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Areas  performed by New Musik  1981
Composed by Tony Mansfield

A song about personal body space. I know that this doesn't exactly sound electrifying, but the song itself does. In fact the whole album this is from is filled with fantastic lyrically unorthodox songs, most of which are extremely good.

During this very skilfully constructed song, we hear some of the most lyrical, expressive sounds ever to be played on synths. We hear that slightly strange vocal performance style that makes a virtue out of sounding uncool - but it's always very musical.

Tony Mansfield is an absolute musical genius and innovator. After the three new Musik albums, he went on to produce A-ha's first album and a few records for other artists, but never seems to have had the recognition Trevor Horn recieved. I wonder what he's doing now...

from Anywhere, available on CD

Everything’s Gonna be alright  performed by Sweetbox  1997
Composed by J S Bach

Ridiculously happy-sounding re-working of Bach's Air on a G string. The girl has a rather pleasant recorded voice, particularly while repeatedly assuring us that she'll be there when we wake up (comforting, isn't it?).

This release earned extra points for openness and honesty by including a credit to JS Bach, something that Procol Harum and a quite a few others have failed to do over the years.

Keep an eye on Summer  performed by The Beach Boys  1964
Composed by Brian Wilson

The Beach Boys back-catalogue contains many gems, as others have observed. This one has become a particular favourite for its harmony and the soaring vocals.

from Shut Down Vol2 (Capitol)
available on CD - Surfer Girl/Shut Down Vol2 (Capitol)

The Things we do for Love  performed by 10cc  1976
Composed by Stewart/Gouldman

I'm sure I've already said this about another recommendation, but this is just superb pop. 10cc were a group whose hits were very familiar to me as a child, although I wasn't particularly keen on them then. (We're talking the 1970s, folks!).

The group fused influences from the Beatles (particularly McCartney) and prog rock with their own brand of distinctively British whimsy (precursors of the Korgis here). They were also excellent harmony singers. I'm just discovering some of their album back catalogue for the first time - there is some superb material, to my ears. Their biggest hit was 1975's "I'm not in love", which I think reached no.2 in the UK and US singles charts - I've always dismissed it as being very saccharine-sweet. This group doesn't generally get the respect their output deserves for its quality and influence.

from Deceptive Bends
available on CD - several Mercury/Polygram/Universal compilations

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Nails in my feet  performed by Crowded House  1993
Composed by Neil Finn

Crowded House seem to be deeply unpopular at the moment - perhaps they were too popular in the early 90s, or perhaps, as I tended to think, even more than with most groups, the simpler, less good songs were released as singles, achieved success, and sort of "labelled" the band, seemingly colouring their subsequent output.

Anyway, this is a well-executed Beatle-ish song, most of whose lyrics I've never fathomed. The album is by far the band's best, though I think it was the worst seller. (Not an unfamilair scenario, of course).

from Together Alone, available on CD (Capitol)

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