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A Banda  performed by Chico Buarque de Hollanda  1963
Composed by Chico Buarque

The original version of this Brazilian classic, it was covered by just about everybody. Has that children's chorus doing backing vocals that the Brazilians seem to love so much.

from Chico Buarque de Hollanda
available on CD - Minha Historia (Polygram Brazil)

  03 Dec 01 ·delicado: I was listening to Astrud Gilberto's translated version of this today (on the 'beach samba' LP), and I found it quite hard to handle. I will have to check out the original some time.
  21 Oct 03 ·heinmukk: the astrud gilberto version is rather strange. i mean, it's the march version or what? i don't like it. better take a listen to the version by france gall. i know it as "zwei apfelsinen im haar" which means "two oranges in the hair". (?) it's a classic in germany. france gall sings in german with a subtle french accent. can it get more sexy? i don't think so...
  05 May 04 ·sodapop650: If its the song Im thinking of, I think that Quarteto Em Cy do a nice cover as well.
Big Chief  performed by Professor Longhair  1964

The prototypical Mardi Gras "Black Indian" song. A song as exciting & diverse as New Orleans itself.

available on CD - Collector's Choice (Rounder)

Hello, Hello  performed by Claudine Longet  1967

Oh, the breathy coquettishness of it all!! When she asks "Would you like some of my tangerine?", I just melt.

from Claudine (A&M)
available on CD - The Very Best of (Varese Sarabande)

  07 Dec 05 ·Swinging London: This was also done by a group called The Sopwith Camel' in 1966...that's good too.
I Can't Get Next to You (live)  performed by Al Green  1972
Composed by Strong/Whitfield

The original Temptations version of this song is one of my all-time favorites, but Al Green's version, which initially appeared on his 1971 LP "Gets Next to You", blows it out of the water. As far as I know, this live version is only available on his 1997 box set, but it's worth the price of admission alone. Absolutely dripping with sexual tension & near-religious fervor, you won't soon forget it.

available on CD - Anthology (Capitol)

Pouring Water on a Drowning Man  performed by James Carr  1966

The epitome of deep Southern soul. The pain evident in Carr's voice is absolutely unimaginable.

from the single Pouring Water on a Drowning Man (Goldwax)
available on CD - The Essential James Carr (Razor & Tie)

  04 Apr 03 ·drchilledair: 2001 obits of James Carr appeared in Japanese publications before they did in the U.S. Alas, Carr travelled to Japan in 1979 for a mini-tour and was apparently unable to make it through a single performance due to mental problems. My guess is that he might have been suffering from lifelong undiagonosed autisism. A favorite Carr track of mine is "Gonna Marry My Mother-in-Law," a 1993 Soultrax single wherein he innocently tosses off the rather outrageous proposition that her mother and not his present wife, "has got the kind of love my heart's been longing for." The protagonist then proceeds to offhandedly list in minute detail the wondrous attributes of THIS "two women wrapped up in one." The tension between the reality of such an socially unacceptable action and the insouciant way with which Carr delivers his oratory never fails to crack me up. Extra-categorically, Carr dwells in the pantheon of music greats. Almost like a idiot savant, the enigmatic Carr was totally unexpressive in everyday life situations, but affected a 180 degree change in feeling tone when he opened his mouth to sing.
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