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Duel  performed by Propaganda  1984
Recommended by Mike [profile]

More first rate synthesizer music from the 1980s. The album also features a remixed/re-recorded version "Jewel". Catchy. Unfortunately this line-up only recorded this one "proper" album plus an album of remixes before splitting up. The album is excellent almost throughout, the band's slightly artsy aesthetic conveyed lyrically and through mixing atmospheric chordal writing, inventive instrumentation/production and some almost industrial-sounding beats. Kraftwerk were never remotely this musically interesting. Propaganda were also better looking...

from A Secret Wish, available on CD (ZTT)

  23 Mar 06 ·audioadventures: Another one of my all time favourites. The extended 12" is outstanding.
Open Door  performed by Genesis  1980
Recommended by Mike [profile]

It is hard to imagine a more musically wistful verse than that of this song. The swelling chorus augments it perfectly and very dramatically. This B side from the "Duke" era is surely one of Mike Rutherford's best songs, and one of the highlights of the post-Gabriel Genesis for those who appreciate the band's slower numbers.

available on CD - Genesis Archive Vol 2

  15 May 06 ·makebusy7: Um, that song was a throwaway no matter how you slice it
  15 May 06 ·Mike: It's all about musical taste, really, although even if it was not to my taste, I would find it hard to put together an argument for it as a throwaway.
  19 Nov 06 ·mrtanner: I think this is an absolutely beautiful track!
  20 Nov 06 ·Mike: Oh yes, it's quite special...glad someone else appreciates it!
Theme from "The Go-Between"  performed by Michel Legrand and the LSO  1969
Recommended by Mike [profile]

The minor key, pedal bass, double-dotted theme, and piano and orchestra scoring create an atmosphere which I find very enjoyable. I only have an edit of the original, which I think was available as them adn variations and various suites, and would like to hear the rest to see how/if Legrand develops the material.

  09 Apr 07 ·delicado: Just listening to what I assume is the same version of this (mine is on a cheapo Bell compilation from the early 70s). Fantastic track indeed!
We might as well be strangers  performed by Keane  2004
Recommended by Mike [profile]

An absolute masterpiece whose deceptive simplicity always moves.

from Hopes and Fears, available on CD

  26 Mar 11 ·daniela_por: it's fantastic, just like the whole album. And the lyrics are wonderful
The Things we do for Love  performed by 10cc  1976
Recommended by Mike [profile]

I'm sure I've already said this about another recommendation, but this is just superb pop. 10cc were a group whose hits were very familiar to me as a child, although I wasn't particularly keen on them then. (We're talking the 1970s, folks!).

The group fused influences from the Beatles (particularly McCartney) and prog rock with their own brand of distinctively British whimsy (precursors of the Korgis here). They were also excellent harmony singers. I'm just discovering some of their album back catalogue for the first time - there is some superb material, to my ears. Their biggest hit was 1975's "I'm not in love", which I think reached no.2 in the UK and US singles charts - I've always dismissed it as being very saccharine-sweet. This group doesn't generally get the respect their output deserves for its quality and influence.

from Deceptive Bends
available on CD - several Mercury/Polygram/Universal compilations

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