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Conversations  performed by Cilla Black  1969
Recommended by Mister C [profile]

This was Cilla's longest single, clocking in at over 4 minutes, an oddly paced ballad that gradually builds, it is one of those songs that takes a while to take hold, but once it has you're hooked. This is one of Cilla's best performances on disc, and it deservedly reached No. 7 in the UK in 1969

from The Abbey Road Decade 1963-1973 (EMI 7243 8 57053 2 8)

Inside a Dream  performed by Jane Wiedlin  1988
Recommended by Genza [profile]

I never liked the Go-Gos. And I think Belinda Carlise's music is naff. But Jane Wiedlin has a certain something.

I remember first seeing the video to 'Rush Hour' on UK TV as a teenager. I thought that song was bloody great. My parents bought me her debut album 'Fur' for Christmas and we used to listen to it in the car. Listening to this always brings the memories flooding back.

Some of 'Fur' is a bit dodgy - but I can forgive Wiedlin. The high points still seem very high today. And 'Inside a Dream' is a beautifully crafted, Stephen Hague produced pop song. This three minute stunner moves and warps around a simple spine. Dubstar sounded a lot like this half a decade later.

from Fur (EMI CDP-7-48683-2)

  15 Mar 04 ·Mike: I too was bowled over by the catchiness of "Rush Hour" and also ended up acquiring the album "Fur" at the time. It wasn't her first album, but I don't think she'd previously had any solo exposure in the UK. About half the songs are simple but undoubtably effective, but several others I have always found to be very ineffective! I agree that Dubstar (who I also liked) sounded a bit like this at times - Stephen Hague's production style is quite distinctive. Did any of the members of Dubstar release anything since the band split up?
This Is What She’s Like  performed by Dexys Midnight Runners
Recommended by LawrenceM [profile]

Am amazing song ... 14 minutes of pure passion. I think Kevin Rowland is one of the few singers of the past few decades who has real soul. The man MEANS IT and this song just makes my soul soar. The way it starts off with the dialogue, and the accapala singing, and then how the band just kicks in at the same moment, and your heartbeat just rises, and keeps on rising as Kevin just takes the songer higher and higher ... and sevem minutes in, just when you think it's going to finally finish, it changes completely and runs on for another seven minutes. I always feel exhasted after the song has ended ... it's such an emotional rush.

from Don't Stand Me Down, available on CD (EMI)

Beautiful Goodbye  performed by Cilla Black  2003
Recommended by Mister C [profile]

This is the best track on Cilla's new CD, 'Beginnings', its a cover, but she does it very well indeed.

from Beginnings (EMI)

Mull of Kintyre  performed by Paul McCartney  1977
Recommended by bunwhisper [profile]

This is a beautiful, sweeping song that brings such strong visuals of the Scottish landscape to mind. Like the land it is alternately beautiful and lonely.

from Single only (EMI)
available on CD - Wings Greatest Hits (Capitol)

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