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A minha menina  performed by Os Mutantes  1969
Recommended by DJ Markinho [profile]

This Samba Rock tune is written by Jorge Ben. He is really one of the under estimated musicians in the West. Probably because the fact that all of his songs are in Portuguese. He has made and written such good music and was on the footing of Samba Rock, Tropicalia and MPB. Right now one of his songs is a big hit again by Sergio Mendes "Más que nada". This track "a minha menina" will drive you wild because of the fuzz guitar, percussion and again: handclapping. That's also why I like this version by Os Mutantes better then the original by Jorge Ben.

Curso Intensivo De Boas Maneiras  performed by Tom Zé  1968
Recommended by tinks [profile]

You've got to love a guy who has a song on his first album that translates as "Catechism, Toothpaste and You". From that same LP, here's a great off-kilter tropicalia with a heavy baroque-pop influence and really odd instrumentation, featuring fuzz guitar, organ and trumpet in a very nice way.

from Tom Zé, available on CD ()

England 2 Columbia 0  performed by Kirsty MacColl  2000
Recommended by komodo [profile]

A superb tale of wronged love and wounded pride performed with a mighty swagger, drenched in latin rhythms and horns, but with that bittersweet humour and English setting that have been hallmark's of Kirsty's whole career.

There are so many songs from Kirsty that I love in so many musical styles, but the "Tropical Brainstorm" album is really the best thing she ever did. She has absorbed the influences from her travels in Latin America, but the album is no pastiche, it is pure MacColl. Whilst occasionally missing its mark, it has so many fine, joyful and wryly funny moments, and, to me, all the signs of an artist entering a new, fiercely creative and joyful stage of her career.

Sadly we will never know where Kirsty's musical journey would have taken her.

from Tropical Brainstorm, available on CD

God Only Knows  performed by Beach Boys  1979
Recommended by ajhorse21 [profile]

Tropical, like most of the Beach Boys' songs. Really sweet and calming- the harmonies sound great.

available on CD - Love Actually Soundtrack

Internationa Jet Set  performed by The Specials  1980
Recommended by geezer [profile]

A weird and unsettling piece of lounge music ,nightmarish backing vocals and jazz like vibes set the tone ,with a bontempi like beat pushing the track into shark infested waters and tropical scariness .A brief but perfect vocal passage from the sardonic Terry Hall sends this track in to the realm of sublime brilliance .

from More Specials, available on CD

Jogging Gorgeous Summer  performed by Islands
Recommended by snowmiser [profile]

Song with a definitively caribbean beat, with great, simple lyrics. The Unicorns may be dead, but Islands picks up right where they left off.

from Return to the Sea

Jungle Montuno  performed by Les Baxter  1970
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A really nice gently tropical instrumental with strings and a rock (drums/guitars) backing. I seem to be in a minority in adoring Les's 'Que Mango' album (which apparently was originally sold only in supermarkets at $1.99). I actually listen to this album as much as I listen to his classic exotic jazz LPs from the late 50s. It contains lots of great, shimmering, groovy tracks, such as 'boca chica', and the superb 'tropicando', which you can now hear almost everywhere (via a TV ad, and the aptly named 'Thievery Corporation'). Record geek part: on the vinyl version of this I have, the track 'Jungle Montuno' is shorter and sweeter - it begins one minute into the CD version of the track. I'm just mentioning this because the first minute seems to me to be inferior, and from a different song.

from Que Mango!, available on CD

La Princesa y El Soldado  performed by Carlos Vives  2004
Recommended by Betto_Colombia [profile]

What can I say. You are not going to find a colombian who doesn't like Vives. He just took folk vallenato music and made it rock!! This tropical sounds of thumbs, pipes and acordion mixed with some rock are brilliant. This is really "The Rock of My Town". Ay hombeeeeeeee!! From Vives I would reccomend every single song, but this one is very special cause he dedicated it to his daughter and son. The lyrics is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

P.S. Now a little of General Culture: It's Colombia, not Columbia!!

available on CD - El Rock de Mi Pueblo

Laissez Faire  performed by Gichy Dan  1979
Recommended by PappaWheelie [profile]

An August Darnell penned song that rivals much of the prestigious 'Dr. Buzzard' catalog. Smooth, tropical, moderate-tempo late 70's Cosmopolitan-Disco tune with wordly lyrics...and Lordes Cotto on vocals!

from Gichy Dan's Beachwood #9 (RCA)

Lost In The Paradise  performed by Gal Costa  1969
Recommended by Mr Steal [profile]

From one of the key Tropicalia albums, a typically genius Veloso composition, with a jazzy but vaguely psychedelic feel, sung in gorgeously beguiling style (and in English!) by Gal. Actually, this whole LP is essential. (note: in London there seem to be a lot of vinyl pressings � of dubious legality � of vintage Brazilian LPs around at the moment. Sound quality is sometimes iffy, but most of this stuff is hard to find on CD).

from Gal Costa (Philips R765.068L)

  delicado: a fantastic recording; thanks for drawing my attention to it. Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66 do a great version on their 1970 'Stillness' album as well.
Mowgli  performed by Nino Nardini & Roger Roger  1971
Recommended by delicado [profile]

An unusual sounding piece from a recently reissued Library LP, the overall sound here reminds me of the lush tropical easy listening/rock hybrid which Les Baxter achieves on his superb 'Que Mango' LP from 1970. However, on this track the strings and guitar sound very slightly out of tune in a way which our man Les would never have tolerated. Still, it’s a very pleasant sound, which takes some unexpected turns (e.g. the wild guitar solo in the middle).

from Jungle Obsession, available on CD

Pega a voga, Cabeludo  performed by Gilberto Gil
Recommended by moondog [profile]

