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Laissez Faire  performed by Gichy Dan  1979
Recommended by PappaWheelie [profile]

An August Darnell penned song that rivals much of the prestigious 'Dr. Buzzard' catalog. Smooth, tropical, moderate-tempo late 70's Cosmopolitan-Disco tune with wordly lyrics...and Lordes Cotto on vocals!

from Gichy Dan's Beachwood #9 (RCA)

Strange Noices  performed by Anja Garbarek  1996
Recommended by Stian______ [profile]

Anja , the daughter of the highly respected Jan Garbarek ,one of the big jazz-dudes in Norway , Anja started to do music after she found that acting was too restricted. On this tune\album she uses her freedom to create dream-like atmospheres.

U can hear her that she is inspired by Laurie Anderson on this tune ,in the way she tells the story. Instrument-wise the tune is very multi-layered and intruiging. I highly recommend it if u like the music of for example Bj�rk,Kate Bush etc.

from Balloon Mood (RCA 74321 374432), available on CD

Brassneck  performed by The Wedding Present  1989
Recommended by lingereffect [profile]

I'm a complete sucker for jangly guitar, and thus The Wedding Present's back catalogue is a treasure trove for me. A great breakup song from a band with more than their fair share, "Brassneck" is available in two versions on the reissue of _Bizarro_ - the LP version and the single version (the latter of which was recorded by Steve Albini and is many people's favourite, but not mine). It isn't their fastest song, but the speedy, tendonitis-inducing guitar strum still leaves me slack-jawed.

from Bizarro (RCA), available on CD

  16 Jun 02 ·delicado: I also prefer the album version. Oddly enough I was playing the guitar in that fast-strummed jangly style this very evening... I think the George Best album is my favorite.
Always crashing in the same car  performed by David Bowie  1977
Recommended by delicado [profile]

I'm just reacquainting myself with the entire Low album after buying it on CD (my LP has been out of my reach for a few years). It really is utter genius. If they were in any other context, I don't imagine I would enjoy some of the guitar solos featured in this song. Here, they work brilliantly though. The musical basis of 'always crashing in the same car' is quite simple, but the superb musical performances and odd, otherworldly production give it an incredible richness. Bowie's vocal is mournful, and doesn't dominate the track.

from Low (RCA 7243 521907 0 6), available on CD

  20 May 05 ·frmars: The sound on Low is so particuliar thanks to Brian Eno's collaboration. Same with Bowie's "Heroes" and "Lodger". 3 albums known as the Berlin trilogy. Listen to Brian Eno's solo stuff and shoot in stars...
Rainmaker  performed by Harry Nilsson  1969
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

A chunky, funky open drum breakbeat opens this supremely catchy song. It sticks in my head and at times I wake up simply having to hear it.

from Harry (RCA LSP-4197)
available on CD - Harry/Nilsson Sings Newman (Camden-RCA)

  06 Dec 02 ·n-jeff: Bobby Gentry does a top version on her LP Fancy. The whole LP is a funky Swamp Pop extravaganza, this is a wonderful tune by a writer that doesn't normally do much for me.
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