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Ears  performed by Cinerama  1998
Composed by David Gedge

The first line says it all: "I've gone as far/as I can go with this crap". A classically lush pop tale of infidelity. This bitter duet featuring Emma Pollock of the Delgados has a brooding feel reminiscent of great orchestral pop of the past, especially that of Barry and Bacharach.

from Va Va Voom, available on CD (SpinART)

  11 May 01 ·delicado: I was a huge 'Wedding Present' fan, so I really should check this out, thanks.
  11 May 01 ·tinks: absolutely, cinerama's first album is excellent. quite a bit different from the wedding present, but very good in it's own way.
Ain't There Something Money Can't Buy  performed by Young-Holt Unlimited  1968
Composed by Isaac Holt

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. Very cool soul-jazz, with vicious, biting lyrics. "Money can buy you silk and sable/false religion/fame and fable". Young and Holt even manage to get a dig in at their former boss Ramsey Lewis by mockingly quoting from his big hit "Wade in the Water".

from Soulful Strut (Brunswick)
available on CD - Wack Wack (Kent)

  22 Jun 05 ·sok186: and here I thought I was alone, excellent pick
Curso Intensivo De Boas Maneiras  performed by Tom Zé  1968
Composed by

You've got to love a guy who has a song on his first album that translates as "Catechism, Toothpaste and You". From that same LP, here's a great off-kilter tropicalia with a heavy baroque-pop influence and really odd instrumentation, featuring fuzz guitar, organ and trumpet in a very nice way.

from Tom Zé, available on CD ()

Iron City  performed by Grant Green  1967
Composed by Green

There is a significant amount of groove present in this, Green's paean to his adopted hometown of Pittsburgh. Green's guitar playing is absolutely sublime in this trio arrangement featuring the incredible Big John Patton on Hammond and Ben Dixon on drums. Green takes the lead throughout the song, and Patton provides some inspired, laid-back organ playing with a few terrific vamps thrown in and Dixon lays down a perfect rhythmic counterpoint to it all. One of those tracks that you just can't help but to bop your head to.

from Iron City, available on CD (Muse)

Pale Blue Eyes  performed by the Velvet Underground  1969
Composed by Lou Reed

I know it's a pretty obvious choice, but this song from the Velvets' third album just gets me every time. When Lou Reed sings "I thought of you as my mountaintop/I thought of you as my peak", as ridiculous as it sounds, I can totally relate. I'm continually in awe of the beauty and tenderness this song. "The fact that you are married/only proves that you're my best friend/but it's truly truly a sin."

from The Velvet Underground, available on CD (Verve)

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