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(Want You) Back In My Life Again  performed by The Carpenters  1981
Recommended by scrubbles [profile]

One of the last Carpenters singles from their final studio album. I find this sweet 'n perky song strangely compelling, since it shows Richard and Karen Carpenter awkwardly trying to adjust their wholesome image to an early '80s synth pop template. Karen's voice is so processed and overdubbed that she blends in seamlessly with the synth-heavy backup -- still, the effect isn't cheezy but full and lucious. Knowing that Karen was slowly dying during this time makes this tune odder still.

from Made In America, available on CD (A&M)

Coyote  performed by Joni Mitchell  1976
Recommended by robert[o] [profile]

The first track from the first of Joni’s “jazz” LPs of the late 1970’s is all about opposition and equilibrium, (as are all her songs from this period). It is both richly melodic and dense/chant-like in structure, empty and lush in arrangement, its propulsive/hypnotic groove studded with Jaco Pastorius’ weird, atonal bass speed bumps. Joni’s words/voice/performance is likewise wildly romantic and knowingly jaded simultaneously. The song is the sound of best singer/songwriter ever elegantly/effortlessly pushing the envelope.

from Hejira, available on CD (Asylum)

Daydream  performed by Wallace Collection  1968
Recommended by Trijnie [profile]

Yes!!!! Found it!
I live in England (nearly 20 years, but am originally from Holland. Saw twice a new commercial the last 2 days on tv here (can't remember what it was for), but regonised the song that was played in it (although it wasn't the original version). I knew it was a hit in the sixties. And always liked it. But hadn't heard it for years! My partner ,who's english, knows and does remember a hell of a lot about (popular)music and whenever a song is played HAS to announce WHO, WHAT and IN WHICH YEAR IT WAS A HIT! Get's a bit annoying at times.
He said he knew it from a "chill"-album, but I told him I was certain that it had been a hit in the sixties.
After surfing the web for an hour orso tonight, and not even quite sure if the title was "Daydream" and not knowing at all what the bands name was. At some point I found out that it could be Wallace Collection, but eventually after finding your website, and you were the only one I was able to hear that song, I got it right!
Thank you so much. The song brought back so many memories! I will keep your website in my favorites list. It was a great help.
Thanks again, Trijnie

  delicado: Yes, I think Ron, who recommended the original version, did us and the Wallace Collection a great service! The song is well known here in the UK via a remixed version by a band called 'I-Monster', who sampled and rejigged a version by the Gunter Kallemann singers (available on a common charity shop record here in the UK, 'Easy Listening' - 2LP set on Polydor). Further 'daydream' trivia fact: the melody for the middle section is lefted from a famous Tchaikovsky piece. There's a version by the 'Baker Street Philhamonic' that's also kind of cool.
Dirty Paws  performed by Of Monsters and Men  2011
Recommended by Hypnotic33Rocker [profile]

The introduction immediately throws you into knowing this is a different song. The guitar thrums and sings to you. The voices perfectly harmonized. Soulful.

from My Head is an Animal, available on CD

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea  performed by Neutral Milk Hotel  1997
Recommended by two-headed boy [profile]

I didn't know it then, but when I purchased the album 'In the Aeroplane Over the Sea' my world changed. When I put the album into my CD player, I did it with a naivete of someone who thought they'd 'heard it all.' I did it clumsily, with haste, handled like a Beatles or Beach Boys album, the way I had done for years. When I listened to the album I did it with reckless abandon while driving 38 miles per hour on my lunch break, and later in the drive-through at McDonald’s. These mistakes were inherited, and I refuse blame. They were passed through the genetic make-up of our peers and born out of the music we've been given; I didn't expect this! Well, our music has changed, and it did so without our knowing and our approval. This album proved and disproved an entire treatise of critical analysis on a generation of music that I thought I had known, and it did so with a fucking velvet sledgehammer.

The lyrics: "And one day we will die and our ashes will fly from the aeroplane over the sea, but for now we are young let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see." More lyrics: "What a beautiful face I have found in this place that is circling all around the sun, what a beautiful dream that would flash in the screen in a blink of an eye and be gone from me." The melody: A timeless, haunting thing that was metaphysically resurrected from a wiser place. The voice: Wrenched out of the jaws of a holocaust from 50 years ago, we hear a possessed Jeff Mangum invest his soul. The sound: An apocalypse that can reinvent the turntable by it’s simplistic form; with a saw, guitar, drum, bass, horns, and lord knows what else all handled with deceptive elegance of a garage mechanic constructing a supermodel. And, lastly, the spirit: A tragedy and rape of virginity known only to the persecuted and executed; the ghost of Anne Frank materializes long enough to show us her world, and in her hands we are strangely at peace.

