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Hotcha Girls  performed by Ugly Cassanova  2003
Recommended by Open Book [profile]

Ugly Cassanova made its mark in my soul with this track. Combining Isaac Brock's brilliant song writing with the painfully sweet voice of John Orth from Holopaw, this song sweeps in and out of beautiful melodies in such a way that leaves me absolutely awestruck. It's too bad they couldn't make the rest of their debut this good... the album itself has it's moments, but besides a few standout tracks, fails to completely fulfill my hopes for it's potential with such a star-studded line up. Nothing, however, will ever take away from the solid truth that this song is absolutely stunning, and as far as my opinions go, it's an instant classic.

from Sharpen Your Teeth, available on CD (Sub Pop)

Apistat Commander  performed by Xiu Xiu  2003
Recommended by pandaexplosion [profile]

For anyone unfamiliar with Xiu Xiu, "Apistat Commander" would be the song I'd recommend starting with when checking out this band. It's easily the most accessible thing they've recorded to date, but with that said, there's really not a whole lot about Xiu Xiu's music that screams "accessible," so approach with caution.

The song starts out innocently enough, with singer Jamie Stewart's barely audible moan and minimal synth backing, before ripping into a "cathartic attack mode" that sounds something like Nine Inch Nails raping the Cure. The song's best moment comes when Stewart screams, "oh, this relief/it's the oddest thing/ohmygod/ohmygod/ohmygod."

from A Promise (5 Rue Christine GER024)

Boys of Summer  performed by Ataris  2003
Recommended by fkoski [profile]

I would like help with a lyric change the Ataris apparently made. Don Henley wrote, "A Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac." In the 2003 version, the sticker says something else--a different band name maybe. Has any one else noticed this variation, and has any one figured out what the Ataris substituted for Deadhead??? Thanks, Fran

  31 Oct 03 ·heinmukk: erm, now thats music i don't like. is that PUNK?! is that a COVERPUNKSONG??? no offense to you, fkoski, its just a matter of taste...(and i think i got a better taste than you...hehe:) dunno anything about any lyrics here...
  01 Nov 03 ·eggplantia5: black flag.
Knocking  performed by Motion Soundtrack  2003
Recommended by nightlarke [profile]

Uppish tempo, clap-your-hands Brit pop/alt rock song that makes you want to drive and drive and push the speed limit. Lead singer (Chad Horton) has an in-tune yet rasping tone remeniscent of John Lennon. Instrumentation includes tamborine and congas, and a delay pedal. Excellent musicianship. Killer basslines. Dance, dance, dance.

from The Bridge, available on CD (racecar records)

Sore  performed by Buck 65  2003
Recommended by trivia [profile]

Although Buck's "ragged old man" routine can be charming, it usually comes off feeling more like a Tom Waits rip-off than a Tom Waits homage. "Sore" is my favorite track on "Talkin' Honky Blues" because it does away with the overly-cute oddball beat poetry that Buck often indugles in and offers a more sincere and unaffected portrayal of the wayfaring nomad / poor white trucker.

Buck's in a one horse town with a broken down pick-up, left to set up shop in a shoddy motel and reflect on his life. The lyrics are country gold all rapped up pretty: "I'm drawn to familiar environments and dangers / I look in my photo albums and all I see is strangers / What is my problem?"

I'm a sucker for good desolation-hop (unfortunately for me, there isn't much out there), and "Sore" fits the bill perfectly.

from Talkin' Honky Blues, available on CD (Warner Canada)

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