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2 tracks performed by Santo and Johnny have been recommended.
Teardrop  performed by Santo and Johnny  1959
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This is a great twangy pop instrumental, which orginally appeared on the B-side of S & J’s big hit, Sleepwalk. I love Sleepwalk, but in a way I love this even more. It has all the deadly over the top seriousness of a mournful torch song, yet there are no vocals - the emotion is all coming from the steel guitar!

from Santo and Johnny (Canadian American CALP1)
available on CD - The best of Santo and Johnny (Starlight)

The Breeze and I  performed by Santo and Johnny  1962
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This recording is utter genius, and I have no idea why I didn't recommend it before. The track opens with some spooky ambient steel guitar sound effects, before some bongoes and vibes set the scene for the tune, which is picked out superbly twangily on the guitar. The great thing about the track is the spooky little effects and chromatic tunes that pop in and out in the background. Some of these are on the steel guitar, but the others could be vocal or vibraphone; it's hard to tell. It's all over in just over 2 minutes, but this really is a delightfully exotic recording.

from Encore (Canadian American JUMP 1023)
available on CD - Encore - the best of the rest (Jump-O-Rama)

  08 Oct 02 ·Tangento: Yes! This is an excellent song, and I would also like to recommend the version by Pianists Ferrante & Teicher, available on one of their 6,000 albums. ;) It has such a great musical flow and retro-feel. There are a few other versions I recently downloaded, but virus problems prevent me from getting the artists names for you. I shall return with them.
  15 Feb 03 ·Tangento: I have returned with the definitive list of artists who have recorded this magical song: Enjoy!

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