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Concerto For A Rainy Day  performed by Electric Light Orchestra  1977
Recommended by petethefeet [profile]

Turn the lights down, turn the volume up and just LISTEN!! Whatever mood you're in, this will enhance it. The strings are just brilliant. I've listened to this track AT LEAST once a week for 25 years and will never tire of it. The whole concept of ELO captured my imagination from theearly 70s, and although they got a bit commercialised over the years, who didn't? Some say they copied The Beatles, isn't that the sincerest form of flattery? Other bands copied ELO (Cheap trick, Huey Lewis & The News,etc.). I defy any music lover to not like this!

from Out Of The Blue (Jet JETDP 400), available on CD

  audioadventures: Out of the Blue - one of my favourite albums of all time. From Summer and Lightening to Big Wheels, Concerto for a Rainy Day is just class. ELO must be the most sampled band at the moment. Maybe they are now cool!
  coercri: I wholeheartedly agree. The Concerto for a Rainy Day is abolutely the best. Even my 14 year old daughter loves it!!! ELO has been an exceptional group over the years. I only regret not seeing them in concert.
Help Me Make It Through the Night  performed by Sammi Smith  1970
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

One of the best country ballads ever recorded. Sammi Smith's low husky voice and desperate crescendo on the bridge of the song make this an essential recording for a rainy day.

from Help Me Make It Through the Nigh (previously titled ' He's Everywhere ' (Mega Records M31-1000)
available on CD - the Very Best of Sammi Smith (Varese Records #5574)

Here Comes the Rain  performed by Trader Horne  1970
Recommended by bubblebeat [profile]

Sensational songwriting from Jackie McAuley. Judy Dyble's sweet harmonies add a layer of delight to this joyously uplifting song. It was sunset on the Greek island of Koufonissi when I first heard this, but thankfully it sounded even better the next time I heard it (on a cold rainy day in Edinburgh).

I Know  performed by Trespassers William
Recommended by 37piecesflair [profile]

Absolutely heartbreaking.

from Anchor

I Think It’s Going To Rain Today  performed by Dusty Springfield  1968
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

The lady may have left the stage, but her spirit lives on in her recordings, and this is among her finest!! Sadly unreleased in the US for 28 years, this gloriously somber song was included in the 1995 anthology box set. Dusty sings with a sadness in her voice as she vocally paints a picture of a dreary day. While the overcast sky fails to crush her spirit, it does provide an opportunity for introspection and reflection. She is accompanied only by piano and orchestral strings which give this song a beautifully sad sound that make it perfect for playing on a rainy day.

from the Dusty Springfield Anthology, available on CD

  delicado: I must say, this is a quite brilliant recording; thanks for mentioning it! I heard the original Randy Newman version the other day, but to me, neither the arrangement or vocal performance were a patch on Dusty. Not that I'm biased or anything!
ne’re do well  performed by young people  2003
Recommended by olli [profile]

not really much into indie music, but this song struck a chord with me. comes across as a sort of retro-but-not-really-retro california rainy day sunflower melancholy lo-fi pop version of broadcast, if you can make any sense out of that.
short and sweet at 1:44.

available on CD - war prayers

Noah’s Dove  performed by 10,000 Maniacs  1992
Recommended by genebean [profile]

The sound is just perfect. The piano part has been stuck in my head for years. Its another one of those rainy day songs that kind of make you stop everything you're doing and just sit there and listen.

from Our Time in Eden (Elektra)

the sprawl  performed by sonic youth
Recommended by licoricewhipped [profile]

one of my favorite sonic youth songs. it slow and beautiful and reminds me of rainy days.

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