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Stars  performed by Tatu  2002
Recommended by Mike [profile]

There are some disposable pop records that have certain things going for them which lift them above the norm and confer a kind of appeal which, though often temporary in nature, shines through in spite of their annoynances.

So it is with this one, which has a chord sequence that repeats over and over on the synth, and a rather annoying melody/rap sequence. It's also rather rhythmically unimaginative, and most western listeners will find that the Russian folk instrument (don't know what it is) will grate mercilessly. And if that wasn't enough, it ends unforgivably unmusically when an electronic beep simply cuts in suddenly.

However, because I am a such a sucker for this kind of minor key chordal writing, particularly when synths are involved, I enjoy the record, which at least does lack the merciless rhythmic hammering effect of their hit single "All the things she said".

from 200 km/h in the wrong lane, available on CD (Interscope)

  06 Mar 05 ·olli: now that's a careful, careful recommendation:)
  07 Mar 05 ·Mike: Hmm, yes. I'm a very careful kind of guy!!!!
  07 Mar 05 ·Mike: And I think you'd be a lot more concerned if you'd seen a less than careful recommendation for this one!
  07 Mar 05 ·olli: hmm, yes. true.
In the Evening  performed by Led Zeppelin  197?
Recommended by NIRVANA [profile]

This song's surely a familiar tune to many

from Latter Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin

  28 Mar 05 ·NIRVANA: best I mean
  28 Mar 05 ·Mike: Led Zep with synths - whatever next?! Actually it is pretty good, I agree...
Little Wing  performed by Jimi Hendrix
Recommended by chris kane [profile]

It's a shame that Hendrix is remembered for playing with his teeth when he also wrote this.

  19 Aug 03 ·n-jeff: I played this at a wedding reception not so long ago. Fabulous song. The brides request.
  28 Mar 05 ·NIRVANA: unbelievable song... first time I heard it it was so beautiful I was nearly in tears. This song should be shown to those who think of Jimi as a pure drug head with in your face music
  28 Mar 05 ·Mike: It is very, very good, one of his best numbers. Covered in recent years by Sting and the Corrs, amongst others...
Getting Away With It  performed by Electronic  1989
Recommended by eftimihn [profile]

The amount of 80s talent was really incredible on Electronic's debut single: Bernard Sumner (New Order) doing vocals and synths, Johnny Marr (Ex-The Smiths) on guitar (pulling off a wonderful solo in the middle of the song), Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys) providing background vocals and Anne Dudley (Art Of Noise, arranger on ABC's legendary "Lexicon Of Love") orchestrated a wonderfully lush string arrangement. The outcome is a fluffy, elegant, slightly melancholic and almost timeless piece of british pop music (except for that dated, rather bland sounding electric piano).

from Getting Away With It (Single), available on CD

  16 Mar 05 ·delicado: odd - I was thinking about this song just yesterday. The B-side, 'lucky bag', was also quite good as I recall.
  28 Mar 05 ·Mike: Electronic could be very good indeed when they started out and I'm a big fan of a number of their songs from this period. Tennant and Marr went on to work together on the last PSB album, but I'd like to hear more collaborative work from Tennant and Sumner.
Baby It’s True  performed by Mari Wilson  1983
Recommended by OneCharmingBastard [profile]

Tony Mansfield (New Musik) produced mock-soul from the best beehive in the biz next to Kate & Cindy; from the spoken intro, to the soaring brass and strings, it is the blend of Bacharach and Motown that should've translated into a much bigger hit than it did.

from Showpeople (London)

  14 Jan 05 ·n-jeff: It was quite a hit in the UK if I recall correctly. This post has just filled my head with Images. Neasdon, the mentioned Beehives, spangly mini dresses, Tony mansfields mid 70's pop show on TV. Did Tony Mansfield really look like Pete Waterman, as my memory insists?
  28 Mar 05 ·Mike: Tony Mansfield was/is a musical genius, as noted elsewhere in my recommenations. Not quite sure how he could have had a pop show on tv in the mid 70s, though...The big hit he had with Mari Wilson was "Just what I've always wanted". He looked a bit geeky...did Pete Waterman copy his look? I don't know...
  15 Apr 05 ·rsfinla: Actually Tony Mansfield did not produce Baby It's True. I believe it was Tot Taylor that gave this song the big sound it deserved.
  07 Dec 05 ·n-jeff: I've just remembered it was Mike Mansfield that had the TV show. It ws fun all the same. And it was Mike Mansfield that looked like PW, at least in my mind.
  12 May 09 ·geezer: Awise and truly awesome choice of obscure pop
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