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Caroline, No  performed by Nick DeCaro  1969
Recommended by bobbyspacetroup [profile]

Glad to see all of the Nick DeCaro recommendations here. I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and recommend my favorite DeCaro recording.

DeCaro interprets the "Pet Sounds" classic in a jazz style which recalls Chet Baker more readily than Brian Wilson.

A suprisingly emotional track which stands on its own.

Good Beach Boys covers seem to be a rare thing. This is easily the best I've heard. Any recommendations?

from Happy Heart (A&M SP-4176)

  16 Jul 03 ·konsu: Claudine Longet did a great version of "God Only Knows" on her Let's Spend The Night Together LP from 1972 (BR-15001). Although her version is not what i'd call jazzy, more like meadow-flower California country? Nick Decaro arranged a lot of her 60's albums.
  17 Jul 03 ·bobbyspacetroup: I've actually been looking for that LP. It seems to be one of the less common Claudine records... Thanks for the recommendation!
  15 Mar 04 ·konsu: I was recently introduced to Four King Cousins version of "God only Knows", also an A&M product from 1967... It's more faithful vocally to the original arrangement, only it's four girls doing the harmonies!
  16 Mar 04 ·Mike: James Warren (of The Korgis and Stackridge) has recorded a version of "Caroline, No" which I'd be very interested to hear.
  28 Apr 07 ·artlongjr: I have this 45 by Nick DeCaro. What's weird is I heard it before I heard the Beach Boys original, which I first listened to in 1996.
Yes it is  performed by Beatles  1965
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Not a particularly well-known song which was originally a B side and not on any of their original albums, it's actually particularly musically advanced for the time. A pity that George Martin didn't get them to do a few extra takes of the vocals, as the difficult harmony signing which starts the song sounds...difficult. The song, which deserves to be more talked about, contains interest and variety in its melody, rhythm, harmony and arrangement. In its way this is truly a masterpiece.

available on CD - Past Masters Volume 1 (EMI)

  04 Feb 02 ·delicado: It's a very nice song, but it is indeed a shame about the vocals. I wish the Beach Boys had recorded this song. I just heard a demo version (from the Anthology vol 3 cd) that is perhaps better - it's barer, with some nice acoustic guitar work and mostly just John singing.
  31 Mar 04 ·Mike: The demo version screams out for the harmony singing heard on the final version, in my opinion. All we really needed was an extra take or two. George Martin should have sorted it!
shiver  performed by coldplay
Recommended by morning belle [profile]

  25 Sep 05 ·Mike: Great review, though I personally can't agree with everything you've put as I have a strong preference for Natalie Imbruglia's version.
  25 Sep 05 ·eftimihn: Nice one, Mike! ;-)
Five Colours in her Hair  performed by McFly  2004
Recommended by Issie [profile]

It's funny. It's quite catchy. It's, um, loud and happy.

  22 Apr 04 ·jeanette: Yeah, you gotta love a bit of McFly. And the single came out on 7" picture disc too, which shows a bit of effort.
  22 Apr 04 ·olli: no offense, but it sounds pretty bland to me. then again, i'm not really into that blink 182 "happy teen sunshine punk" kind of thing.
  23 Apr 04 ·Mike: The chord sequence is very Pet Shop Boys.
"feels like heaven"  performed by fiction factory  1984
Recommended by kohl [profile]

great song. uplifting and catchy. the intro itself is sheer new wave goodness. makes you happy, makes you dance. one perfect 80s tune.

available on CD - throw the warped wheel out

  09 May 04 ·Mike: Nice to see this one here - great piece of 80s Scottish pop. It was recently re-used with comically altered lyrics in a UK tv advert.
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