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Africa  performed by Shelly Manne  1968
Recommended by bobbyspacetroup [profile]

For those who like Mike Simpson's "Jungle Odyssey," Nino Nardini and Roger Roger's "Jungle Obsession," and Henry Mancini's "Hatari," I would recommend Manne's entire "Daktari" LP. Prime late '60s Exotica Africana.

from Daktari (Atlantic SD 8157)

Alone again or  performed by Love & Arthur Lee  196?
Recommended by AndreasNystrom [profile]

Very different sounding song for me. It sounds like a mix of late 60ies pop with arabic/turkish influences. A bit sad sounding, but still there is hope :)
I love it cause its got great harmonies, and a mix of guitars, violins, and spanish guitars.

  callgirlscene: Most of Loves material for me is not that great. I don't choose to listen to it - except for this song. It has this 'Summer of Love' dreamy hippie wistful feel. And, yes, wonderful harmonies. In it's way, it captures the mood of that time.
  john_l: Great song from a great LP, which naturally I hated when I first bought it and didn't re-discover until 1980, after hearing the (very good) UFO cover of "Alone Again Or" from their "Lights Out" LP!
  leonthedog: My first experience with this song was a cover version by The Damned ... it's actually very true to the original in my opinion - bold acoustic guitars, trumpets and all. Give it a listen!
Bahia  performed by Michel Magne  1962
Recommended by bobbyspacetroup [profile]

A psychedelic Exotica classic. It really must be heard to be believed. For starters, Magne raises the genre's hallmark bird calls way, way over the top. Some of them sound like Donald Duck, some sound like theremins. Then there is the spaced-out arrangement which integrates the bird sounds and pushes the familiar melody in totally bizarre directions.

from Tropical Fantasy (Columbia CS-8493)

Carry Me  performed by John Lodge  1976
Recommended by john_l [profile]

John Lodge's "Natural Avenue" was overall the best of the Moody Blues' solo ventures of the mid-1970s, being almost up there with the "Blue Jays" effort on which he collaborated with the band's guitarist Justin Hayward (whose own solo LP "Songwriter" was the biggest disappointment of the lot). This track has a wonderfully exotic feel to it, what with lyrics like "Show me your island of a thousand names" as well as orchestration including strings, oboe and bassoon, and some kind of bubbling thingy which may be a synthesizer. On a darker note, some of the other lyrics seem to indicate the alleviation of an addiction to certain substances, e.g. "Paint all the clouds the colour of 'No'" and "Gone is the white horse that carried us home", but hell, every band was addicted to stuff back then and I'm happy that 99% of them seem to have survived intact. Anyway, it's a lovely exotic song that if you haven't heard it, it's about time you did!

from Natural Avenue, available on CD (Threshold)

Cucumbe  performed by Edda Dell’Orso  1975
Recommended by human-cannonball [profile]

Italian singer Edda dell'Orso is the voice backing many soundtrack scores and lounge-beat tracks by Ennio Morricone, Alessandro Alessandroni, Armando Trovajoli (and his 'Mark 4'). This is a Cinecitta-composer Romolo Grano composition for the cult fantasy-drama TV-series 'La Montagna della Luce'. A very deeply and sensually voiced Edda accompanies the slightly latin-flavoured, percussive funky-jazz piece; the haunting funky bassline and a very gentle tenor present throughout the track complete this exotic, obscure jazzy soundtrack.

available on CD - Up!!! The Second (Schema (Italy))

El-Harba Wine  performed by Khaled (feat Amar)  1999
Recommended by n-jeff [profile]

I have this on the original CD (or at least a CD-R of it) and a French remix 12, which has 3 good mixes including a fantastic one by Manta 1000. Both are very good. The song itself is a mix of the traditional and the modern (with Production by aging Gong-ster Steve Hillage), Arabic and Indian. Violins, Bollywood style singing from Amar blending with Khaleds' gruffer style - all with an irrisistable rhythm underpinning it. Another one chock full of great hooks, where I can't understand a word, perhaps I should take up the study of languages.

