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"Solitude"  performed by Black Sabbath  1971
Recommended by booblikon [profile]

lilac and deep blue/velvet symmetry where all emotions are filtered thru sound to encase the listener in suffocating oblivion; i drown in good music like i do in a crowd of people, but for different reasons

from Master Of Reality (Vertigo (UK); Warner Bros. (US)), available on CD (Vertigo (UK); Warner Bros. (US))

"sulphur"  performed by dead voices on air  1998
Recommended by kohl [profile]

an introspective industrial song. that was not an oxymoron.

All Things Must Pass  performed by George Harrison  1970
Recommended by nuthings [profile]

From George Harrison's first solo LP - a good song about how when things seem at their worst, good times are just around the corner.

from All Things Must Pass (Apple Records), available on CD (Apple Records)

Dining Alone  performed by Carla Bley
Recommended by mr_klenster [profile]

The balance of beautiful, introspective lyrics (which are mostly spoken rather than sung), and lonely instrumentation combine to create a top-notch stunner. As a whole the album Dinner Music is a very eclectic and interesting assortment of songs. I wish "the lights wouldn't turn low and it wouldn't be time to go", but the way this song captures the feeling of yearning and melancholy is absolutely perfect.

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea  performed by Neutral Milk Hotel  1998
Recommended by pullmyhair [profile]

The song is wistful, whimisical, magical, beautiful, introspective, and youthful.

available on CD - In the Aeroplane over the Sea (Merge)

  n-jeff: Wow, how many times has this song been entered on here, now! Lots, thats how many. It must be a great song. Even if The capitalisation may Be a bit Tricky. ;�)
I�m The Man Who Loves You  performed by Wilco  2002
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

The brief respite from all of the wild experimentation on the rest of the album, this track is Wilco gettting back to their country roots, while still exploring country's boundaries. Fun and joyful, filled with some rocking electric guitar not found on the rest of the album, this song is an much needed uptempo break on an album full of beautiful introspective ballads and acoustic sing-alongs.

from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (Sundazed)

midnight radio  performed by hedwig & the angry inch  1999
Recommended by angelica [profile]

ooh, this is the kind of song that makes me want to simultaneously cry and break stuff... in a good way, if at all possible. starting off pretty and introspective, this song slowly evolves into a stirring anthem for every kid that ever found solace in music.

"you're spinning / your new 45s / all the misfits / and the losers / yeah you know you're rock'n'rollers / spinning to / your rock'n'roll"

this version is off the original cast recording, however the film version is equally excellent, and i would highly recommend the film to everyone. i gotta say, though, i was privileged to have seen the original off-broadway staging and... well, it was a pivotal night for me. hearing this song brings it all back, including [sappy moment ahead, brace yourself] the incredible rush of emotions that came over me when the play ended.

from Hedwig And The Angry Inch: Original Cast Recording, available on CD

  malpt: Everything on that album rules! The movie rules! You rule! You saw the original show?! I swell with envy.
  angelica: i'm blushing! keep your eyes and ears open, 'cause there are people putting on productions of hedwig in the unlikeliest of places... one day, i hope to produce one in my city.
Paranoid Android  performed by Radiohead  2004
Recommended by kylemangan [profile]

Great Melodys, good dynamics. all around good rock song

from OK Computer

Praire Dog  performed by Laika  1997
Recommended by FCS [profile]

This is a trip-hop song with electronic tunes, but also acoustic. Very nice for introspective people.

from Sounds of the Satellites, available on CD

roses in the snow  performed by Nico  1969
Recommended by belphegor [profile]

wow, i mean: wow... i've been an avid nico lover for years, having acquired a deep appreciation of her via some claimed proto-goth associations. obscure subcultural praise and all that velvet underground hoop-la aside, her amazing "desertshore" was proof enough that nico was and is a uniquely powerful force in life and art. but this "roses in the snow" diddy just floored me on a first listen. the revolving, minimalist tune of her harmonium must be the loneliest, most disillusioned harmony ever played since "gloomy sunday," and the cryptically profound words the closest thing rock'n'roll ever got to the "book of job." what does this piece really mean to say? not sure really: but somehow, i think it might be something like re-reading a long-departed lover's suicide note on a warm, languid autumn day...

from the marble index, available on CD

Shake it out  performed by Manchester Orchestra  2009
Recommended by bhahn16 [profile]

Indie rock style song, introspective lyrics, and when the song changes pace and breaks it down, I get chills every time. One of my favorite songs of '09.

available on CD - Mean everything to nothing

Social Studies  performed by David Singer & the Sweet Science  2004
Recommended by leahpeeah [profile]

Introspective pop? You like Elliot? You like Ben Folds? Just listen and tell me what you think.

from The Stars Burn Out, available on CD

Upside Down  performed by Tori Amos  1991
Recommended by snoodlededoogans [profile]

plaintive introspective personal rumblings. her lyrics, at least on the first disc Little Earthquakes, were like stumbling across someone's open diary. from the B-Side of the Silent All These Years cassette single that i wore out on the bus rides to junior high and high school. many other tori songs are incredible. this one cemented her in my psyche long before Under The Pink ever came out.

from Little Earthquakes (Atlantic)

  FlyingDutchman1971: Indeed a great track... I would have worn out a cassette single listening to it, luckily it was a b-side on the CD single for 'Winter'.

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