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4 tracks composed by Neil Hannon have been recommended.
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Don't look down  performed by Divine Comedy  1996
Recommended by phil [profile]

An outrageously ambitious number by a 24-year old - an opening awash with horns, before a ridiculous set of lyrics in which Neil goes up in a big wheel with his girl, only to meet God at the top of the revolution, whereupon he tries to argue with him. Neil is on sparkling form, crying with disgust

and the couple in the car above
well I suppose they think that we're in love

Before continuing (his eye must ache with all this winking)...

Then without warning, as we approach the top
The wheel that turns us all comes to a sudden stop

This song also has the greatest cliffhanger ending in rock. Go and listen - you'd be crazy not to. THe rest of this album is brilliant too.

from Promenade (Setanta SETCD013)

The Dogs and the Horses (NYC acoustic)  performed by The Divine Comedy  1996
Recommended by Mike [profile]

A very beautiful song musically and lyrically. I much prefer this piano/vocal version from the Becoming more like Alfie CD single to the rather over-orchestrated one on the album "Casanova"

from Becoming more like Alfie

The Light of Day  performed by The Divine Comedy  2006
Recommended by Mike [profile]

In what is another of Neil Hannon's best songs, we hear his superb bittersweet lyrics emerging from an intricate and intermittently lush backing. As usual, the chords are not particularly complicated or unusual, but are extremely well-chosen.

Brilliant, in spite of the strange choice of sangria near the beginning, with its forced accent on the second syllable.

from Victory for the Comic Muse, available on CD

Beside the railway tracks  performed by The Divine Comedy  2010
Recommended by Mike [profile]

An irresistible blend of Bach, Pet Shop Boys, Abba, and maybe Momus and ELO.

Not on the excellent "Bang Goes the Knighthood" album, instead supposedly only available as an i-tunes download with that album. How bonkers is that?

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