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Joanne  performed by Michael Nesmith & the First National Band  1970
Recommended by artlongjr [profile]

This is one of the songs that first got me started as a music fan when I heard it back in the summer of 1970 in Yosemite Park. I still like it just as much today...I am a huge Michael Nesmith fan, and this is my favorite song by him. Beautiful pastoral-sounding lyrics and Mike's delightful falsetto at the end of each verse make this song a wonderful gem of a ballad. Also key to the beauty of this track is the pedal steel playing of the great Red Rhodes, who was
involved in all of Mike's early 70's albums.

from Magnetic South (RCA)

Rei do Carnaval  performed by Ivan Lins  1974
Recommended by Festy [profile]

Ivan Lins is a prolific song-writer, with his songs being covered by many artists from Brazil and beyond. Chances are you would've heard one of his songs before as they've been covered by names such as Sarah Vaughan, George Benson and Mark Murphy to name a few. This track is the opener from his debut 1974 album 'Modo Livre'. The CD reissue doesn't list the musicians on the album but it sounds like Sivuca singing parts in this - if not, I'm sure he was an influence. I like the way this song shifts from a feeling of happiness to a moment of 'concern' (not sure how to describe it, but that's how I hear it) in a single chord change only to return to its originally feeling. At the end there are some swells on the strings that just do something to my insides. Amazing how something so simple and fleeting can have such an impact.

from Modo Livre, available on CD (RCA)

Soul Love  performed by David Bowie  1972
Recommended by geezer [profile]

Only someone with the Eclectic curiosity of Bowie could conjure up a "rock smaba" it sways like the Girl from from Ipanema but bristles with a mod-ish cool and English edginess.

from Ziggy Stardust, available on CD

Moss garden  performed by David Bowie  1977
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Somehow this one had passed me by before. A really lovely ambient soundscape that I could listen to on repeat.

from Heroes (RCA)
available on CD - RCA

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