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"when i’m with you"  performed by the legendary pink dots  2000
Recommended by kohl [profile]

one of my favourite pink dots song. i suppose because, for me, they always manage to convey a sort of 'it's the end of the world' vibe. and the lyrics are cryptic enough that you can't always tell if the presumed outcome is hopeful or not.

available on CD - a perfect mystery (soleilmoon)

Baby, what's your plan?  performed by The Electric Shocks  2002
Recommended by lpeditor [profile]

I've got to admit, I'm in this band. It's a throwaway 2 minute punk rock song. Hopefully you'll agree it's got some energy to it and some charm in the many lead line mistakes and catchy chorus. We tried to keep the production as lo-fi and lively as possible - but it's a problem finding a recording studio and engineer that properly understands what's required. It's been likened to the Undertones (down to Dan's voice) and Stiff Little Fingers. I think it's kind of like the Ramones - probably because of the rhythm guitar part I play in the verse. If you like it, find out more about the band at

Britney  performed by Bebo Norman  2009
Recommended by hopefully86 [profile]

This is a christian singer telling a story about Britney Spears, but it's about everyone who gets lost in the lights of fame and fortune. It's kinda an apology song, slow and sweet but it flows nicely. This song will make you feel a bit sorry for the girl we love to hate.

Campground Daughter  performed by School for the Dead  2004
Recommended by catmarigold [profile]

Melancholy but hopeful. This is a gentle song, with acoustic and electric guitars, electric piano, bass, drums, and voice. Excellent lyrics, terrific mood.

There's a little story here, punctuated by flashes of images and moments.

The song is written by Henning Ohlenbusch who has worked with Chris Collingwood (Fountains of Wayne), Mark Mulcahy, and Lloyd Cole. If those names mean anything to you, then chances are you will enjoy this warm track.

from The New You, available on CD

clark gable  performed by the postal service
Recommended by licoricewhipped [profile]

one of those songs that gets you bouncing around in your chair, all dreamy and hopeful.

Faith Hope and Charity  performed by Tony Kingston  1973
Recommended by john_l [profile]

An absolutely lovely smooth soul/pop ballad, and I'm someone who usually hates such things (if it's from the last couple of decades anyway). Did I mention it was smooth? His vocal especially. No idea where to find it, but a series called "Vintage Canadian Music" has released his other single "I Am The Preacher" (which I once saw Deep Purple do under the name "Hallelujah" on the tube) on one of their CDs, so I am hopeful ... hint, hint!

History  performed by Mai Tai  1985
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

Dutch pop is where it's at.

One of the best 80's songs, and hard to think of anything that more neatly sums up the decade - named after a cocktail, plenty of synth effects, that slight tinniness endemic to all the greatest 80's pop. I'm sure a lot of you will remember this song, and hopefully with affection. Mai Tai had the un-popstar names Caroline, Mildred and Jetty, and they pissed on Five Star.

from History (Metronome 825 947-1)

Icarus - Bourne on Wings of Steel  performed by Kansas  1975
Recommended by JimBarry [profile]

An over-the top introduction to Kansas. This was the song that hooked most Kansas fans.

It showcases the band members individual talents:
Dave Hope's excellent bass
Robbie Steinhart's violin and vocals
Rich William's guitar work, often harmonizing nicely with Robbie's violin
Steve Walsh on keyboards and vocals
Kerry Livgren's Lead guitar, and hopeful, powerful lyrics.

from Masque (Kirshner / Sony)
available on CD - Best of Kansas

Let New Days Dawn  performed by A Cautionary Tale  2006
Recommended by aggryle [profile]

Beautiful composition and production with a darkly uplifting, somber mood and feel. Definitely will make you stop and focus on it as you are filled with melancholy feelings, though once the song ends, you feel better than when it began. Hard to find album, but you can listen to the song on

from Let New Days Dawn, available on CD

Napoleon  performed by Ani DiFranco  1996
Recommended by snoodlededoogans [profile]

if u've ever thought that capitalism aint all it's cracked up to be...ani hears you. this is perhaps THE song about the 'music industry'. ever want to do a 'Fk the RIAA/BPI' comp? here u go. a pristinely crafted effortless sounding very personal rant on what's wrong with the way things are...and how we get by till the world is the way it SHOULD BE...

from Dilate (Righteous Babe)

Rocket City  performed by Northstar  2005
Recommended by rockbell99 [profile]

Light guitars and a great drum beat combined with hopeful lyrics about leaving home and taking risks, this song is one of my absolute favourites.

from Pollyanna, available on CD

Section 22 (Running Away)  performed by The Polyphonic Spree  2007
Recommended by mattishere [profile]

wonderful song. happy. upbeat. makes me smile. hopefully it does the same to you.

