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"sing little bird sing"  performed by the left banke  1968
Recommended by association [profile]

the only thing that could make "too" from the left bake any better would to have "walk away renee" and "pretty ballerina" on this album!
this is the best album better then the debut one even though most people don't think so and another thing the left bankes recording of desiree is a billion times better then the montage version!!
anyone who sayes different can not be trusted :)
one of my fav soft/sunshine albums dear god i love 'em :)

from too (smash 67113)
available on CD - yes (omly japanese import which is perfect with all o)

  09 Jul 03 ·konsu: I like this one too. The whole second album is near perfect. Nice to see it by itself on CD too, the way it was intended!
  17 Apr 07 ·artlongjr: Good to hear that someone else likes the Left Banke's second album as much as the first...they both are great! I first heard the second LP as part of the Rhino comp "There's Gonna Be a Storm". I just love the whole album, especially "Goodbye Holly" and "Nice to See You".
I�ve Got Something On My Mind  performed by The Left Banke  1967
Recommended by konsu [profile]

There really isn't a perfect recommendation for this group,all their songs are fantastic!This one just suits my fancy as of now,and has that great "do the monkey" kind of go-go beat that's just plain infectious.This group was capable of tons of emotion,and their influence can be heard a lot in today's indie pop.Harpsichords abound,and their entire works are available on one CD, and it'll never let you down...

from Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina (Smash MGS 67088)
available on CD - There's Gonna Be A Storm (Polygram USA)

  04 Feb 05 ·olli: amazing song, glad someone had already posted it. just picked up the album, it's superb.
Shadows breaking over my head  performed by The Left Banke  1967
Recommended by roger_roger [profile]

A melancholic, baroque pop song.
It's an hand-made jewel, with this piano scale doubled by the voice, and those gently waves made by the string arrangements.
Your time *perdu*.

from Walk away Ren�e/Pretty Ballerina (Smash srs-67088)
available on CD - There's gonna be a storm. The complete recordings 1966-69 (Mercury)

  07 May 04 ·delicado: I have to agree that this one is fantastic; thanks for recommending it!
Desiree  performed by The Left Banke  1968
Recommended by tempted [profile]

If romantic, dramatic, emotionally fragile and beautifully orchestrated baroque pop with woodwinds moves you then you're blessed... by me.

available on CD - Complete Recordings (Mercury)

  08 Apr 04 ·gaymod: is this a cover of the old doo wop standard ? which Zappa was involved in
  12 Apr 04 ·tempted: No, it's a Left Banke original.
  11 Jan 06 ·Swinging London: Haven't heard that for years! Nice to be reminded of it. My fave by them is 'Pretty Ballerina'. As far as I know, they never had a hit here in England.

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