from Khaled, available on CD

  Difool: Hi.. I just want to say that i love that song!!! El-Harba Wine. And as you say, i dont understand a singel word of what they sing. That only makes it more fun. Do you know of any other songs like this one?
  n-jeff: It seems from one site I've found that "El Harba Wine" means "To run but where". That aside, Khaled (aka Cheb or Young Khaled) has quite a few album's out, this track is from "Kenza", and is also on a comp "The King of Rai".
You could also check out another Algerian artist Cheb Mami - The "Prince of Rai" but the album of that name is from the 80's and a little dated. I'm also quite fond of Egyptian star Hakim, who adds Spanish guitar touches and the accordian. My favourite track is possibly called "Habibi" from the LP "Comosuena". His most recent LP "2004" has either big samples or a guest appearance from James Brown.

Geronimo  performed by Victor Feldman  1968
Recommended by konsu [profile]

One of the greatest session men ever goes overdub mad with a studio full of instruments. This track is a nice slice of american exotica with tons of swing... a bit too short though. He also does Voce E Eu & Sunshine Superman!

from Plays Everything In Sight (Pacific Jazz PJ-10121)

Hawaiian War Chant  performed by Torrent & Alexander  197?
Recommended by tinks [profile]

The 50s exotica standard performed "au moderne" on just two ARP synths and two Hammond organs, recorded live. And while it pales in comparison to the seminal Leroy Holmes version, it's the perfect background music to your next hip Laurence Welk luau.

from Akaka Falls: Explore Hawaii With Organs and Synthesizers ("R" Own)

Jungle Montuno  performed by Les Baxter  1970
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A really nice gently tropical instrumental with strings and a rock (drums/guitars) backing. I seem to be in a minority in adoring Les's 'Que Mango' album (which apparently was originally sold only in supermarkets at $1.99). I actually listen to this album as much as I listen to his classic exotic jazz LPs from the late 50s. It contains lots of great, shimmering, groovy tracks, such as 'boca chica', and the superb 'tropicando', which you can now hear almost everywhere (via a TV ad, and the aptly named 'Thievery Corporation'). Record geek part: on the vinyl version of this I have, the track 'Jungle Montuno' is shorter and sweeter - it begins one minute into the CD version of the track. I'm just mentioning this because the first minute seems to me to be inferior, and from a different song.

from Que Mango!, available on CD (Alshire)

karma sitar  performed by 101 strings  1969
Recommended by olli [profile]

The standout track on the otherwise pretty dull lp "the exotic sounds of love". The title says it all really, it`s a mighty fine psychsploitation/middle east -style track. Love the swirling strings.

from the exotic sounds of love (astor)
available on CD - astro sounds from beyond the year 2000 (scamp)

L’anthracite  performed by Serge Gainsbourg  1959
Recommended by whoops [profile]

Early Serge Gainsbourg masterpiece with an "exotica" feel. The backing track is a far-east melody while the lyrics are simply beautiful. Gainsbourg used the characteristics of the anthracite to describe his feelings about a girl. It's a kind of first step into what was to be the apex of his first period, the "Gainsbourg percussions" LP of 1964.

from N°2 (Philips)
available on CD - Couleur café (Mercury/Philips)

  whoops: sorry, in place of "far east" please read "middle east" in the recommendation above.
Love’s Secert Domain  performed by Coil  1993
Recommended by robert[o] [profile]

A moment of silence, (and/or eardrum-shredding noise), please folks, for the memory of the late, great Mr. John Balance of Coil who passed earlier this month. This track is one of my favorite “songs” by this organization, the title track from their sardonic exploration of club culture in the early 1990’s. Coil were never an “industrial” band – though they could create tracks of brutal, grinding sound. They were always too musical, too playful, too smart. On this tune – and there is a really catchy tune here – Balance does his best Christopher Lee impression, growling/singing of love as sickness, mixing quotes from William Blake and Roy Orbison, over a backing track that sounds like H. P. Lovercaft does Esquivel. Brilliant stuff from a brilliant man, who will be missed.

from Love's Secert Domain

Mahahbalipuram  performed by Stu Phillips  1969
Recommended by delicado [profile]

