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All I Really Got to Know  performed by Alexander Kowalski featuring Raz Ohara  2002
Recommended by secularus [profile]

Heard this track on french radio and discovered that it will be released on 12" sometime in May 2002. Alexander Kowalski, a 23 year old based in Berlin, has created a tech house excursion that is extremely infectious. A great driving tune! My only qualm are the vocals which I must admit are mildly cheesy but they grow on you and many people I have played this to end up liking it after a few listens.

Blue Glasses  performed by Smokey & Miho  2002
Recommended by aquila49 [profile]

Put some SPF-40 on your ears before listening to this unadultered mix of bossa-pop sunshine from the duo of Miho Hatori (Cibo Matto) and Beck session man Smokey Hormel.

An infectious guitar joined by percussion and horn slinks around and through Miho's precise, breathless vocal.

Four plus minutes of aural ecstasy. (You have to work awful hard to make something sound so easy.)

from Smokey & Miho (Afros Sambas 001)

Chocolate  performed by Fantastic Explosion  2003
Recommended by chipple [profile]

An old Lotte chocolate commercial song turned into an infectious disco-ish club track.
The song starts with a loop of the famous "we like music, we like the disco sound" sample and with social dance instructions in Japanese, and then turns into disco with a groovy bass line and wah-wah guitar, to then apply the commercial song's vocals perfectly.

from Return of Fantastic Explosion (Transonic TRS-22001)

Double Trouble  performed by The Roots
Recommended by okthiele [profile]

Terribly infectious

Earth People  performed by Dr. Octagon  1997
Recommended by jwmoz [profile]

"Dr. Octagon" is actually Kool Keith, who must have had something on the brain when this record was produced. This is my favorite song on the album, and it is a good representation of the the cool, controlled beats and inane, yet infectious lyrics present throughout. Dr. Octagon's words are on the same level as Eminem's in that they are not to be taken literally. Eminem took the gangsta/mysogyny route, Dr. Octagon took the thirteen year old boys immature babble about god-knows-what route. In any case, this song is fresh, and you can't help getting that little bob of your head going when you listen. When you catch yourself singing along, realize you sound like an idiot though.

available on CD - Dr. Octagonecologyst (Uni/Dream Works Records)

  spinspin: I was obbbbbsessed with Blue Flowers off that same-diddly-aim album for forever... he's got the smoothest sinister technobabble ever.
Eden Rock  performed by Fifth Avenue Band  1969
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

Another stunner from an album full of them, "Eden Rock" finds common ground between folk-rock and quiet storm, sounding very ahead of its time. Piano, congas, bass, Spanish guitar and a smoooove lead vocal over jazzy changes mark this as a lost classic. It anticipates many of the paths that 70s pop, rock and R&B would follow. Two minutes and twenty-five seconds of joy.

from Fifth Avenue Band (Reprise RS 6369)

Esperanca  performed by Trio Mocoto  1971
Recommended by pleasepleaseme [profile]

Ben is one swingin' cat. Mocoto rock his Composition. Infectious piano & tamborine!

Very Perfect LP. Outstanding performing, nicely recorded, nicely paced. And a fine list of composers. Tim Maia, Antonio Carlos & Jocafi, Erasmo Carlos/Roberto Carlos & Jorge Ben.

from Muita Zorra!, available on CD (Forma)

Flagpole Sitta  performed by Harvey Danger  1998
Recommended by EarsToHear [profile]

This song is a straight-up rock song with a great verse melody and infectious sing-along chorus.

I am featuring this song on my blog this coming week.

  iangray: great song
  Goldtransam: love this song.
Good Fruit  performed by Hefner  2000
Recommended by delicado [profile]

I've come to really like this band, but when I first heard them, I wasn't so keen. Like many great bands, Hefner feature a highly distinctive singer, who can take some time to grow on you. This simple 3 and a half minute pop song has an engaging arrangement, in which the piano, drums and guitar are superbly complemented in the chorus by synth, brass, and some great backing vocals. The chorus is quite glorious, with a chord sequence that somehow reminds me of the group Mercury Rev's very best songs. The words go very well with the emotional music as well: 'Lost feelings of love come flooding back/Every time you cry/ you give me little heart attacks/Love seems strongest when it's new/but that's something I can't prove/I can't prove that I love you...'

