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Focus II  performed by Focus  1971

The second in a series of instrumental tracks all sharing the same name as the band which appeared on different albums by them.

What do I like about it? I like the fact that I have the same feeling some of the best Genesis gives me that these guys have really absorbed some of what I find appealing about classical music and fused it with something rocky.

from Moving Waves (EMI)

In Search of England  performed by Barclay James Harvest  1978
Composed by Woolly Wolstenholme

One of the most appealing of the songs by Woolly Wolstenholme, the band's keyboard player until he left in 1979, and who sadly committed suicide on 13 December 2010.

Woolly's songs, the best-known of which are examples of the often grandiose style which has since become known as "symphonic prog", always stood out from those of his band-mates for their harmonic interest and textural subtlety.

from XII (Polydor)

The Light of Day  performed by The Divine Comedy  2006
Composed by Neil Hannon

In what is another of Neil Hannon's best songs, we hear his superb bittersweet lyrics emerging from an intricate and intermittently lush backing. As usual, the chords are not particularly complicated or unusual, but are extremely well-chosen.

Brilliant, in spite of the strange choice of sangria near the beginning, with its forced accent on the second syllable.

from Victory for the Comic Muse, available on CD

Beside the railway tracks  performed by The Divine Comedy  2010
Composed by Neil Hannon

An irresistible blend of Bach, Pet Shop Boys, Abba, and maybe Momus and ELO.

Not on the excellent "Bang Goes the Knighthood" album, instead supposedly only available as an i-tunes download with that album. How bonkers is that?

Cinderella  performed by Aqualung  2007
Composed by Matt Hales

Despite couple of questionable decisions over the arrangement and mix, this is an extremely good song with an excellent lyric.

Particularly good is the harmonically-driven chorus, but there are a number of subtleties, as is evident from the opening instrumental sequence.

Why does he insist on recording his voice with so much distortion? It could almost drive you crazy...

from Memory Man

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