The Road to Happiness  performed by The Lilac Time  1988
Recommended by geezer [profile]

Recorded early in Stephen Duffys long and mostly un recognised consistantly brilliant career ,this from the first Lilac time L.p ,itself,an eclectic jewel amidst late 80,s polished mediocrity .A mournful folky number played out on a harmonium,accordion and light percussion ,sadness never sounded so uplifting and hopeful.Everytime i hear Duffy now i cam imagine Robbie williams covering .

from Lilac Time, available on CD

theo b  performed by sunny day real estate  1995
Recommended by complacentbasement [profile]

the song starts out with three crisp hi-hat clicks, the bell of a ride, then the drums and a sweet, warm toned bass lock in for a driving, mid-tempo, beautifully melodic cut time. guitars, once in, are clean-toned and somewhat polyphonically arranged, (that is, they play alot of single-note lines that swirl around each other, harmonizing at spots, and creating counterpoint). the vocals are potentially a little hard to swallow at first, jeremy has a tendency to sing a little through the nose, but it's really quite endearing. i personally find that after a bit of exposure to it, not only does it fit the music perfectly, but i really have grown to love it, (i listen to them ALOT).
this is one of those songs that you put on when you need to feel better- a kind of resolute, "well, time to go on, and hope for the best" feel. it can also easily be listened to when in a great mood. best listened to outside, looking at the sky.
when listening to ANY sunny day real estate, you must be patient. it's patient music, and it requires a certain amount of consideration that keeps it from being good "background music."
i fucking love this stuff.

from lp2 (the pink album) (sub pop sp316b)

This Year's Love  performed by David Gray
Recommended by Silly Goose [profile]

This song is all about being hopeful for a relationship, even after you have been hurt many times. David Gray's whole album has this acoustic/electronic feel to it, and his voice is so soothing.

from White Ladder, available on CD

Tomorrowland  performed by Debra Kerr in "An Affair to Remember"  1957
Recommended by kkplips [profile]

This is my all time favorite movie - and every time I see the part where she sings with the little kids - get out the KLEENEX!!

Viva La White Girl  performed by Gym Class Heroes  2005
Recommended by eddier5888 [profile]

Laid back song that is a little bit different from most of Gym Class' regular songs. Less Hip Hop and more R&B sound to it. It is a really good song to calm down too and I think it shows some range in the artist's abilities and hopefully a look at what may come later on.

from As Cruel as School Children

When Mac Was Swimming  performed by The Innocence Mission  2003
Recommended by JackStowage [profile]

Karen Peris shakes the blues of her previous recording and explores the hopeful possibilities of life and death.

Nobody knows, darling.
Nobody knows how they are loved.

With Don's usual shimmering guitar given a touch of lounge-y bossa nova.

available on CD - befriended (Badman Records)

Where Is the Soul of America  performed by Mike Stout  2013
Recommended by radiofreetunes [profile]

Where is the soul of America? - In these times of warring political factions putting the government in unproductive grid lock Mike Stout asks what happened to the driving American spirit that united Americans to do great things. In this bluesy slide guitar driven tune a big chorus of singers asks:
�Where is the soul of America? Where is the spirit that made you great? Where is the soul of America? We need it now more than ever today. Where�s the will, that brought the Bill of Rights to stay, The ways and means to bring about our common dreams�now?�

Hear it at

from Time To Build A New World, available on CD

Your ex-lover is dead  performed by Stars  2005
Recommended by herby22 [profile]

This song just has a great sound and the real feeling that seems to be between the two singers is great. I love the lyrics and it is just really powerful.

from Set Yourself on Fire (Arts and Crafts)

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