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4 tracks performed by france gall have been recommended.
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der computer #3  performed by france gall  1968
Recommended by daidai [profile]

a very futuristic song sung in german by the french chanteuse france gall. you have to dig the opening 'computer' vocals.

teenie weenie boppie  performed by france gall  1968
Recommended by daidai [profile]

i'm unsure about the year this was recorded but it's a great french pop song. apparently, france is singing about lsd. 'tee-nie wee-nie bopp-ie'is rather infectious.

  26 Apr 01 ·tinks: Yeah, I love this track. It was written by Serge Gainsbourg and recorded in 1967. It was released on the "1968" LP, which is available on CD as a French import. Also includes the great song "Made in France".
  02 May 01 ·tinks: i should also mention that the song isn't really about's not really *about* anything. kinda like seinfeld. she just mentions it in there.
  28 May 01 ·daidai: yeh, i really wasn't too sure about this. i was merely going off of information from a source. ^.^
Pense à moi  performed by France Gall  1964
Recommended by delicado [profile]

One of a few especially jazzy and hip tracks by France Gall, I enjoy this one even more than I enjoy her more sugary pop tracks like 'Christansen'. The arrangement is quite spare - basically just France singing with a groovy small jazz combo. She also gets into some very cool scat vocals. Very, very cool.

from Ne sois pas si b�te (EP) (Philips)
available on CD - Poup�e de Son

  06 Nov 02 ·modadelic: most of france gall's 60's output from her yeh yeh bubble pop to the NOW sounds is excellent and highly recommended by moi. her compilation poupee de son is a great place to start for anyone new to the charms of france and her lovely songs. her later 70's records are not so wonderfull but then thats only my opinion, some of us may feel different. happy listening everyone.
  17 Jan 03 ·G400 Custom: Great song, this. I find much of her mid-60s output highly enjoyable, however throwaway they were supposed to be. 'Laisse tomber les filles' from around the same time is great too.
Made in France  performed by France Gall  1967
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Is it just me, or do the French really have an inferiority complex? Terrifically silly French girlie-pop with great '60s lyrics comparing all the things that are "Made in England" (Mary Quant, the Salvation Army) with all the things that are "Made in France (not made in England)" (Camembert, Charles Aznavour).

from 1968, available on CD (Polygram)

  09 Feb 04 ·unathanthium: Yes indeed.Fabulous song.Still waiting for St.Etienne to do Made in England,an answer to this sixties gem,but let's face it we haven't much to crow about in England.Tony Blair,Margaret Thatcher,The Dome,J.K.Rowling.I think you get my point.

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