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First Day  performed by The Futureheads  2003
Recommended by agnamaracs [profile]

Has anyone ever seen "The Hudsucker Proxy?" You know the scene where Tim Robbins first comes to work for Hudsucker and he gets an orientation that lasts exactly one minute ("Punch in late and THEY DOCK YA!")? "First Day" is more or less that scene's musical equivalent.

Clocking in at two minutes and not wasting a second, "First Day" describes someone's first day at work that begins optimistically enough ("And they say this is the job that people die for / I hope you're ready for the next stage"). Eventually, the day goes on too long (through dinner!) and his spirits are dampened by a coworker ("And he says like it or not / You have to do what they say / And it is something that you would like to talk about / But it is only your first day"). And then things just go out of hand.

"And they say 'faster, faster!'"
The song speeds up slightly.
And the song now reaches breakneck speed. Incredible!

I have no doubts that "First Day" could've been one of the greatest, most brilliant post-punk singles ever, had it been released 25 years ago. As it stands, the Futureheads are becoming quite popular in England with the impending release of their first full-length album (for which "First Day" was re-recorded). They are a band worth hearing and I can only hope their album gets an American release.

from First Day (Fantastic Plastic fps036), available on CD

Heartbeats  performed by The Knife  2003
Recommended by mattias [profile]

Wonderful work from the Swedish band The Knife. This song was also recorded by the singer/songwriter Josť Gonzales but this is the original and it's great. If you like bands like Ween you'll probably love this.

available on CD - Deep cuts (Rabid)

  17 Mar 05 ·olli: Some swedish guy named svante recently made a bootleg remix combining the original and the josť gonzales version...i'ts pretty cool, so check it out if you can find it.
Wedding Dress  performed by Derek Webb  2003
Recommended by 37piecesflair [profile]

A song about the Christian faith and how it's convienent for some, but crucial to others.

I just discovered this and think it is amazing. I'm not spiritual by any means, but I think it states my feelings.

The chorus says it all..

"I am a whore, I do confess, I put you on you like a wedding dress."

from She Shall and Must Be Free

ha ha  performed by mates of state  2003
Recommended by catch_her [profile]

" It's difficult to place MOS in a genre as the song structures are unique, often complex. At the same time there are always the pop elements of catchy melodies and loads of harmony. Even though there are only two of them, they fill up the space with the monster, bass-heavy organ, creative drumming, and constant dueling vocals. The music can be sweet. At other times it's spastic, but either way, you leave MOS shows with a warm feeling.

Mates of State has been described by critics as unabashed joy, honesty at its best, a two piece with balls, and a band that you must see live. " (taken from official website)


from team boo

This One’s For The Girls  performed by Martina McBride  2003
Recommended by Squince [profile]

from Martina (RCA)

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