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End Peace  performed by Camel  1982
Composed by Latimer/Philips

Richly melodic, attractively textured instrumental track at the end of an otherwise rather unassuming album. Nice chords. Nice synthesizer and guitar work. Co-written with the original guitarist of Genesis, Anthony Philips.

from The Single Factor (Decca)

Times have changed  performed by Supertramp  1971
Composed by Rick Davies/Roger Hodgson

A very neatly-executed bluesy number of considerable sophistication. I prefer it to anything on "Crime of the Century" and to many of their more famous songs. Please note that the heavily-tattooed breasts that adorn the front cover of the album have never held any great personal appeal for me. Your mileage may differ.

from Indelibly Stamped (A&M), available on CD

Cirrus Minor  performed by Pink Floyd  1969
Composed by Roger Waters

Pink Floyd are heard at their best with this piece of film music, keeping it simple and atmospheric. I find so much of their output over-ambitious, but here I think they got it right - a short melodic vocal section followed by a very simple organ chord sequence repeated to a very slow fade. This manages to sound gently, atmospherically organic and hypnotic where so often Floyd sound ludicrously overblown.

from More (EMI)
available on CD - Relics (EMI)

  23 Sep 04 ·konsu: Indeed. The Floyd records that are best are the soundtrack material. Mainly because they had to adapt to a medium outside their own dreamy minds. This is my second favorite after "A Saucerful of Secrets" LP. But their "Obscured By Clouds" LP is also a soundtrack piece for an unreleased film that has the same fine qualities... I hate to get long-winded about the whole Floyd thing, but I have to mention Hubert Laws LP "Crying Song" (CTI 1002/6000) which features two compositions from "More".
Cigarettes and Lies  performed by The Lightning Seeds  1999
Composed by Broudie

Excellent track in which rather Beatley-sounding vocals are married with some nice synthesized sounds. It took me several minutes of thinking to remember what it is that the verse of this reminds me of - it's the title track from Procol Harum's second album "Shine on Brightly".

from Tilt, available on CD (Epic/Sony)

  10 Jun 04 ·farawayfriend: A great song, by a typically underrated British pop artist - how many Americans have ever heard of Ian Broudie and are aware of his musical output? The man is a genius. The break in this song is gorgeous. "There were times or moments we'd steal when i wish that time stood still knowing it won't but hoping it will oh, i'm hoping it will"
There’ll be another spring  performed by Monica Zetterlund  1960
Composed by Lee/Wheeler

A superb version. A very purely beautiful, very expressively controlled vocal. A perfectly stylish trio backing. The rest of the album also holds to a very high standard indeed - a real pleasure. I've never enjoyed vocal jazz more!

from The Lost Tapes at Bell Sound Studios NYC, available on CD ()

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