Of all the tropicalias Gil is my main man. I find Caetano Veloso a bit boring and Mutantes enjoyable in small doses but a bit irritating. The incredibly infectous Pega a voga, Cabeludo is taken from Gils 68 album and puts a smile on my face every time i hear it.

from Gilberto Gil
available on CD - Gilberto Gil (68)

Que Pena  performed by Gal Costa  1969
Recommended by PappaWheelie [profile]

Incredible Bossa Nova inspired Tropicalia duet with Caetano Veloso. Drenched in strings & flute, everything follows the enthusiastic guitar!

from Gal Costa [Mercury #1] (Mercury)

  delicado: A superb track. I think I've neglected Gal Costa so far.
  PappaWheelie: I was blown away when I heard this song too. I had heard other Gal songs prior to this, but it was 'Que Pena' that sealed the deal for me to become a fan of hers. Let me know if I'm recommending too many songs; I'm having a really good time here :-D
  brasilnut: Jorge Ben composed this song. The non-stop guitar is typical of his early style. A little clip from'allbrazilian music' about him.(great site) I can't praise him enough. 'Jorge Ben Jor�s music holds a unique role in the Brazilian scene, due to the merging of new elements in his swinging mix and to the way he plays the guitar, revealing his appreciation of soul music and north-American funk, yet incorporating the influence of African and Arabian music, legacy of his Ethiopian mother'
Roda  performed by Gilberto Gil  1967
Recommended by PappaWheelie [profile]

Post Bossa-Nova, Pre-Tropicalia, Brasilian Samba at it's finest!

from Louva��o (PHILLIPS)
available on CD - Canta Brasil: Great Brazilian Songbook, # 1 (Verve)

Si Manda  performed by Jorge Ben  1967
Recommended by DJ Markinho [profile]

This song is on one of Jorge Bens best records: O Bidu (Silencio No Brooklin) from 1967. This Brooklin is a district in the city of São Paulo, not New Yorks neighbourhood. In this period of his career Jorge Ben had moved from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo. He was the first to use the electric guitar in samba. His previous records were all recorded with a acoustic guitar and had a more classical Bossa Nova and Samba sound. "Si manda" is a great up-tempo Samba Rock track with a powerful beat and electric rhythm guitar. This record and this song in particluar must have had a big influence on the Tropicalia movement and a band like Os Mutantes.

from O Bidu (Silencio No Brooklin)

The Moon and the Stars  performed by Mr. Wright  1998
Recommended by secularus [profile]

I was immediately captivated by the tropical beat that begins this 6 minute tune. The track simultaneously induces a melancholic yet inspired feeling. Kevin Wright's delicate voice, like many fine things in life, is an aquired taste. His mournful voice tells of ethereal objects"the moon..the stars..the milky way.."and his longing to be with the one he "holds dear."

from Star Time, available on CD

The Weather is Here, I Wish You Were Beautiful  performed by Jimmy Buffet
Recommended by Reina [profile]

Jimmy Buffet...need I say more? But I will. Jimmy Buffet is hilarious...and listening to his music always makes me feel like I'm laying on some tropical island drinking pina coladas. This song is no exception.

"The beer is too cold, the daquiri's too fruitiful..."

things we said today  performed by sandpipers  196x
Recommended by olli [profile]

i'm really starting to get into the sandpipers nowadays because of their amazingly clear, fluid sound. great 60s vocal pop song, this. flute, soft strings and some sweet understated harpsichord (or some electronic instrument) playing in the background. the bassline and percussion gives it a slight italian 60's soundtrack vibe. i love how it seems to constantly change its mood, epecially when it returns to form after the first flute part. there's even a bit in there that sounds like syd barret...

Trejeitos  performed by Jun Miyake  2001
Recommended by stakadush [profile]

Beautiful bossa nova by the Japanese artist.
The whole album is sweet guitar & piano bossa nova.

from Innocent Bossa In The Mirror (Tropical Music tm068823)

Tropical London  performed by Rancid
Recommended by inbloom44 [profile]

Rough but with fragile edges.You can just feel the emotion and longing.

Tuareg  performed by Gal Costa  1969
Recommended by DJ Markinho [profile]

Singer Gal Costa was born in Salvador (Bahia state). Together with other musicians from Bahia: Caetano Veloso, his sister Maria Bethânia, Gilberto Gil and Tom Zé, she moved to São Paulo in 1964. There she bacame one of the most important members of de Tropicalia movement. I consider �Tuareg� as her best song.

Pois ele é sentimental
Humano, é nobre é mouro
È muçulmano
Pois ele é guerreiro
Ele é bandoleiro
Ele é justiceiro
Ele é mandingueiro
Ele é um tuareg

�Tuareg� is from an era in which the attitude towards Muslims was a lot more positive then these days. The song is written by Jorge Ben and a fruitful mixture between Brazilian and Arabic music. I love the sound of the ud (the classical Arabic lute) and ghaita (or oboe: a double reed instrument) which Ben put together with an organ, a bass and a groovy rhythm. The song reminds me of Yusef Lateefs version of �Brazil�, Ary Barbosa�s hit. This jazz musician was also exploring and fusing musical cultures, and often used instruments of the Eastern world.

Underwater Love   performed by Smoke City  1997
Recommended by geezer [profile]

Possibly the most peculiar song to ever hit the top 5,surreal in the extreme but oh ,so beautiful,like a little piece of music from every corner of the globe distilled through a trip hop filter,it has the funk foundations of acid jazz ,the majesty of the samba and the exotic mystery of Asia .Part spoken,oddly sung and complimented by an incessant tropical ambience thats hard to pin down.A real pearl from an oyster as suggested by the songs sublime watery brilliance .Initially used to sell L--I jeans ,a perfect example of why beauty and commerce should never be in the same room .

from Flying Away
available on CD - Flying Awaay

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