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Lets get it started  performed by Black eyed peas  2004
Recommended by Issie [profile]

The track on the cd is rude so i put the radio track name. I dont really understand why the Black eyed peas are so popular but thats just a matter of taste.

available on CD - Elephunk

  16 Aug 04 ·olli: it must be weird to live in a country where commercial censorship is so accepted. what`s the point of bleeping out or changing the offensive words of a song for radio play? the only thing you achieve with that is more cultural apathy. if the album version offends people, won`t they still be offended if they actually buy the album? the original track content might not be particularily intelligent or meaningful, but at least it had a hint of attitude, not to mention a sense of fun. the rudeness was the fresh ting about the song, with a sense of goodwill you can even read it as a comment on how uncomplicated pop or "stupid music" makes the best party music (of course it does! admit it, you all love it!). the sanitized version just flat out loses its punch in my opinion.
  16 Aug 04 ·olli: dammit, i always sound like a pretentious twat when i post comments about pop music. i love pop, i really do..
  17 Aug 04 ·Issie: Dont worry no offence taken in by me!
  20 Sep 04 ·Mike: I'm not entirely sure why the BEP are so very popular either, but I do find most of their recent singles preferable both lyrically and musically to much of the rest of the American urban stuff that has been so prominent in the UK charts recently. In "Shut up" they even infuse their hip-hop with baroque classical influences, which of course I rather like.
Argomenti  performed by Isobel Campbell  2004
Recommended by eftimihn [profile]

Isobel Campbell was, of course, a member of Belle & Sebastian as well as the lead singer in The Gentle Waves, a disguised solo project backed by members of Belle & Sebastian. Her first "real" solo record "Amorino" was finally released in 2003. This wonderful cover version was only released on her 2004 EP "Time Is Just The Same". And while it's already great to see a Morricone cover version these days, this one is really amazing too. It just suits Mrs. Campbells airy, fairy-like voice perfectly. Compared to the Astrud Gilberto from 1971 this version feels even lighter, calmer, more stripped down since it's not orchestrated with strings.

from Time Is Just The Same, available on CD (Snowstorm)

  19 Aug 04 ·Issie: The singer has a great first name!!!
These words  performed by Natasha Beddingfield  2004
Recommended by Issie [profile]

I absolutely hate her brother, but her songs are mostly good. Another song of hers called single, talks about how she never gets a boyfriend, yet this one talks about how shes saying to a boy how she loves him! It puzzles me why!

The Angel’s Share  performed by Ted Leo & the Pharmacists  2004
Recommended by snoodlededoogans [profile]

relentlessly catchy powerful guitar-based stomping number. critical of the unelected regime in Washington USA without being didactic in ANY WAY! this is a 'get up, get moving' kinda song. very bouncy. impossible not to move when listening to it. i cannot get enough of this track... (album comes out October 2004)

from Shake the Sheets (Lookout Records)

I Didnít Get Where I Am Today  performed by Pet Shop Boys  2004
Recommended by dyfl [profile]

An uncharacteristically rock 'n' roll oriented song for the PSB, this is undoubtedly one of their biggest-sounding anthems -- shame they squandered it on a b-side! Johnny Marr of The Smiths fame plays guitar. Available on the "Flamboyant" two-track single (the one with Neil Tennant's blurred face on it).

available on CD - Flamboyant (Pt. 1) (Parlophone)

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