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Psychotic Reaction  performed by Seņor Soul  1966
Composed by Atkinson-Byrne-Chaney-Ellner-Michalski

A rather quizzical Latin jazz workout of the Count V's garage classic, rendered here with fuzz guitar and flute! It sounds to me like this uses the same rhythm track as the original version, and since they were both released on the same label, that's quite likely. Another version exists by Brenton Wood (of "Oogum Boogum" and "Gimme Little Sign" fame), also on the same label and also with the same backing track! Talk about getting as much mileage out of the royalties as you can!

from Seņor Soul Plays Funky Favorites (Double Shot)

Listen Here  performed by Valorie Keys  1966
Composed by Harris-Keys

Many people have recorded versions of "Listen Here" over the years, which had been a huge hit for Eddie Harris in 1965. This one features lyrics, though, and great ones at that, which Ms. Keys (whoever she was) apparently penned herself. "Listen here/I don't know what to tell you/there's gonna be some changes/in the comin' year now". A great cut, and if you see it, snatch it up. It's been steadily rising in price the past few months since Gilles Peterson has been known to spin it on his radio show.

from the single Listen Here (Double Shot)

  07 Dec 05 ·Swinging London: This one is really HAPPENING, baby.
Radio #1  performed by Air  2001
Composed by Dunckel-Godin

I think that it is rather telling that the first words you hear on Air's new album are "we are the synchronizers". I have owned this CD for less than 24 hours and am currently on my seventh some people, that's natural, but not to me. I have to admit, this is quite the anomaly for me in general. It's much, uh, "proggier" than their first record, a fact well-evidenced by the cover art. In fact, it's quite a bit proggier than anything else in my record collection, but I can't seem to get enough of it. I'm having a very difficult time picking a particular song to recommend, so I'm arbitrarily choosing this one. I was a bit worried that I would be disappointed by this, considering how much I love "Premier Symptomes", "Moon Safari" and the "Virgin Suicides" score, but that was not the case. Get this album, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

from 10,000 Hz Legend, available on CD (Astralwerks)

  01 Jun 01 ·delicado: I've had a remarkably similar experience with this album; dig the sing along at the end of 'radio #1' as well!
Function at the Junction  performed by Ramsey Lewis  1966
Composed by Long-Holland-Dozier

A very swinging, groovy Latin jazz take on Shorty Long's Motown classic finds Lewis at the height of his form. As expected, Richard Evans turns in an astounding arrangement, utilizing handclaps, studio chatter and a magnificent horn chart.

from Goin' Latin (Cadet)

Lovely, But Dangerous  performed by Bruno Nicolai  196?
Composed by Nicolai

A song that lives up to it's name. On the surface, a very easy-going trumpet, harpsichord and xylophone flutter about over a very tense rythm that hints as something sinister. An excellent use of contrasting elements to set a particular filmic mood.

from Agente Speciale LK, available on CD ()

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