The only other reference point that occurs to me is Pulp - as the song builds, lead singer Darren Hayman's delivery becomes ever more exhuberant, like that of Jarvis Cocker in the best Pulp songs. Looking at the CD, I notice that the excellent backing vocals are by Amelia Fletcher, who if I remember correctly did some Wedding Present backing vocals, and was the singer in the Sarah records band 'Heavenly'. Anyway, this is a really infectious track, highly recommended.

from We Love the City, available on CD

  kkkerplunkkk: Good taste my friend! That is one of my favourite Hefner songs. Should have been a huge hit, it only made number 50 in the UK charts for 1 week. It did go straight in at 1 in the indie charts though!
I'm Alive  performed by Don Fardon  1969
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Awesome reworking of the milqetoast Tommy James hit, using Sweet Inspirations-ish background singers, infectious bubbling percussion, rousing horns and some of the fuzziest guitar ever to appear on any Scottish person's record. An impeccable Miki Dallon production and a great example of British blue-eyed soul.

from I've Paid My Dues (Decca)
available on CD - Indian Reservation/I've Paid My Dues (Edsel)

  Swinging London: Very swinging indeed...never heard of Don...I'm gonna track him down though. Very American 1969 sound...for a Scottish guy.
  artlongjr: I thought he was English, not Scottish! Anyhow, I have two 45s by him, "Indian Reservation" and "Lola". Of course, Paul Revere and the Raiders covered "Indian Reservation" and had a number one hit. Fardon isn't well known here in the U.S.
I’ve Got Something On My Mind  performed by The Left Banke  1967
Recommended by konsu [profile]

There really isn't a perfect recommendation for this group,all their songs are fantastic!This one just suits my fancy as of now,and has that great "do the monkey" kind of go-go beat that's just plain infectious.This group was capable of tons of emotion,and their influence can be heard a lot in today's indie pop.Harpsichords abound,and their entire works are available on one CD, and it'll never let you down...

from Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina (Smash MGS 67088)
available on CD - There's Gonna Be A Storm (Polygram USA)

  olli: amazing song, glad someone had already posted it. just picked up the album, it's superb.
Just Lust  performed by Buzzcocks  1978
Recommended by dsalmones [profile]

"Just Lust" was the B-side to the Buzzcocks' highest-charting single, the Pete Shelley punk-pop classic "Ever Fallen in Love?," eventually reaching number 12 on the U.K. singles chart in September of 1978. The mysterious co-author " Dial" is, in fact, a pseudonym for the band's early manager, Richard Boon, who also shared songwriting credits on "What Ever Happened?," the B-side to the Buzzcocks' infamously banned first single "Orgasm Addict." However, the effect of his involvement in not apparent here, as the music is classic Buzzcocks — masters of the punk-fueled power pop nugget. The rhythm is springy, the track's nervous tension as wired as the melody is infectious. Punchy verses with quick-hit vocals are alternated with short dreamy sections of woozy flanged guitar and chopped up-tempo shifts, the band expertly maneuvering in tight spaces. Shelley follows the twists and turns with clipped phrases followed by drawn-out melodies in sync with the compact arrangement: "Your dream to possess/It hurts/It's so unjust/Just lust, just lust/If nothing mattered less/Then I wouldn't make a fuss/Just lust, just lust/I was slow to catch on and that just makes it worse/If passion is a fashion then emotion is just a curse." Though the track was also included on the Buzzcocks' second album, Love Bites, the group had yet to make an impact in the United States. Thankfully, this little gem was not left to languish in obscurity as it was included in the influential collected singles package Singles Going Steady, compiled as the band's introduction to American audiences and released in the states in 1979.

from Love Bites, available on CD (UA)

La Bamba  performed by Edmundo Ros and Catarina valente  1966
Recommended by n-jeff [profile]

Starts with a piano tinkling up and down the scale, and then the whole Latin Orchestra starts, ultimately Edmundo's raspy voice bellows out of the speakers sounding for all the world like Shaggy's drunken grandfather. Kind of Rhumba, very very danceable, surprisingly modern sounding with a terrific breakdown to the piano in the middle. Beware Edmundo ros has done another version of La Bamba which is terrible.

from Nothing But Aces (Decca PFS 41457)

Ménilmontant  performed by Charles Trenet
Recommended by PappaWheelie [profile]

Smooth voiced crooning from the pre-World War II era of Chanson Francaise. Much more infectious than most of the era.

available on CD - Cocktail Hour-Charles Trenet (COLUMBIA RIVER ENT. GROUP)

Nice Folks  performed by Fifth Avenue Band  1969
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

