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Ophis le Serpentaire  performed by Vincent Geminiani  197?
Composed by Vincent Geminiani

Slow beaty groove, deep, dramatic, emotive. This obscure French library tune was recorded in early 70s for an avant-guard French version of Shakespeare's 'Macbeth', and originally released on a very limited "Musique pour l'Image" 7-inch.

available on CD - Le Jazzbeat Vol 1 (Jazzman (UK))

Thesen & Antithesen  performed by Brainstorm  1972

A long, wild, complex, dark, almost haunting jazz-rock piece that has changed the way I faced German 70s rock. It's in par with the rest of the tracks on the excellent 'Smile a While' LP by this legendary rock band. It's not very hard to find, and I believe it has been re-issued on CD.

from Smile a While (Spiegelei)

Blues for Hari  performed by Emil Richards
Composed by Tom Scott

A very tasty and rather 'European-sounding' cover of the 1967's psyche-jazz Tom Scott's original from the well-known session percussionist-vibraphonist Emil Richards. Although it comes in a compilation of Emil's best late 60s latin-jazz recordings (interestingly, not a single horn instrument is used in the whole set!), this is an energetic percussive jazz-rock piece, with great vibraphone and bells(!) solos.

available on CD - Luntana (Afro-Cuban Jazz) (Soundsational (Italy))

  09 Feb 03 ·konsu: Kudos for rep'n mister Richards! I love this track! This is from the awsome "New Time Element" LP he did for UNI.The whole record is conceptual versions of contemporary pop tunes done in wild time signatures. Check out his take on "Take 5", he does it in 4/4 time! He also does "Georgy Girl" in 5/4 & "Happy Together" in 15/8 time!Also check out Emil Richard's Journey To Bliss LP... MAD STUFF!!!
Cucumbe  performed by Edda Dell’Orso  1975
Composed by Romolo Grano

Italian singer Edda dell'Orso is the voice backing many soundtrack scores and lounge-beat tracks by Ennio Morricone, Alessandro Alessandroni, Armando Trovajoli (and his 'Mark 4'). This is a Cinecitta-composer Romolo Grano composition for the cult fantasy-drama TV-series 'La Montagna della Luce'. A very deeply and sensually voiced Edda accompanies the slightly latin-flavoured, percussive funky-jazz piece; the haunting funky bassline and a very gentle tenor present throughout the track complete this exotic, obscure jazzy soundtrack.

available on CD - Up!!! The Second (Schema (Italy))

The Lord Is Back  performed by Eugene McDaniels  1971
Composed by Eugene McDaniels

The first track on the seminal 'Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse' LP McDaniels cut in 1971 is the most furious and energetic of the album. Spiritual afro-soul-rock with a politically aware attitude. A very 'dirty' psychedelic electric bass guitar with a top-class drummer (Alphonse Mouzon) comprise a hard-hitting rhythm section to remember. I prefer this very bluesy track over the more obvious selections from this top-notch release, e.g. the haunting Jagger the Dagger, and Freedom Death Dance.

from Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse (Atlantic)

  09 Feb 03 ·konsu: Nice choice!I always liked this song too but could'nt get anyone to pay much attention to his work.One of the more social/politically charged soul jazz records.Cherished by hip-hoppers for years,and sampled quite a bit.Needs to stand again on it's own merits!
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