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Feelings  performed by the Grassroots  1968
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Given the recent reevaluation of "mainstream" 60s pop acts such as the Association, the Monkees & Free Design, it seems a shame that more people aren't aware of how great the Grassroots were. Best known for their oldies-radio staples "Midnight Confessions" and "Let's Live for Today", they were purveyors of great well-crafted, country-rock-tinged pop music. This track is a perfect example, deftly combining vibes, mandolin, handclaps, fuzz guitar and terrific lyrics into an inimitable 60s L.A. sound. Check them out, it's high time that they got their due. And a special note for all you trainspotters out can see the band perform this song in the 1968 Doris Day vehicle "With Six You Get Egg Roll".

from Feelings (Dunhill)
available on CD - Anthology: 1965-1975 (Rhino)

  11 Oct 05 ·adam12: Right! I can remember most local bands covering this tune in the mid-late 60's. Sounds good coming out of a garage. Kinda like "Nobody But Me" by the Human Beings.
Make Your Own Kind Of Music  performed by Cass Elliot (a.k.a. Mama Cass)  1969
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

A true anthem to self-love. Cass' beautiful voice proudly affirms that you have to be yourself and not worry about what anyone else thinks. She deserved more appreciation than she got during her short life and this song strikes me as quite autobiographical.

from Make Your Own Kind Of Music (Dunhill 50071)
available on CD - Dream A Little Dream: the Cass Elliot Collection (MCAD 11523)

  29 Oct 02 ·delicado: yeah, I love this track. She sings in a very sincere and rousing way.
  12 Jul 03 ·JangleBabe: If my childhood memories serve, this was the theme song of Cass's short-lived variety show back in the '70s.
Dream A Little Dream Of Me  performed by Cass Elliot (a.k.a. Mama Cass)  1968
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

Does anyone NOT like this song?!! A great nostalgic feel and that glorious voice... A perfect moment in music history!

from Dream A Little Dream (Dunhill DS 50040)
available on CD - Dream A Little Dream: the Cass Elliot Collection (MCAD 11523)

  03 Mar 04 ·inbloom44: *sighs* How I adore Mama Cass.
Here’s Where You Belong  performed by The Grass Roots  1968
Recommended by john_l [profile]

Mid-paced, with a heartfelt string arrangement, this is a warm and tender song that you can't not like. And, along with the totally different version by the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band (q.v.), it makes up half of my all-time favourite pair in which the same song has been done by two artists. IMHO not even "Woodstock" or "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" come close ...

from Golden Grass (Dunhill)
available on CD - Grass Roots Anthology 1965-1975 Vol. 1 (Rhino)

  22 Dec 04 ·ronin: What's not to like about this whole album? Warren Entner's voice was the hook that drew me in, but harder numbers like "Where Were You When I Needed You?" and "Things I Should Have Said" are more to my taste. "Feelings" and "Hot Bright Lights" merit mention. Even "Bella Linda" with the sappy violins is a gem.
The Dis-Advantages of You  performed by The Brass Ring  1967
Recommended by artlongjr [profile]

This song has become known as one of the quintessential "Now Sound" numbers, and I go a LONG way back with it as far as memories go! As a kid in the sixties I used to love the Benson and Hedges cigarette commercials-although I was very much anti-smoking even then! But the cool theme music and humorous content of these commercials was a hit with us kids. Well, flash forward to the mid-1980's...I was doing my usual record collector thing in a local thrift store and came across an album called "The Dis-Advantages of You" by the Brass Ring, a group that I had several 45s by already. It looked interesting, so I picked it up...and was blown away by the first track, which was that wonderful Benson and Hedges theme that I remembered from childhood. I
couldn't believe my luck in stumbling across it, and
it immediately became one of my all time favorite tracks. The cool, wordless female vocals, whimsical melody, and smooth saxophone playing never fail to transport me back to the 1960's of my youth! I did some research on the song at the time and was surprised to find that it had been a chart hit in the spring of 1967. I was listening to the radio a lot back then and didn't recall hearing it. But rediscovering this recording really was a highlight of my musical development.

from The Dis-Advantages of You (Dunhill 50017)

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