This song is a gift very few will experience. It is endless in its reach and should be accepted like a sibling into your collection. It will one day prove itself beyond category, but for now it is a masterful novel from the hands of a mysterious songwriter who should know how sincerely I cherish his songs.

from In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

  karlmort: this album is going to make a huge impact on you if you dare to listen.
  evolutum: All I have to say is that I agree with the above. My wife and I had this song played at our wedding reception. With tears in our eyes we danced. I would like to have it played at my funeral.
  umbrellasfollowrain: Whenever I hear that someone loves this album as much as I do this strange things happens where I want to draw you all into a bearhug where we cry our fears away all through the long night.
  el.oh man.: this song can make you feel so many emotions at once. it truly is a wrok of art. there is almost no way that you wouldnt like it. everytime i hear it, i fall in love with the amazing writing talents of these guys.
  pullmyhair: This is one of my most life-changing albums. It does something to me, almost spiritually. If people have an open mind, they need to hear this.
Iris  performed by Goo Goo Dolls  1990
Recommended by irisbuen [profile]

I love the song because the orchestra background is simply marvelous. The lyrics fit so well and knowing that this was a product of John Rzeznik's awakening from his writer's block, I'm a proud bearer of the name same as the title of this song.

A must-hear for those who are cynically in-love.

from Dizzy Up the Girl

Live How You Love  performed by Kasey Rausch & Friends  2006
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

This is a laid-back bluegrass-y type tune that's just a lot of fun. The performer is young but there's wisdom in her words...

from Live How You Love (Rauschhouse)

Out on the side  performed by Dillard and Clark  1969
Recommended by lpeditor [profile]

A friend told me about this band around Christmas time, and knowing my particular musical taste, couldn't understand why I hadn't heard of them before. The LP 'The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard and Clark' is superb. Soulful country music with some stunning harmonies and mellow, warm production.

from The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard and Clark

Poetry Man  performed by Phoebe Snow  1975
Recommended by djfreshmoney [profile]

Whoa... am I loosing my mind here? Next I'll be listening to Cristopher Cross. But Phoebe's got something knowing about her voice. She's alluring in her 70's way. And then the last verse comes in about the guy being married and she wants him to stay. "He makes things alright..."

available on CD - The Best of Phoebe Snow

pyramid song  performed by atomic  2002
Recommended by olli [profile]

a very beautiful cover of the radiohead song done by norwegian-swedish jazz quintet atomic.

available on CD - boom boom (jazzland)

Sandmen - Thelma (Fallout mix)  performed by DIY  1993
Recommended by alkine [profile]

well there isn't much to say, it's a drum machine and someone saying 'celebrate life'. i remember this lp from 8 years ago, and probably we were wasted, but it was the most played vinyl in the flat. found without knowing who or why, and now thanks to, i found it again. not much happens until 3'40, and then, in the right mood, you realise why music is so great, some dude with a drum machine and a cheesy hook, manages to encapsulate joy in sound.

from Strictly 4 Groovers (Warp WARP18)

Ship Rolls In  performed by Faster Pussycat  1987
Recommended by understudy constantine [profile]

What a great band they were! Surely one of the very best of the late 80's glam resurgence, and putting on a great live show reprising the Beasty Boys with a song called Babylon! This song brings to mind a pub crawl in Soho... raucous, tuneful, swaggering and knowingly gorgeous... a kind of smash-and-grab version of Don't Rain On My Parade!

from Faster Pussycat (Elektra)

Wild Is The Wind  performed by Nina Simone  1966
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

Ms. Simone sings almost with a sense of agony knowing that the object of her affection is untamed and unavailable even as she begs for his love. This track is heartbreakingly beautiful and is great listening in the late hours with the lights dimmed.

from Wild Is The Wind (Polygram 846893)
available on CD - Nina Simone: Quiet Now-Night Songs (Verve 314 543 251)

  cdarville: This song is also available on the original release, Wild Is the Wind, available now as a double-release combined with High Priestess of Soul on CD. It's been available for over ten years on Polydor and is wonderful!
You Fascinate Me So  performed by Blossom Dearie  195?
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

A great track by a true american treasure. Blossom Dearie's one-of-a-kind voice is perfectly suited for this song. You can hear the vixen just below the sweet innocent exterior as she demurely praises the object of her affection with a raised eyebrow and knowing look. She knows that she is going to get her way, but decides to throw in a little flattery to ensure that her intended shows no resistence to her plan.
This song is only available on the criminally unavailable album 'My gentleman Friend'. You may occasionally find a copy for sale on Ebay (like I did) or shell out about $35 for a japanese import CD.

from My Gentleman Friend (Verve MGV 2125)

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