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Leave (get out)  performed by JoJo  2004
Recommended by Issie [profile]

Cool song and video, i love it.

Rythm Bandits  performed by Junior Senior  2004
Recommended by Issie [profile]

A cool, catchy song. i see the junior as the small male and the senior as the large male.

available on CD - Doooo't stop the beat

how’ s it going to end  performed by tom waits  2004
Recommended by olli [profile]

one of my favourite tracks from the new album. it's one of his dark plucked string- ballads, quite a simple melody really, but the subtle brass and the mournful moaning of the background vocals makes truly beautiful. and then there's the lyrics..

"behind a smoke coloured curtain, a girl disappeared
they found out that the ring was a fake
a tree born crooked never grows straight
she sunk like a hammer into the lake"

i am SO going to buy this album when it comes out, even though i've got the mp3's (sorry mr waits!). a part of me hoped that this album wasn't going to leak, so that i could get the whole package with the liner notes and all at once, but then again some things are just too good to wait for..

(hope they avoid the glossy plastic paper of the alice booklet this time. that was just plain wrong. didn't fit the subject matter at all..)

from real gone

Beautiful night  performed by The Burden Brothers  2004
Recommended by Reck [profile]

Ex toadies lead singer Todd (Vaden) Lewis, one of the best voices in rock today. Don't know if you get this goodness yet outside of texas, but the tour is upcoming, and I actually heard it on the radio (gasp) something the Toadies 2nd album didn't even get (a great sophmore release from a platinum selling band... hmmmm) anyway its uplifting and real, but does has a little of that Tv sheen on it that instills hope in you, even if life is never really as good as it promises.

from Buried in Your Black Heart

"Baby Iíve Changed"-patience EP  performed by Adam Richman  2004
Recommended by bobbyfree [profile]

Adam Richmand new PATIENCE EP is incredible. Mr. Richmand not only wrote all the parts on the record but he produced it. This POWER-POP/ROCK record covers all aspects of love and loss. He starts the record out with a heart felt honest song, "Baby Iíve Changed." You can hear the earnest in his voice. I would recommend this record to anyone who wants honest songs with rock beats and power-pop vocals.

from Patience EP (OR music)

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