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Aren't You Glad  performed by The Beach Boys  1967
Recommended by tinks [profile]

This song has a very tender vocal, which I believe is by either Carl or Dennis, a super-cool reverb-laden piano and sweet handclaps that cue up organ and trumpets. As fully-realized a piece as anything on "Pet Sounds".

from Wild Honey (Capitol)
available on CD - Wild Honey/Smiley Smile (Capitol)

  06 Dec 05 ·Swinging London: I LOVE this song. From my favourite (under-rated) Beach Boys album, 'Wild Honey' (1967) There's also a live version available on a Beach Boys 'Live' album, which I believe was recorded in London in 1968...they fluff the lyrics, which, actually, adds to the charm. Anyway, thank you for reminding me of this little gem.
Music to Watch Girls By  performed by Horst Jankowski  1967
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Great cut with angular piano and brushed drums. Bongos provide an excellent percussive counterpoint on the breakdowns. A very well-crafted version of the Sid Ramin lounge classic.

from With Love (Mercury)

Angelica  performed by Scott Walker  1967
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A quintessential Scott track, recorded when he was at peak of his abilities. There doesn't seem to be much middle ground over Scott Walker - people seem to either love him or hate him. I don't really understand how anyone could not be charmed by Scott - sure, he's a crooner and the music backing him is often lush and is rarely 'hip'. But the voice! The words! I've never been really big on either vocalists or lyrics, but these really, really get to me. Angelica's verse is dark and melancholic, and the words speak of regret over a neglected lover. The chorus explodes with emotion, and at this point you should be able to figure out one way or the other whether you love Scott or not. n.b. I always thought this song was composed by Scott, but I was mistaken. As well as being a great songwriter, he had superb taste in other material.

from Scott, available on CD (Fontana)

Made in France  performed by France Gall  1967
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Is it just me, or do the French really have an inferiority complex? Terrifically silly French girlie-pop with great '60s lyrics comparing all the things that are "Made in England" (Mary Quant, the Salvation Army) with all the things that are "Made in France (not made in England)" (Camembert, Charles Aznavour).

from 1968, available on CD (Polygram)

  09 Feb 04 ·unathanthium: Yes indeed.Fabulous song.Still waiting for St.Etienne to do Made in England,an answer to this sixties gem,but let's face it we haven't much to crow about in England.Tony Blair,Margaret Thatcher,The Dome,J.K.Rowling.I think you get my point.
Iron City  performed by Grant Green  1967
Recommended by tinks [profile]

There is a significant amount of groove present in this, Green's paean to his adopted hometown of Pittsburgh. Green's guitar playing is absolutely sublime in this trio arrangement featuring the incredible Big John Patton on Hammond and Ben Dixon on drums. Green takes the lead throughout the song, and Patton provides some inspired, laid-back organ playing with a few terrific vamps thrown in and Dixon lays down a perfect rhythmic counterpoint to it all. One of those tracks that you just can't help but to bop your head to.

from Iron City, available on CD (32 Jazz)

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