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When I fall in love  performed by Keith Jarrett  2000
Composed by Heyman/Young

Recorded live in London with Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette, this has to be one of the very best versions of this superb song, full of nuance and expression, yet not dripping with sentimentality.

from Inside Out, available on CD

Crime of Passion  performed by Mike Oldfield  1983
Composed by Oldfield

For those who admit (to themselves, if not others) to admiring the song "Moonlight Shadow" - here is a similar but perhaps slightly better song which is much less well-known. This one has a male vocalist and, like "Moonlight Shadow", features a good guitar solo from Oldfield. Not an album track, nor one which appears on most of Oldfield compilations.

Yet another track modelled on "Moonlight Shadow" appears on Oldfield's album "Tubular Bells 3" of 1999. This one is called "Man in the Rain" and again sounds very, very similar, as though time had stood still for 16 years. Never let it be said that Oldfield is short of ideas!

available on CD - The Complete Mike Oldfield

Need your love so bad  performed by Fleetwood Mac  1969
Composed by Little Willie John

Superb slow blues. Nice arrangement blending a rather distant-sounding orchestra with the very precise, restrained (yet very expressive) vocal and guitar. Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green were really quite something.

available on CD - Greatest Hits (CBS/ Sony)

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye  performed by Soft Cell  1981
Composed by Almond/Ball

A pop song of epic grandeur. Marc Almond's rather out of tune singing doesn't ultimately detract from what is a great song and a very good recorded performance. The synth player of the duo, Dave Ball, appears to have been a somewhat underrated pop genius.

from Non-stop erotic cabaret, available on CD (Some Bizarre)

  01 Apr 04 ·delicado: Yes, isn't this a brilliant, devastating track. I think the out-of-tune vocals are all part of the package! This shares some of the desolate and empty electronic feel of some of Joy Division's work, but puts it into a pop context.
Horse Tears  performed by Goldfrapp  2000
Composed by Gregory, Goldfrapp

There are many echoes of Morricone here of course, but they're incorporated into a sophisticated, subtle and original musical aesthetic rather than just being lifted.

I'm as unclear as ever about what Alison Goldfrapp is singing about in this song or indeed many others, but musically it's so very good that I am not too bothered.

Point of curiosity/interest: Andy Davis and Stuart Gordon of The Korgis play on some tracks on this first Goldfrapp album; Davis also plays on the follow-up "Black Cherry".

from Felt Mountain, available on CD (Mute)

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