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Diamond Bossa Nova  performed by Francesco De Masi  1967
Recommended by PappaWheelie [profile]

Italian film score Bossa Nova featuring lyric-less female vocal.

from The "Troppo per Vivere, Poco per Morire" soundtrack (Edizioni Beat Records/REIA)
available on CD - Easy Tempo (Eighteenth Street Lounge)

The smell of incense  performed by West Coast Pop Art Experimental band  1967
Recommended by n-jeff [profile]

I love the WCPAEB, they really seem to encapsulate Psychedelia perfectly. Light, blurred and dreamy. And unlike many of their contemporaries seem completely untouched by Garage authenticity. Not that theres anything wrong with garage punk per se, but it means that theres none of blundering of 'talk about girls' to fray those tinted moods.

Oh, it has loud guitars and harmonies right enough, but the whole thing is pitched just right to lift the dregs of any mood enhancers you may have floating around in your bloodstream and send them spinning into your brain.

from Volume 2 (reprise), available on CD

  01 Sep 02 ·john_l: I hadn't realized it was a WCPAEB original. I've only heard the version by Southwest FOB, which was pleasant enough.
I Close My Eyes  performed by Bee Gees  1967
Recommended by tinks [profile]

It's a sad fact that the Bee Gees are a group primarily remembered for only one thing. If this were a perfect world, people would realize what an jaw-droppingly amazing group they once were. To me, their first LP is an orchestral psychedelic pop masterpiece easily the equal of the Kinks' "Village Green" or Billy Nicholls' "Would You Believe", and also just about as close at Britain ever got to replicating "Pet Sounds". On this track, listen for the insane rubber-band bassline, the staccato organ fills, the odd timbre of the voices or the occassional flute bit. It's a song bursting with an enthusiam the likes of which people only had during the middle 60s.

from Bee Gees' 1st (Atco D33-233), available on CD (Atlantic)

  22 Dec 04 ·ronin: Ah, 1967. "NY Mining Disaster 1941" is a major hit in Boston. And Bee Gees 1st, complete w/cover art by Klaus Voorman, was the 1st lp I ever bought. If only the Bee Gees had kept singing like this instead of the whole falsetto/disco bit! "Odd timbre of voices" indeed! Robin (we always assumed) had his top teeth hanging out when he did this one. His vocal versatility is amazing. "Craise Finton Kirk," with its simple piano accompaniment, is a standout from this lp., too.
Meet Me At The Love-In  performed by Love Generation  1967
Recommended by masayo [profile]

Everytime I listen to their songs, I feel something pressing on my chest. Ahh, I can't express my feeling very well... The boys and girls mixed choirs on fantastic melodies always make me happy. I love " Meet Me At The Love In" so much, especially whisper on their choirs, horn on the bridge, etc. They were actually a follower of The Mamas & The Papas but their tunes are more cheerful and energetic!

from The Love Generation (Imperial 12351)

Rumors  performed by Eternity’s Children  1967
Recommended by masayo [profile]

So surprised that the composer, Mr. Bruce Blackman wrote a comment on Mrs. Bluebird's recommendation of this site! And this song "Rumor" ,their first single, was also written by him and Keith Olsen. Beautifully pop melody, intertwined harmony and good sense of guitar arrangement...It's like a comfortable summer breeze. Though I do love "The Other Side of Me", "I Wanna Be With You" and "Mrs. Bluebird" as well, this is the best track in me.

from Single only (A&M 866)
available on CD - The Melody Goes On #Soft Rock Vol.2 (M&M MMCD-1013)

  16 Jun 02 ·Ron1967-1970: this song was on one of the two LP's
  07 Sep 02 ·deltadoodah: yea, bruce was there in the very beginning, but he was not there when we recorded the second lp or the last single we recorded in tyler, texas with robin hood bryant. he wrote NO songs on the "timeless" album and you HAVE NOT heard the TRUE story about "eternity's children." I thank you for your time...but I am not impressed by what Mr. Blackmon is writing. If you would like the REAL story, please let me, Roy Whitaker, Linda Lawley or Mike McClain hear from you. Thanks a lot and keep on rockin'. Charlie Ross
  08 Sep 02 ·masayo: wow.... are you Mr. Charlie Ross??? I'd really like to hear the REAL story!! Actually I can't get just a little information about Eternity's Children while it's my favorite group...
  06 Jan 07 ·trainman5561: charlie, hope you remember me.Iworked with you as your road man in 66.I've often wondered where you and johnny walker went to. I'm still in B'ham Al. If you remember me send a phone no.I can reach you at.Would like to ask some questions about old times and friends.Those were good times in my life. Your old friend Jimmy [email protected]
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