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Keep an eye on Summer  performed by The Beach Boys  1964
Recommended by Mike [profile]

The Beach Boys back-catalogue contains many gems, as others have observed. This one has become a particular favourite for its harmony and the soaring vocals.

from Shut Down Vol2 (Capitol)
available on CD - Surfer Girl/Shut Down Vol2 (Capitol)

Nails in my feet  performed by Crowded House  1993
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Crowded House seem to be deeply unpopular at the moment - perhaps they were too popular in the early 90s, or perhaps, as I tended to think, even more than with most groups, the simpler, less good songs were released as singles, achieved success, and sort of "labelled" the band, seemingly colouring their subsequent output.

Anyway, this is a well-executed Beatle-ish song, most of whose lyrics I've never fathomed. The album is by far the band's best, though I think it was the worst seller. (Not an unfamilair scenario, of course).

from Together Alone, available on CD (Capitol)

Whistle for happiness  performed by Peggy Lee  1969
Recommended by mattias [profile]

A selldom heard song from Peggy Lee's most famous album, but probably one of the best. It is a sad song although she sings "whistle for happiness and it will come..." sad, emotional and great

from Is that all there is? (Capitol)
available on CD - Is that all there is/A natural woman

Nightingale  performed by Les Baxter  1956
Recommended by delicado [profile]

When you consider just how wonderful it is, Les Baxter's 'exotic' work is under-represented on this site. From a superb and reasonably easy-to-find album, this cut is an intoxicating mix of shimmering 50s style strings and gentle bongo rhythms.

'Nightingale' is a Xavier Cugat original that is very much in the style of classic Lecuona songs like 'Taboo'. Melodically, it also reminds me of another standard, 'Invitation'.

from Carribean Moonlight (Capitol T-733)
available on CD - The Exotic Moods of Les Baxter (Capitol)

Call Me Irresponsible  performed by Bobby Darin  1964
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

Bobby Darin - truly one of the smoothest singers the US has ever produced, and there's nothing that showcases this pop-cabaret style like his tenure at Capitol. A singer of great versatility, he swings effortlesly on this album, having great technique and even greater rhythmic feel.

Call Me Irresponsible, something of a standard really, is my favourite. Darin's vocals make you fall in love with his irresponsible, unreliable, unpredictable charm. Accompanied by finger clickin' good Richard Wess big-band sounds. Wow. Whatta man.

from From Hello Dolly To Goodbye Charlie (Capitol T2194)
available on CD - Oh! Look At Me Now / From Hello Dolly To Goodbye Charlie (Capitol)

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