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A Song For You  performed by Ray Charles  1993
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

Ray Charles makes any song that he sings his own. This song is certainly no exception. I've heard several versions over the years but none of them can compare to Mr. Charles'. Sitting at the piano and backed by an orchestra, Ray sings this song with an intimate feeling that nobody can match! The boxset that Rhino put out in 1997 is a great compilation that features tracks from several labels that Ray Charles has recorded for over the years and is worth every penny!!!

from My World (Warner Bros 26735)
available on CD - Ray Charles: Genius and Soul (Box Set) (Rhino 72859)

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough  performed by Diana Ross  1970
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

Proving once and for all that she could carry herself as a solo artist and sing a dramatic love song, Ms. Ross slowed down the tempo and sank her emotions into this wonderful tale of unending love and devotion. The original full-length version clocks in at 6:16 but was brutally chopped down to around 3:30 for radio airplay and some of the song's most intimate words are removed. Sadly, the shorter version was featured on her box set a few years back. (what were they thinking???!!!) Get your hands on the 6 minute version and enjoy a true classic american song by a great american artist!

from Diana Ross (Motown), available on CD (Motown)

  Mister C: I agree with you, the full length version of this is wonderful, as is her full length version of Reach Out I'll Be There recorded in 1971.
Alone Again Or  performed by Love  1967
Recommended by sinister [profile]

the words "i could be in love with almost every one/ and i will be alone again tonight with you" are sung in a very intimate high-register, backed by glorious acoustic guitar plucking and horn bursts. two minutes in, the song erupts into an extended horn solo! probably the most perfectly orchestrated pop song.

from Forever Changes, available on CD

  plasticsun: I agree - unfortunately so did Miller beer, which used the horn part in a commericial aimed at the "Cinco de mayo" crowd. Still an incredible song.
Any Girl Can Make Me Smile  performed by ANT  2002
Recommended by kkkerplunkkk [profile]

A beautiful, soft, sad, fragile piece about a couple breaking up and bursting into tears as they do. Incredible for its intimate feel and sparse instrumentation (voice, organ, harmonica, egg shaker) chilling lyrics 'you close your eyes but there's no paradise, you count the cost of all we've lost and all we've wasted'. It hits the nail bang on the head! Love it to bits.

from A Long Way To Blow A Kiss, available on CD (Fortune and Glory)

Face Of Yesterday  performed by Illusion  1977
Recommended by john_l [profile]

This is a slow, sultry, intimate piano-led song that makes a remarkable contrast to the frosty "Isadora" (q.v.) off the same LP, despite both songs having basically the same acoustic guitar / bass / drums / piano / vocals lineup. The difference between this kind of soft-rock and, say, the Carpenters, is that the latter were schmaltzy beyond endurance while Illusion provided the genuine article ...

"Face Of Yesterday" was recorded earlier by Renaissance on their "Illusion" LP, which gave its name to this group, which was actually mostly the same Renaissance lineup (with Jane Relf and Jim McCarty) before the Camp / Dunford / Thatcher group took over Renaissance. I know, I know, you can't follow the players without a scorecard in this case ...

from Out Of The Mist, available on CD ()

If You Go Away  performed by Dusty Springfield  1967
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

Dusty's intimate reading of this song is pin point perfect (no surprise!). Starting out in low quiet tones, the song crescendos as she promises anything to make her love stay with her for just a few minutes more. Heartbreakingly beautiful!!

from The Look Of Love (Philips PHS 600 256)
available on CD - The Dusty Springfield Anthology (Box Set) (Mercury 314 553 501)

Just A Touch Away  performed by Echo & The Bunnymen  1997
Recommended by dsalmones [profile]

This song was to be a key moment in the reformation of Echo & the Bunnymen. Ian McCulloch originally wrote "Just a Touch Away" back in the mid-Nineties, in the midst of the Electrafixion era, but felt it inappropriate for that band. Over time, the singer found himself shelving more and more songs, as it became ever more evident that Electrafixion's days were numbered. Eventually McCulloch played a demo of the song for Will Sergeant, who was decidedly impressed; soon after, the pair turned out the lights on Elektrafixion, re-united with Les Pattison, reformed Echo & the Bunnymen, and began work on their new album, 1997's Evergreen. "Just a Touch Away" would take pride of place within, its evocative atmospheres and haunting lyrics creating an eloquent showcase of the band's new styles and sounds. Today, the song is Sergeant's favorite track from the set, proving McCulloch was right to have so much faith in it all along.

from Evergreen, available on CD

Love Is a Necessary Evil  performed by Blossom Dearie  1964
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

I cannot say enough good things about Blossom Dearie! She is truly one of those performers that everyone should have in their collection. This song is perfect for her singing style and she runs with it. You can almost envision her throwing her arms up in resignation to the fact that love is a pain but none of us can live without it.
This track is pulled from Blossom's only album for Capital Records. She is backed by an orchestra rather than the usual small jazz combo which better suits her intimate style, but she shines nonetheless.

from May I Come In, available on CD

  OrganLeroy: I love this Blossom Dearie album. While small combos normally backed her up, Jack Marshall really made the orchestra work, very sensitive, and subdued to not cramp her style...... I have been looking for charts/sheet music for this tune for my combo to use, NO LUCK so far..... If anyone has a lead on it, I'd REALLY appreciate. THANKS
me japanese boy  performed by Pizzicato Five  1996
Recommended by king8egg [profile]

pizzicato five have recorded several versions of this bacharach composition in both japanese and english. i like all of them but prefer this version from great white wonder. i believe it comes from a rehearsal. this version has a more traditional or lounge feel. almost as if you were in a club witnessing the rehearsal for yourself. because of this it also feels more intimate and carries a greater emotional impact than some of the other versions.

