Moon is on Ultralounge's Bossanovaville and it's even better than Sinatra's
  rio: great choice; the whole album is one of my favorites by julie.. how about "guess who i saw today"?
  masten: I am looking for a CD of Julie London titled "Love on the Rocks". Does anyone know if this exists?
  vanguard77: It will be released on Feb 6 by EMI-UK, coupled with "Julie." :)
The Last one to Know   performed by The Maisonettes  1982
Recommended by geezer [profile]

An obscure b-side of an obscure one hit wonder from 1983! but thats where you find the treasure ,by digging.A band from the tail end of the mod revival of 79 ,a sixties pastiche played on synthesisers but an overwhelming Motown influence played and written in good faith with a lush melody that would have suited the lonely spy from any movie from 1967 onwards .An eighties version of sixties soul heard 25 years later when pop almost lives on its reference points makes this sound like the first of its kind .The other side, Heartache Avenue ,is also a little nugget and worth a listen too.These boys were also City Boy of 5 7 0 5 fame from 1978.

from Heartache Avenue The best of (Readt Steady Go)
available on CD - Heartache Avenue The best of the Maisonettes

  delicado: i have this 7" but I don't remember this. I know the fleetwoods' version if it's the same track. I once played in a covers band with the drummer from the Maisonettes!
  geezer: dig it out and give it a spin its not the Fleetwoods versionbut it is good in a kind of nostalgic way from a time when i didnt have many records so the b side always got aplay by the way some brilliant recomendations Thanks
The Lonely Shepherd  performed by Zamfir  1984
Recommended by acidburn [profile]

from Zamfir : The Lonely Shepherd

The Peterman  performed by Bullet  1975
Recommended by HoboTech [profile]

Beautiful slow jazz funk. Funky bass, floating flutes, trombone, rhodes piano. This entire album is a classic. You've probably heard some of it somewhere before, it's been sampled by lots of people from DJ Vadim to Buck 65. Originally recorded as library music and then used in the British TV series the Hanged Man, this record is one of my favorites.

from The Hanged Man, available on CD

Tiny Children  performed by The Teardrop Explodes  1981
Recommended by geezer [profile]

A lonely solo keyboard carries this strange beautiful slice of eighties psychedelia along,shades of Barratt and Robert Wyatt inform this oddly ,detached nursery rhyme vision of childhood with innocence pouring from every word

from Wilder, available on CD

Trail Of Tears/Bristol Shores  performed by Eric Johnson  1986
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

My favorite ever guitarist. The song is on the Tones album, which was his 1986 debut for Warner Bros, produced by David Tickle(they should work together again - Eric's records have never sounded this good since). Trail Of Tears begins quietly, building up for quite awhile into a fusion of new-wave and Texas Hendrix - yes, you heard me, and it works. At the end the rhythm section drops out and you float with just synth and guitar, which coalesces into Bristol Shores' quiet, arpeggiated clean guitar intro. Bristol Shores is heartfelt and lonely guitar pop, also with a kinda new-wavy feel. I've never heard anything quite like this magical pair of songs, or quite like the sound & style achieved on this record. Eric really should think about revisiting this sound.

from Tones (Warner Broos)

Until I Believe in my Soul  performed by Dexys Midnight Runners  1982
Recommended by geezer [profile]

All the elements that made Dexys so interesting are distilled into this spritual eoic,passion ,commitment and the awkward genius of Kevin Rowland from the album that gave the world "Come on Eileen" this is ifve minutes of beauty,sweat and belief.Commencing with a pastoral flute and quickly growing into that familiar dexys blend of brass and strings ,a rousing chorus and a lonely whistled finale .Not immediately accesible but if you're a "bit" interested you could be converted for ever.

from Too Rye Ay, available on CD

Wasteland  performed by Dan Bern
Recommended by Reina [profile]

"And those who had money looked good but werent too happy
And those who didnt have money didnt look so good and werent so happy either
And in a city of 3 million, 269 thousand, 984, everyone was lonely..."

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