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Come Closer  performed by Miles Kane   2010
Recommended by geezer [profile]

Something new from pops new boy wonder ,former Rascal and Last Shadow Puppeteer Kane trawls through pops back pages to define the sound of NOW!.
Brit pop arrogance with Bolan esque flirtations and a smattering of David Essex combine to forge a great fresh poppy sound that will undoubtedly have a limited shelf life but for the rest of the summer this will be the album to have

from Colour of the Trap, available on CD

Diffrerent Stories  performed by I Am The World Trade Center  2004
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

Synth-Pop candy. Starts out with strummed clean-tone electric guitar, then the electronic beats come in w/ Amy singing in her languid way. The chorus brings Dan in answering her back. It's one of the best songs on The Cover Up, which was their break-up record. Really good contrast of drama-laden lyrics and happy pop.

from The Cover Up (Gammon)

Don’t Be Cruel  performed by Cheap Trick  198?
Recommended by sallyfosho [profile]

A delightfully poppy cover of Elvis's Don't Be Cruel. Although it is undeniably an 80s tune, it's not dated at all. Just a fun song to sing along to, and a great cover.

Europe Endless  performed by Kraftwerk  1977
Recommended by phil [profile]

This song is absolutely full of class and confidence - over 8 minutes long, and over a minute at the start is without drums or bass, just to get you into the groove. Then, they don't pull out the best tunes straight away - instead, they build up to them gradually with variations on the theme before building into a bigger and bigger climax. The tunes are as simple as you expect from Kraftwerk - the confidence to just hold a single note for 8 beats without changing is just fantastic - but the cumulative effect is brilliant.

The song is both hypnotic and euphoric and I can't recommend it too highly. When I looked at the iTunes stats as to what songs I had listened to the most, it turned out I had listened to this a heroic four times as much as any other song.

This song has clearly been hugely influential on groups like depeche mode and new order, and yet it somehow sounds quite separate from the things it has influenced. For example, just can't get enough by Depeche Mode is clearly influenced by this, but Europe Endless is much less poppy and commercial.

This whole album is fantastic - there is a kind of sister song to this one later on the album called Franz Schubert.

from Trans-Europe Express, available on CD

Extensive Care  performed by Crossover  2001
Recommended by PappaWheelie [profile]

Much like Miss Kittin or Adult., Crossover are convincing that minimal neo-new-wave-electro can revitalize the underground with a self consciousness and dry delivery of vocals.

from Fantasmo, available on CD

Fly High  performed by Cotton Casino  2004
Recommended by n-jeff [profile]

A solo single from a member of Japanese space rock collective Acid Mothers Temple. For them she plays Synthesiser (a nice old Roland) Cigarettes and Beer. On this she also sings.
Its a strange sounding thing, theres no bass or even much lower mid range. Echo'd synthesiser, a very old sounding drum box, and vocals all occupying the same accoustic space to very psychedelic effect. But yet, very poppy, the vocals stay with you for ages.
Lovely stuff.

from its a single
available on CD - we love cotton (silly boy)

For Love  performed by Lush  1992
Recommended by parlop [profile]

"this is so real, it's what i feel. i look in your eyes and lose myself" this song is a great dream-poppy ditty about someone falling in love with falling in love... which is kind of cheesy in a sense... but Lush just does it so amazingly. I really like how this band really embraces their girly-ness and doesn't try to act like their trying to keep up with the boys as many female-led bands from their era were doing. the background vocals are amazingly beautiful as are the guitar solos. There's a nice, lush, romantic feeling received from listening to this song. the imagery from the aforementioned lyric is very nice as well.

from Spooky (4ad)

Harriet’s Got a Song  performed by Ben Kweller
Recommended by purrple [profile]

no one can resist the poppy sounds of the beautiful Ben Kweller.

This song opens with the great line: "I don't stand a chance in this fucked up world..."

from Sha Sha

Hug My Soul  performed by Saint Etienne  1994
Recommended by LawrenceM [profile]

A lovely, soulful, poppy dance song. I've never understood why a band like Saint Etienne aren't serious chart contenders. They make intelligent pop music, have great tunes, have a beautiful lead singer with an amazing voice. And yet "the kids" prefer manufactured acts like Kylie Minogue. (sigh). The Saints have released so many brilliant pop songs, but this is my favourite.

from Tiger Bay, available on CD

I’m a Terrible Person  performed by Rooney  2003
Recommended by spinner303 [profile]

This is a great poppy song. Its got neat backup tunes.