from great white wonder, available on CD

  delicado: I enjoy this song very much as well, although I think I've only heard P5's more dancey versions. I would recommend an obscure version by 'The Young Generation', a group of English children recording in the early 70s.
  tinks: the only version of this i know is the one on the "five by five" ep, which i believe is earlier? great song nonetheless.
  delicado: I just found out that my 'Young Generation' LP containing this song is a notorious ebay rarity, selling for around $100. Damn - I gave the record away to a thrift store after taping the songs I liked...!
Melody  performed by Serge Gainsbourg  1971
Recommended by eurotrashkit [profile]

Melody Nelson is probably one of the best serge gainsbourg albums.
he mumbles and sings about the fictional character Melody Nelson, a young red haired teenager.
the opening track 'Melody' would've almost been enough to fill an entire album with: it's full of bass, violins and soft drums but it never comes across as being over the top.
and that's what this album is: perfectly produced, orchestrated and beautiful...
beautiful, yet quietly disturbing.
"melody nelson" is a defining french album.

well, that's what i think anyway : )

from Melody Nelson, available on CD

  robert[o]: One of the BEST LPs ever, period, end of sentence! Also - a great lost piece of the UK glam rock jigsaw, I think. Listen to this record, then listen to Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust" or "Aladdin Sane", Roxy Music's "Stranded" or "For Your Pleasure", even "The Slider" or "Tanx" by T. Rex. Serge's fingerprints are all over those records.
Obstacle #1  performed by Interpol  2002
Recommended by umbrellasfollowrain [profile]

It's manic. Snapped wires. Screaming at the boxcars as they go by. Kid listened to too many Joy Division records in high school and not only did he pick up an attraction to crazy, but he learned how to freak out to that crazy in melody as well. And freak out he does. But he'll tell you why he's freaking out, he'll make you feel it too. And turns out, he has good reason to freak out. Dude's in deep with a bad chick who's, well, she's pretty bad. He waits until the chorus before shrieking for help, "She can't read!" There are those intimate little details that make you realize he's caught in this relationship, he's in love, he loves crazy, he's not getting out any time soon. "It's in the way she pulls it." and the amazing line, "Her stories are boring and stuff /she's always calling my bluff." Sears my frickin' heart.

  executiveslacks: I wanted to hate Interpol, but simply couldn't after hearing this song.
Ocean Drive  performed by Daryll-Ann  1996
Recommended by Herr V [profile]

Slow and intimate song, heavenly melodies and what I think is a perfect harmony. One of the songs on the "Weeps" album from the shamefully underrated band Daryll-Ann. Just about anything from this band is great stuff, obvious references to the Byrds and other sixties' jangle-pop, but strong enough to survive.

from Weeps (Excelsior 136.6002.29)

She Paints  performed by MadreOceano  2004
Recommended by esteban [profile]

Personnal Lyrics. Acoustic Guitars and chelo.
intimate sound.

from Eleven Songs Written and Recorded on the bathtub (selfrealeased)
available on CD - Eleven Songs written and Recorded on the Bathtub (selfrealased /only mail order)

So Far Away  performed by Carole King  1971
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

Taken from the little album that came out of nowhere and brought Ms. King the recognition that she deserved, this is my favorite track. The simple setting and instrumental arrangement provide an intimate setting that allows the words to sweep over you. My friend's mother wore out two copies of this LP before the age of CD arrived. James Taylor plays acoustic guitar on this track as well as several others and went on to record his own version of "you've got a friend" which also appears on this classic album.

from Tapestry, available on CD

The Shadow Of Your Smile (live)  performed by Blossom Dearie  1966
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

Another great performance by the woman I am in constant awe of. The great people at Fontana saw fit to record one of her live shows at the legendary London jazz club, Ronnie Scott's and it's truly a great thing because Blossom is in perfect form and truly pours her heart and soul into her set. The audience sits in reverant silence during this track and witnesses the great Ms. Dearie's intimate recital of this great song right up until the last word is sung and they can no longer contain their need to applaud and cheer. Much to my dismay, this is just about the only recording that is currently available from her years with Fontana in the UK, and the others remain hard to find if not completely out of reach.

from Blossom Time At Ronnie Scott's, available on CD

Typing Pool  performed by Pam and the Paper Clips  1980
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

Who? It's a question I've been asking since I got this 45 as a birthday gift.

A bored admin assistant - "nobody cares for you when you're stuck in the typing pool" - bemoans her position in a squeaky voice. Our narrator intimately knows the concerns of every office worker - "Ere, gotta take a break, it's only twelve o'clock and I'm starving!". Belongs stylistically with Tracey Ullman's first album.

Purveyors of useless facts may wish to know that this was co-written by Nigel Planer, star of the 80's British sitcom The Young Ones.

from the single Typing Pool (EMI EMI 5015)

We All Fall In Love Sometimes  performed by Jeff Buckley  199?
Recommended by cdarville [profile]

This song is circulating on Limewire and is incomplete in any version that is downloaded, but is still incredibly representative of what was lost when Jeff Buckley died.

Mr. Buckley had a knack for a great cover song and wasn't afraid of the schmaltzy stuff, either. Jeff's version was performed solo with guitar as a live-on-air track in the mid-90s and includes a long jam-y intro with commentary. It's one of his most perfect performances, in my opinion. What a shame that it has not been released officially.

from bootleg

  hollygo13: I actually have the complete recording, I have to agree with you I think it's fantastic and it's swiftly becoming my favorite bootleg of his (of so many that carry his legacy). I believe it was recorded in 1992, but I'm not certain.
  cdarville: Hey hollygo13, I'd really like to arrange, if at all possible, to get a copy of your complete bootleg. Please email me at [email protected] if you'd like to help me out.

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