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Riding To Work in the Year 2025  performed by The Flaming Lips
Recommended by bobbyspacetroup [profile]

A wonderful cinematic track which originally appeared in extended form on the now hard to find "Zaireeka" album. Seemingly some sort of narrative about a delusional morning commuter. Check out the "Zaireeka" version if you can or, if you can't, check out this great sounding stereo mixdown.

from Waiting For A Superman EP (Warner Bros. 9 44793-2)
available on CD - Waiting For A Superman (Warner Bros.)

No Time To Cry  performed by Iris Dement  1994
Recommended by Aquatown [profile]

Time to get our your hankies. There aren't too many singers who can make you believe every word they sing but Iris is one of those few. And when she's sings a song this sad, you'll be wiping away the tears long before the 6:49 passes by.

available on CD - My Life (Warner Bros.)

The Holy Filament  performed by Mr. Bungle  1999
Recommended by Tangento [profile]

This is a truly unique song, from a beyond unique band. Mr. Bungle has a rabid, almost cult-like following, and songs like this are the reason why.
This band has always drawn on many different, widely varying influences, including ska, grindcore, jazz, and funky beats, to name just a few.
This track displays a whole new direction for the band, with dreamy, ethereal bass and piano interplay, retro-vocal harmonies, and an almost rapturous climactic sequence, followed by a melancholy fade-out.
This is a work composed by Bassist Trevor Dunn, (a true talent) and I feel it is more than worthy of a place on this list.
The album is a classic, I highly recommend it for people with just about any kind of musical taste.
I am providing a review/ option to purchase:

from California (Warner Bros. 47447), available on CD

Gutter Cat vs. The Jets  performed by Alice Cooper Band  1972
Recommended by Tangento [profile]

Here is a prime example of the endless amount of creativity this band had.
They take a song/ concept from a broadway musical, and transform it into an unparalelled, irresistable rock classic.
(That you will NEVER F*#%ing HEAR on a "Classic Rock Station" - They choose stale ClearChannel Playlists over quality & taste)

Alice & the band (his best lineup ever, 1969-74) have created a masterpiece of imaginative rock music here.

The sequence beginning with:
"...Midnight/ Catfight/ Neckbite/ ...Die!"
...and the following interlude leading up to the
'Street Fight' and including the 'Jets Chant'
is one of my favorite pieces of music EVER, by ANYONE.
I get chills to this day.
I wonder if Leonard Bernstein ever heard this, and what he thought.

from School's Out, available on CD

The Way Young Lovers Do  performed by Van Morrison  1968
Recommended by Pal [profile]

The absolutely best white soul song I know!

available on CD - Astral Weeks (Warner Bros.)

  07 Jan 04 ·umbrellasfollowrain: Oh wow, this is a wonderful song. Practically clausterphobic in its arrangment, it's still spacious and brings you this heightened state, as though something is just about to happen. The lyrics sound as though they should be sentimental, nostalgic fare but they sound almost tormented and full of hyper anger. Like the Tasmanian Devil in love.
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