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Traps  performed by New Musik  1981
Composed by Tony Mansfield

A little like Kraftwerk but with extra emotional input and more musical interest. The music reflects the atmosphere of the lyric very effectively. Geek pop? Maybe, but it's damn good!

from Anywhere (GTO), available on CD

Julia  performed by Eurythmics  1984
Composed by Lennox/Stewart

This is my favourite Eurythmics track by some considerable margin, though I also rate some others on the album quite highly. I consider "Julia" to be a classic of 80's electronica, with a rather haunting chord sequence underpinning an effective vocal line with extensive use of vocoder on Annie Lennox's voice. There is a bridge section (heard twice) which is rather derivatve of Vangelis's "Chariots of Fire" theme, but as the track progresses and builds up texturally, there is an undeniable emotional impact, and I always enjoy the various instrumental melodies and counter-melodies that appear.

from 1984, available on CD (Virgin)

  22 Sep 04 ·delicado: A fantastic track. It definitely rises above a lot of other songs of the period, even though it does feature an extremely cheesy guitar solo. And I still have the 12 inch of it that you sold me in 1987!
  23 Sep 04 ·Mike: Hold onto that 12"... a lot of great work was done in rock and pop during the 1980s. Rather like 1960s British housing, much of it has yet to reach classic status, but for some of it at least, its time will surely come!
Subdivisions  performed by Rush  1982
Composed by Lee, Lifeson, Peart

Heavy rock with synths - an effective combination as heard here. The famous Candadian heavy rock band of dubious politics here come up with a really gloomily atmospheric number. OK, I won't pretend it's great, but it has a certain something. And I love the chord textures generated on their synths, providing a backbone for the number.

from Signals, available on CD (Mercury)

What Becomes of the Broken-hearted?  performed by Colin Blunstone  1990
Composed by Riser Dean Witherspoon

I love the chord sequence of this sentimental number originally popularised by Jimmy Ruffin, and the two versions by Colin Blunstone that I've heard are my favourites.

from Greatest Hits (Castle)

Duel  performed by Propaganda  1984
Composed by Mertens

More first rate synthesizer music from the 1980s. The album also features a remixed/re-recorded version "Jewel". Catchy. Unfortunately this line-up only recorded this one "proper" album plus an album of remixes before splitting up. The album is excellent almost throughout, the band's slightly artsy aesthetic conveyed lyrically and through mixing atmospheric chordal writing, inventive instrumentation/production and some almost industrial-sounding beats. Kraftwerk were never remotely this musically interesting. Propaganda were also better looking...

from A Secret Wish, available on CD (ZTT)

  23 Mar 06 ·audioadventures: Another one of my all time favourites. The extended 12" is outstanding.
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