Two and a half minutes of infectious, sunny folk-rock with extra added jazziness in the changes. The FAB were a Lovin' Spoonful spinoff of sorts, produced and overseen by the troika of Jerry Yester, Zal Yanovsky (RIP) and Eric Jacobsen. Bassist Kenny Altman, who wrote this gem, later wrote "Feelin' Blue" which was memorably recorded by Earth, Wind & Fire and today apparently is in the restaurant business. Too bad he's not still cooking up delicious tunes like these!

from The Fifth Avenue Band (Reprise RS 6369)

  JoNZ: I totally agree. Hands down, one of the hottest tracks ever put to wax. It sends me.
Prisencolinensinainciusol  performed by Adriano Celentano -  1972
Recommended by moondog [profile]

I can´t remember the last time i was so instantly blown away by a tune as i heard this song by italian actor/singer Adriano Celentano. Prisencolinensinainciusol may sound a bit goofy to some ears but to these ears at least it sounds nearly as infectious as the first time i heard garra" by marcos valle.

Tom jones meets eminem meets bollywood in seventies italy would be one apt description of the tune. Go to; to see the amazing videoclip of the tune.

oh, and can anyone recommend anything similarly good by adriano ?

from Nostal Rock (CGD)

Sem Essa #5  performed by Jorge Ben  1975
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

I own pretty much every Jorge Ben album, and I can say that this song is easily in my all-time top 5 Ben tracks. Only that it isn't on any of them!! An updated (and much-improved) version of a song he wrote for Gilberto Gil in 1968 called "Queremos Guerra," this is two minutes and 53 seconds of pure, propulsive joy. Charging, upbeat rhythm, an infectious hook, Jorge at his rocking best.

from Maximo De Sucessos No. 13 (Fontana)

Something Better Change  performed by The Stranglers  1977
Recommended by dsalmones [profile]

”Something Better Change” was released in July of 1977 as the first single from The Stranglers upcoming second album No More Heroes which would appear in mid September. Along with the albums title track, ”Something Better Change” would signal a move in a more overtly pop direction that was only hinted at on the group’s first album and would manage to peak at #9 on the U.K. singles chart. This is not to say that The Stranglers abandon their reputation as caustic agitators as No More Heroes was littered with politically contentious tracks such as ”I Feel Like A Wog”, ”Bring On The Nubiles” and ”Bitching”, but the song’s infectious guitar riff and winning melody suggests a tenuous party rock atmosphere. It’s left to singer J.J. Burnel’s particularly gruff vocal performance to keep thing in the punk zone as he alternates between a gnarly throated delivery and a melodic toned timbre. Pumping organ and a buoyant mid-tempo rhythmic romp keep the energy high as he confronts the status quo with a tirade against stifling apathy, flaunting the punk new order with the taunting second verse, “Don’t you like the way I dance? / Does it bug you? / Don’t you like the cut of my clothes? / Don’t you like the way I seem to enjoy it? / Stick my finger right up your nose!” The bridge becomes a jubilant anthem where Burnel voices a punk battle cry to a flurry of organ runs and a growling bass line, “Something’s happening and it’s happening right now / You’re too blind to see it / Something’s happening and it’s happening right now / Ain’t got time to wait”. The chorus is a simple statement, Burnel demanding “Something better change!” with support from the boys in the band who join in for a group shout. Ironically, the arrangement also shows signs of classic rock moves, including a stinging guitar solo and an old school build up of the chorus late in the track.

from No More Heroes, available on CD (A&M)

Take Me With You  performed by Lyn Christopher  1973
Recommended by mr_klenster [profile]

Sinister and spacy, slightly discordant, gospel-inflected soul groove, with a murderous, high-powered bassline. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of Kiss apparently sing background vocals on this artist self-titled album, and strangely enough it's their backing that makes this sound sort of reminiscent of a gospel session, but in space maybe. Begging lyrics and tripped out reverb enhance the strange, infectious hold of this song. This is a very heavy, mournful, and unique sound experience. Recommended.

teenie weenie boppie  performed by france gall  1968
Recommended by daidai [profile]

i'm unsure about the year this was recorded but it's a great french pop song. apparently, france is singing about lsd. 'tee-nie wee-nie bopp-ie'is rather infectious.

  tinks: Yeah, I love this track. It was written by Serge Gainsbourg and recorded in 1967. It was released on the "1968" LP, which is available on CD as a French import. Also includes the great song "Made in France".
  tinks: i should also mention that the song isn't really about's not really *about* anything. kinda like seinfeld. she just mentions it in there.
  daidai: yeh, i really wasn't too sure about this. i was merely going off of information from a source. ^.^
The Crickets Sing for Anamaria  performed by Marcos Valle  1968
Recommended by audioadventures [profile]