Trivia: Jason Schwartzman's (Rushmore/Phantom Planet) younger brother.

from Rooney, available on CD

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It  performed by REM
Recommended by brooksyinc [profile]

Unbelievably catchy, the most poppy song REM ever did and has to be one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. Period

from ?

Jack Names the Planets  performed by Ash  1995
Recommended by hedgehog [profile]

Sweet lyrics about a teenage crush, with spiky bursts of guitars. Quite lovely.

available on CD - Trailer (Reprise)

Lo Boob Oscillator  performed by Stereolab  1995
Recommended by dehoqu [profile]

Don't let the name throw you, this is an excellent french song. It's alternative a bit poppy but a punk feel too. and great lyrics for those french speakers. Post-grunge era song, something like a female french radiohead. Somewhat.

from Refried Ecotplasm (switched on volume 1)

Maryís Prayer  performed by Danny Wilson  1987
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

I saw a video of this a couple times on MTV and never forgot it. I finally caught up with the album "Meet Danny Wilson" years later, in a used bin. None of the three members are named Danny Wilson; it's named after a Frank Sinatra movie. They dress like Sinatra fans as well, and the music's influenced by that era, but it's pure new-wavy piano pop. Reminds me of Joe Jackson, but softer, more romantic. "Lorraine Parade", "Nothing Ever Goes To Plan", and "Steamtrains To The Milky Way" are also album highlights.

from Meet Danny Wilson (Virgin)

Mirage  performed by Siouxsie & The Banshees  1978
Recommended by dsalmones [profile]

"Mirage" was the first single taken from Siouxsie & the Banshees' first album, 1978's The Scream, and while it's not as uncharacteristically poppy as the group's debut 7", "Hong Kong Garden," it's still about as close to accessible as the group got in the early days. A tightly wound song built on John McKay's slashing, distorted guitar and a pounding, prominent drumbeat (the sort of near-tribal galloping beat that Kenny Morris' replacement, Budgie, would do much better on later singles like "Spellbound" and "Fireworks"; Morris simply wasn't good enough a drummer to impart the kind of urgency this song requires), "Mirage" builds a forward momentum underneath Siouxsie Sioux's yowling vocals, which obscure bassist Steve Severin's lyrics to the point that only occasional words and phrases are decipherable.

from The Scream, available on CD

Morning, Girl  performed by Neon Philharmonic
Recommended by I, Claudius [profile]

Perfect poppy '60s record, both accessible and arty: Jimmy Webb collides with Brian Wilson and Bacharach, gorgeously arranged for members of the Nashville Philharmonic.

from The Moth Confesses, available on CD

Mr. Wilson (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Remix)  performed by Optiganally Yours  2001
Recommended by PappaWheelie [profile]

from De-Composed, available on CD

Niki  performed by The Third Wave  1970
Recommended by Festy [profile]

It took me a while to get a copy of this album as even the out-of-print re-issue on Crippled Dick Hot Wax (that's the name of the label, folks. Promise!) sells for a bit these days. I'm glad I got it as it's a fantastic album - the only LP released by the 5 Filipino/American sister vocal group, although I think they released at least one 45". Discovered by George Duke, he wrote the arrangements and his trio of the time provides backing. The album was recorded in Germany (released by MPS) and is a little bit poppy, a little bit jazzy, a little bit funky. There are a number of songs which could be recommended (a number of them jazz standards, such as 'Maiden Voyage' and 'Cantaloupe Island'), but the one I've chosen is 'Niki'. I hadn't come across this track before getting the album, unlike a few of the other tracks which have turned up on compilations over the years.

'Niki' is a song that builds. It starts off fairly casually and builds up to a swinging chorus, accented by some very hip playing by George Duke, still on an acoustic piano during this stage of his career.

Another commendable and notable track on the album, and which I discovered through a compilation created by 'mine host' of Musical Taste, Senhor Delicado, is "Waves Lament". Absolutely fantastic.

from Here & Now, available on CD

Photobooth Curtain  performed by School for the Dead  2004
Recommended by catmarigold [profile]

Poppy Rocky Indie. This song is kind of funny but also kind of sad. Power-pop instrumentation with lots of harmonies. Great lyrics and melody, very cool arrangement.

from The New You, available on CD

pop princess  performed by the click 5
Recommended by purplepeopleeater [profile]

upbeat, poppy, and fun. i love that it's upbeat and fun. the synthesizer is really unique and adds a nice touch.

