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Iluminados  performed by Eliane Elias  1993
Composed by Ivan Lins

Very, very pretty music. A vocal duet between the song's composer and the wonderful Ms Elias, possessor of beautiful, slightly husky voice and superb pianistic skills.

Her trio here includes Eddie Gomez and Jack DeJonette, both once of Bill Evans's trio. There are a few delicate touches of synth which compliment the mood, used like a string orchestra.

from Paulistana

Reverend Killer  performed by The Big Dish  1986

My introduction to this Scottish band was when they supported Lloyd Cole and the Commotions at a December 1985 gig. I liked them a lot that night, but actually their three albums don't contain that much to shout about - maybe a couple of quite good tracks per album.

However, "Reverend Killer", a song not included on any of their albums, is knock-out, excellent guitar-based pop with a hint of synth deep in the mix, and enough harmonic movement to make up for the lack of rhythmic variety or interest.

from Slide CD EP (Virgin DISH 1)

Where will I be tomorrow  performed by Nice Little Penguins  1994
Composed by Feierskov

By one of those beautiful quirks that only occours when you befriend the staff of secondhand shops (and therefore get to hang around, sampling anything that sounds potentially interesting), I discovered this Danish Band yesterday. Well, actually I bought their 1994 album "Flying" yesterday, and discovered it today.

Inhabiting an area that to me is Beach Boys meets Big Dish with flavours of Crowded House blended with a little general indie, the album is remarkably enjoyable after one play. Kind of like a superior version of the Rembrandts. And one of the tracks that struck a particular chord was this one, a slowish number, but only one of several outstanding tracks. I really liked another slowish number "You are" a lot too.

from Flying

Gates of Babylon  performed by Rainbow  1978
Composed by Ritchie Blackmore

Sheer joy to listen to - a perfect example of the extended melodic heavy rock song. Superb control of tension and release. Super arrangement and guitar playing. Currently very under-valued...

from Long live rock 'n' roll, available on CD (Polydor)

  10 May 04 ·Issie: A good choice!
  19 May 04 ·anotherdodgybassplayer: Fantastic choice, always been my favourite. Loved it since I was 14. (now 39). The instrumental section is just as good as it gets.
Love Like Semtex  performed by Rialto  1997
Composed by Louis Eliot

Masterful. Beautiful arrangement, building up very effectively as the song progresses. Lyrically eloquent, with a brooding anger which betrays the influence of Elvis Costello, and is none the worse for it. Why on earth didn't this band have more commercial impact? The album is very stylistically varied and interesting. (Perhaps I just answered my own question).

from Rialto, available on CD ()

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