Quirky but beautiful nonsense with an infectious Brazilian beach party beat. The song "So Nice (Summer Samba)" from the same CD shows the range and class of the performer.

from Samba 68 (Verve)
available on CD - yes (Verve)

  lilly747: This song screams summer - even on the coldest wettest London day. Take of your shoes and mix yourself a caiparina!
This Love  performed by Maroon 5  2003
Recommended by elfslut [profile]

If you happen to be a fan of trippy dance pop, with a little bit of soul, you'll love this song. When I first heard it I was reminded of the band Jamiroquai. They have that same feel to them. The song is infectious and very danceable. Not deep in the lyric department, but sometimes you just don't need to think while you listen.

from Songs About Jane (Octone)

Vesti Azul  performed by Wilson Simonal  1967
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

Merely one of dozens of killer Simonal tracks (my favorite male Brazilian voice outside of Milton Nascimento), this one is a stellar example of joyous 60s pop, impossible to hear without seeing images of mini-skirt-clad girls dancing away on American Bandstand or something. Handclaps, a "pa-pa-pa-pa-pa" hook in the chorus, Stax-style horns, Simonal's deep, rich wonder of a voice, what more do you want?

from Alegria, Alegria!! (Odeon)

waiting for a train  performed by Flash in the Pan  1982
Recommended by commonsense [profile]

Flash and the Pan was an Australian New Wave group (essentially an ongoing studio project) formed in the late 1970s by Harry Vanda and George Young, both formerly members of the Easybeats. George Young is also an older brother to Angus Young and Malcolm Young of AC/DC.
The song has an infectious lead that pulls you along to the very end a one off attempt that worked..

from Headlines
available on CD - Best of Flash in the Pan

wo yao ni de ai  performed by grace chang ge lan  1958
Recommended by king8egg [profile]

this is a cover of a song which i have been told is a song by hendricks, lambert and ross. the original title is "i want you to be my baby" but the translation of the chinese title is "i want your love". this version of the song is sung in both english and chinese. this song was recently used in the tsai ming-liang film "the hole" as well. the song has an infectious rhythm and great lyrics that can even make me sing along. though some passages in both chinese and english are sung way too fast for me to properly sing along. i usually hate to sing, so any song that can make me want to sing along is quite an accomplishment.

from the age of shanghainese pops 1930-1970, available on CD

  tinks: you're right, jon hendricks wrote this, but i don't believe he ever recorded it with lambert, hendricks and ross. it was originally recorded by louis jordan in 1952, and lillian briggs had a modest-sized hit with it in 1955. nonetheless, it's a terrific song, and this version sounds very, very interesting.
  Aquatown: Great to hear I'm not the only one who loves this song. Now that I know the proper English title I searched my record collection for other versions and found one by Ellie Greenwich - but Grace's version is definately the keeper.
  king8egg: this song has also been recently used in a mcdonald's commercial here in taiwan. now if they'd start re-issuing her stuff again i'd be very happy indeed.
  tea rose: Love the song too but unfortunately there is limited information about it provided online. Do you know where I can obtain both the Chinese and English lyrics for it? And also an English website on Grace Chang? I am turning into a fan of her songs!
  jeeter: Tsai ming-liang uses another Grace Chang (Ge Lan) song in his latest film, "Goodbye, Dragon Inn," now out on DVD. I believe the song is called "Chong Feng." It's beautiful, in a quaint, old-fashioned way. Not an up-tempo pop number like wo yao ni de ai--more of a ballroom-y ballad. Anybody know whether this song is available on CD?
  KiMono-Stereo: The book mentioned above is unfortunatly not available outside china. But I just got two 10" and one CD of Grace Chang. Unfortunately all is written in chinese that I can not read, so I don`t know, what song you are talking about. But there is one funny song, where she sneezes and then sings: "Gesundheit" in German. Very funny stuff :-). Actually I'm a great fan of japanese singer Eri Chiemi, that is a bit similiar stuff...
Zigarillo  performed by Botho Lucas Singers und die Sound Masters  1972
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This one of the most insanely catchy and infectious tracks I've heard in a long time. Opens with a sparse bongo beat, accompanied by 'mouth percussion'. A German voice sounding slightly like aging British radio DJ Tommy Vance starts talking ('Der man, das Zigarillo'), before a catchy piano riff and jaunty easy listening chorus come in. A fun track - nice that compilations like 'pop shopping 2' come out and save things like this from total obscurity.

available on CD - Pop Shopping 2 (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!)

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