Repined bastard nation  performed by Satyricon  2002
Recommended by olli [profile]

Satanist surf rock! (or a reasonable facsimile of that would sound like, anyway.)
From the land of polar bears and fjords
comes this insanely massive-sounding piece of black metal with a heavy dose of Dick Dale influences. It's quite poppy for a black metal tune, if you can see past the growling. I have to admit I've never actually listened too closely to the lyrics, i'm sure they're very misantrophic and gloomy and all, but this song feels very uplifting to me somehow. same thing as with Primal Scream's Detroit and Ennio Morricone's Magic and Extacy, i guess.
the synth effects round it out nicely, the guitars are fast and furious, and you got to love that drumming.

(One of these days I'm gonna have to make a mixtape with the world's most glaringly insane shifts of tone from one song to the next. This will fit nicely in between Dean Martin and Jean Jaques Perrey...)

from Volcano

Saragon  performed by Redd Kross
Recommended by vicar_inna_22 [profile]

The sound is poppy, resembling a more mature 1960s sound than their earlier songs.

available on CD - Phaseshifter (This Way Up)

Self-conscious over you  performed by The Outcasts  197?
Recommended by mattypenny [profile]

Great Lost Punk Single #2

This is a really good poppy, punky love song. Like a butch-er version of the Undertones, or a more cheerful Pistols. Much like the Undertones in fact - also from Northern Ireland, but with not as many great songs. But this one is fantatic.

from Self-Conscious over you

sell my old clothes, i'm off to heaven  performed by saves the day
Recommended by monique [profile]

it's catchy without being too cute. poppy emo punk. lyrics concern trying to figure out why a lover left you for another--great lyrics.

from another year on the streets (compilation) (vagrant records)

sunday morning  performed by margo guryan  1968
Recommended by daidai [profile]

i love this psyche sounding classic. the backing track vocals compliment one another perfectly. i love the strings in this song. a little poppy but rocking.

from take a picture

  delicado: I agree that this is quite brilliant. I've had the Spanky and our Gang version of this for a few years, and I have to admit I had assumed that they wrote it. But this version is even better! Amazingly rocking and beautiful. The rest of the album is superb as well, don't you agree? I can listen to it all day...
  tempted: Oh yes, the arrangement and the atmosphere on each and every song by Margo Guryan is so beautiful. The intimate chamber strings, flutes and Margo's voice.. a lot like Claudine Longet's. The version by Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell is a fine one, too.
The Show  performed by Lenka  2008
Recommended by weaselohs [profile]

Upbeat, poppy, piano-driven

from Lenka

Today  performed by Smashing Pumpkins
Recommended by brooksyinc [profile]

Wow! What a song! It starts off with the mock ice-cream jingle then Billy And The Guys craft a brilliant song. But dont be fulled with the lyric "Today Is The Greatest Day Of My Life" it seems to be upbeat and poppy but it has some dark lyrics

from Siamese Dream

Underdog  performed by Kasabian  2009
Recommended by dehoqu [profile]

A great song, used in the sony bravia ad.
a poppy feel but still guitar driven with a great riff. Great feel to it, good new stuff.

#1 on UK charts

from West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum (Columbia)

Will You Be Staying After Sunday  performed by Peppermint Rainbow  1969
Recommended by stushea [profile]

Overproduced 1969 hit. But under the strings and horns is a good song and an excellent group vocal harmony performance.

from Will You Be Staying After Sunday (Decca DL75129)

With My Looks And Your Brains  performed by The Mr T Experience  1997
Recommended by tapler [profile]

This is a really catchy and funny pop song. Dr. Frank is a masterful songwriter and this is among his finest efforts.

from Revenge Is Sweet And So Are You, available on CD

Wordy Rappinghood  performed by Chicks On Speed  2003
Recommended by barrythejackal [profile]

Great great cover of the Tom Tom Club song, and the highlight from Chicks On Speeds recent 99c album. Weighing in at almost 7 minutes, this is a great slab of electronica. Yes, ironic, yes, self referential, but here they totally excell their art school roots. Plinky plonky melody makes me think of the song 'Popcorn', and the nonsense chorus is like the poppier end of 60's girls with a dose of the Actionettes. Way too cool!

from 99 Cents

You Canít Win  performed by Ann Sexton  1974
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

Absolute beauty. A soulful chastisement about not winning, not breaking even, and not getting out of the game. Vocals as pure as morphine from the poppy, and just as hedonistically addictive.

This stunning Southern soul platter features virtuoso brass and drums, as well as what is possibly the only acceptable squealing electric guitar riff in recorded music.

I love this song so damn much.

from the single You Canít Win (Seventy-Seven Records SP 2136)
available on CD - You're Gonna Miss Me (Charly)

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