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Cirrus Minor  performed by Pink Floyd  1969
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Pink Floyd are heard at their best with this piece of film music, keeping it simple and atmospheric. I find so much of their output over-ambitious, but here I think they got it right - a short melodic vocal section followed by a very simple organ chord sequence repeated to a very slow fade. This manages to sound gently, atmospherically organic and hypnotic where so often Floyd sound ludicrously overblown.

from More (EMI)
available on CD - Relics (EMI)

  23 Sep 04 ·konsu: Indeed. The Floyd records that are best are the soundtrack material. Mainly because they had to adapt to a medium outside their own dreamy minds. This is my second favorite after "A Saucerful of Secrets" LP. But their "Obscured By Clouds" LP is also a soundtrack piece for an unreleased film that has the same fine qualities... I hate to get long-winded about the whole Floyd thing, but I have to mention Hubert Laws LP "Crying Song" (CTI 1002/6000) which features two compositions from "More".
Brilliant Trees  performed by David Sylvian  1984
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Beautiful and atmospheric music, superbly recorded. Intensely poetic lyrics. What an incredible advance this represents from his work with the band Japan! Superb synth voices from longtime collaborator Ruichi Sakamoto sound a searching chord sequence over which a gorgeous, heavily treated trumpet solo comes in and out. Sylvian's voice is richly expressive.

from Brilliant Trees, available on CD

  22 Dec 04 ·ronin: Bought album of same name due to tracks "Red Guitar" and "Pulling Punches" getting major airplay on DC radio at time. Was not disappointed! Moody and nice bass lines! Sylvian's voice is ... unusual.
Stars  performed by Tatu  2002
Recommended by Mike [profile]

There are some disposable pop records that have certain things going for them which lift them above the norm and confer a kind of appeal which, though often temporary in nature, shines through in spite of their annoynances.

So it is with this one, which has a chord sequence that repeats over and over on the synth, and a rather annoying melody/rap sequence. It's also rather rhythmically unimaginative, and most western listeners will find that the Russian folk instrument (don't know what it is) will grate mercilessly. And if that wasn't enough, it ends unforgivably unmusically when an electronic beep simply cuts in suddenly.

However, because I am a such a sucker for this kind of minor key chordal writing, particularly when synths are involved, I enjoy the record, which at least does lack the merciless rhythmic hammering effect of their hit single "All the things she said".

from 200 km/h in the wrong lane, available on CD

  06 Mar 05 ·olli: now that's a careful, careful recommendation:)
  07 Mar 05 ·Mike: Hmm, yes. I'm a very careful kind of guy!!!!
  07 Mar 05 ·Mike: And I think you'd be a lot more concerned if you'd seen a less than careful recommendation for this one!
  07 Mar 05 ·olli: hmm, yes. true.
Make it Easy on Yourself  performed by Burt Bacharach  1969
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Such a very sad song, with simply wonderful melody and harmony. This arrangement, originally issued on an album of the same name, makes the very most of its poignancy and drama. Bacharach himself sings beautifully,while carrying all the intelligence and emotion of his song. I don't think I've conveyed what it is that's so superb about this record, so will return to this review at a later date.

from Make it Easy on Yourself
available on CD - Best of Burt Bacharach (A&M)

  01 Oct 05 ·Flippet: Cilla Black does a brilliant cover of this song on her 1966 album "Sing A Rainbow". Rich lush orchestration and Cilla at full ballad belt. It was her early interpretations of songs like this that brought her to the attention of Bacharach himself!!
That was Yesterday  performed by Foreigner  1984
Recommended by Mike [profile]

One of the best classics of the Foreigner back catalogue which I know has so many adherents here at musical taste. A superbly emotional track with a great chord sequence and a mainly synth-based backing.

from Agent Provocateur

  05 Dec 05 ·delicado: amazing - I knew this recommendation was from you even before I saw your name! So, no 'cold as ice'?
  05 Dec 05 ·Mike: "Cold as Ice" is a great number, too, of course, you're quite right. Watch out for more recommendations soon!
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