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Trzeba Wracać  performed by Novi Singers  1967
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Listening again to a compilation I made almost four years ago, I heard this magical track, which really had a big effect on me. It's probably not for everyone. Meandering and rather wistful, it's not at all funky like some of their later work, but I find it utterly compelling.

As you might have heard, Novi Singers were an incredibly talented quartet of vocal singers recording in Poland in the late 60s and 70s. They did several amazing records. This is taken from what I think was their first, Bossa Nova. But rather than renderings of songs like 'One note samba' and 'Desafinado', the album consists of a delightful and varied collection of originals in a related mood. The result is like bossa nova from a parallel, slightly more melancholic universe.

The accompaniment is a slow, gentle bossa played by a small jazz group, with some rich strings dropping in and out, and the vocals (all wordless/scat) take centre stage. The chord sequence is staggeringly beautiful, and at times the vocalists take slightly extravagant scat solos.

It sounds strange to say it, but this is really one of those tracks that seems to tell an enormous, emotional story, in spite of the fact that it doesn't contain one word! It would make a fantastic soundtrack to a silent movie.

from Bossa Nova (Polskie Nagrania)
available on CD - Bossa Nova/Torpedo (Polskie Nagrania)

  22 May 07 ·delicado: just to reiterate, this IS the best song ever!
The French Girl  performed by Gene Clark  1967
Recommended by alba [profile]

from Echoes

Waterloo Sunset  performed by The Kinks  1967
Recommended by shakeahand [profile]

For me, simply the most perfect, most luscious piece of pop of its era. I just have to hear the opening downward guitar riff and I'm wrapped up in every note of the song, virtually holding my breath until the premature fade. Wow!

from Something Else (Pye)

  07 Feb 05 ·stupidwall: village green is one of my favorite albums of all time
  07 Feb 05 ·bonzoboots: ray davies rarely put a foot wrong in that golden era : 66/68, and the three lps from then are filled with perfect gems- "lazy old sun", "rainy day in june", "animal farm" to name just three...but it could have been another three!
  19 Mar 06 ·b. toklas: There is one more album which was recorded between "The village green ..." and "Arthur" but not released before 1973, I think on Reprise, called "The great lost Kinks album". To say it´s even better than those officially released in the Sixties may be a little annoying, but ... well, give it a try! Anyway´: the Kinks are the Kinks are the Kinks.
I saw her  performed by The Charlatans (60s)  1967
Recommended by Mirko [profile]

This song was also covered by Flamin'Groovies.It's a wonderfull ballad, very nostalgic.It's some kind of an old popular folk tune which was taken by the Charlatans but I don't know on which album.

from Live album
available on CD - yes

The wind blows her hair  performed by The Seeds  1967
Recommended by Mirko [profile]

One of my all time favourites.This is garage psychedelia at its best.It has a haunted manor feeling with the organ sound (Darryl)which is just hypnotising.The lyrics are also perfect.One of those mistery songs which were blasters but did not make it for some reason.

from Web of Sound

  12 Mar 05 ·stupidwall: i like mr farmer alot better
  13 Mar 05 ·olli: can't seem to make you mine is pretty good, too.
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