An exotic, atmospheric and unique masterpiece, this is taken from the portion of surfer flick 'Follow Me' in which the surfers visit India. The tune drifts along with some sitar and spooky vocals before exploding into life with a furiously catchy and groovy segment with piano and plucked strings.

from Follow Me (soundtrack) (Universal City 73056)

  chukelley: Great taste!
  bsgkr: Thank you "delicado" for your wonderful review of "Mahabalipuram." I'm only three years late in thanking you, so please forgive me. Stu Phillips
Market Place  performed by Eden Ahbez  1960
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This exquisite instrumental really takes me to another place. The exotic instrumentation, with vibes and great percussion, gives it an incredible atmosphere. To quote the CD's liner notes, 'it's as if you've walked into a grandiose movie setting'. Perhaps this dates me, but in fact when I hear this I find myself picturing some of the desert scenes in the movie Star Wars. I highly recommend the album.

from Eden's Island, available on CD ()

Mecca  performed by Gene Pitney  1963
Recommended by scrubbles [profile]

Middle-Eastern '60s teenpop! Wild backup singers and a groovy guitar/flute solo add a distinctive, exotic touch to this lovers-from-different-cultures song. Still, it's Gene Pitney's incredible, dramatic singing that pushes this over into the "so weird it's wonderful" arena.

available on CD - 25 All-Time Greatest Hits (Varese Vintage)

Minitoka  performed by DJ Food  2000
Recommended by bobbyspacetroup [profile]

DJ Food's Kaleidoscope was a mind-blowing record for me when I first heard it, and I'm still very fond of it after countless listens. I guess I liked it for many of the same reasons I initially liked Tipsy's Trip Tease; they both took samples I was familiar with, or at least some of which I was familiar with, and pushed them in totally unexpected directions. DJ Food's samples are perhaps more varied and less dense than Tipsy's but still just as finely and imaginatively put together. It's hard for me to single out favorite tracks on this record, but this one is a great piece of modern Exotica. The primary sample here is "By The Waters of Minnetonka" from Stanley Black's "Exotic Percussion" record on London's Phase 4 label. There are some other nice touches including harp, slide guitar, bird sounds, and even a little Ravel ("Daphnis et Chloe"). Highly recommended.

from Kaleidoscope, available on CD ()

  delicado: I'm also a fan of the album, and I adore this track. The way the thick synth sound merges with the 40-year old sample is quite brilliant.
My Colouring Book  performed by Arthur Lyman  1965
Recommended by n-jeff [profile]

I'll assume the english spelling.

Not the most obvious song by the late Athur Lyman for a favourite, but I was given the LP 'Blowing in the wind' when I'd never heard of Exotic music, let alone Denny or Lyman. This track was the one taht got me hooked, its a song I can remember from my childhood (god knows who by), and Lyman performs it beautifully, I can't remember if theres any accompaniment, but I doubt it (there isn't I checked). all I can remember is the vibes.

Theres a great dynamic spectrum on this track from still to speaker crackling and back to still again.
And all at about 2 minutes long.

from Blowin' in the wind (HiFi L014)

Nethers (Dubstep Twilight Remix)  performed by eO -  2011
Recommended by phaeocstar [profile]

eO's through-composed, symphotronic poem incorporates exotic world-fusion compositions with heavy post-dubstep beats, evocative vocals, and elegant instrumentation.

from River Through an Open Door, available on CD ()

  Nathan1623: Just listened to it. It is pretty soothing and I enjoyed it thank you. (:
Nightingale  performed by Les Baxter  1956
Recommended by delicado [profile]

When you consider just how wonderful it is, Les Baxter's 'exotic' work is under-represented on this site. From a superb and reasonably easy-to-find album, this cut is an intoxicating mix of shimmering 50s style strings and gentle bongo rhythms.

'Nightingale' is a Xavier Cugat original that is very much in the style of classic Lecuona songs like 'Taboo'. Melodically, it also reminds me of another standard, 'Invitation'.

from Carribean Moonlight (Capitol T-733)
available on CD - The Exotic Moods of Les Baxter (Capitol)

tabu  performed by michel magne
Recommended by olli [profile]

the fairly stereotypical genre song title aside, this is a brilliant, totally weird multiinstrumental exotica track from the mind of french avantgarde-easy listening maestro Michel Magne. I'm really astounded by the way the arabic flute-thingy works alongside the voices. there's always a sense of controlled dissonance, wich really makes it stand out from other examples of the genre. The sheer diversity of the instruments used is another attention grabber- listening to this could probably bring you to a cultural identity crisis.
what this track does so well, like all other great exotica compositions, is conjure up an image of some exciting, fictional jungle swamp culture straight from the pages of some old style pulpy adventure stories. Was that a headhunter i saw over there?

from tropical fantasy

The Breeze and I  performed by Santo and Johnny  1962
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This recording is utter genius, and I have no idea why I didn't recommend it before. The track opens with some spooky ambient steel guitar sound effects, before some bongoes and vibes set the scene for the tune, which is picked out superbly twangily on the guitar. The great thing about the track is the spooky little effects and chromatic tunes that pop in and out in the background. Some of these are on the steel guitar, but the others could be vocal or vibraphone; it's hard to tell. It's all over in just over 2 minutes, but this really is a delightfully exotic recording.

from Encore (Canadian American JUMP 1023)
available on CD - Encore - the best of the rest (Jump-O-Rama)

  Tangento: Yes! This is an excellent song, and I would also like to recommend the version by Pianists Ferrante & Teicher, available on one of their 6,000 albums. ;) It has such a great musical flow and retro-feel. There are a few other versions I recently downloaded, but virus problems prevent me from getting the artists names for you. I shall return with them.
  Tangento: I have returned with the definitive list of artists who have recorded this magical song: Enjoy!
The Lively Ones  performed by Mel Henke  1962
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

The opener to a wonderful album. Picture yourself in whipped cream (and other delights), sipping on a vodka-martini that's just been served to you by a pretty person in a toga. That's how this record feels.

When the first line of a tune is "Man...what a body..." (and it's not R. Kelly or one of his sloppy ilk singing it) you know you're in for an exotica treat.

from La Dolce Henke, available on CD

The Okura  performed by The Tokyo Boys  196?
Recommended by bobbyspacetroup [profile]

One of the best tracks from probably the best album in MGM's "21 Channel Sound" series. Recorded by a Japanese orchestra in Tokyo, the styles range from big-band latin to more exotica-styled pieces. This track belongs to the latter. Each track is dedicated to a building in modern Tokyo giving this album a fun travelogue quality. From the liner notes: THE OKURA. Adjacent to the American Embassy, this hotel is just minutes away from the night club and shopping area. It advertises air-conditioned rooms -- all with bath -- and such extra features as a Japanese garden and Turkish bath. [...]

from Midnight In Tokyo (MGM SE-4126)

  physlics66: Thanks for the advice! I just got this album today and wasn't expecting it to be so great. I'll check The Okura out next.
  physlics66: Sorry for the double post but I just listened to the song and it is EXACTLY the type of thing I've been looking for! Thanks!
  pastinaca: The Tokyo Boys lp is simply a reissue of an earlier Japanese lp 'More Echoes of Japan' by the Tokyo Cuban Boys. the titles have been changed and you can guess why they dropped the 'Cuban' on a Japanese travelogue lp. The sound on the MGM release is much better than on the Japanese King original.
Traveller  performed by Talvin Singh  1998
Recommended by nrnono [profile]

Magical combination of East Indian music and contemporary electronics. The whole CD entitled "OK" is great. Very exotic, oriental, trippy.

from OK (Island)

Underwater Love   performed by Smoke City  1997
Recommended by geezer [profile]

Possibly the most peculiar song to ever hit the top 5,surreal in the extreme but oh ,so beautiful,like a little piece of music from every corner of the globe distilled through a trip hop filter,it has the funk foundations of acid jazz ,the majesty of the samba and the exotic mystery of Asia .Part spoken,oddly sung and complimented by an incessant tropical ambience thats hard to pin down.A real pearl from an oyster as suggested by the songs sublime watery brilliance .Initially used to sell L--I jeans ,a perfect example of why beauty and commerce should never be in the same room .

from Flying Away
available on CD - Flying Awaay

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