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Speed Trials  performed by Elliott Smith  199?
Recommended by Open Book [profile]

His choice of lifestyle may have been questionable, yes. A prolific user of drugs and prostitutes, Elliot Smith was certainly not a healthy man physically or mentally toward the end of his life. What isn't questionable is the fact that Elliot Smith was an amazing, soulful, passionate musician. I don't really know why I picked Speed Trials. I suppose it's my personal favorite.
Suicide is a subject that always baffles me, and nothing hurts more to see a man with such beautiful music in his soul gone... especially at such a young age. What we do have, however, are the recordings of his maticulously constructed chord progressions, his sweet, wispy voice, and gorgeously poetic lyrics. Pieces of history we can all forever hold onto and remember him for how he may have affected each of our lives. I know his music certainly had an impact on mine. I will miss Elliott Smith.

from Either/Or, available on CD (Kill Rock Stars)

  28 Dec 03 ·delphiblue: "a prolific user of drugs and prostitutes..." ??? sure, okay, we all know that he used drugs, but that prostitutes thing is entirely new to me. is there actual proof of this, or can one just assume that having sex with prostitutes is a natural progression from using drugs?
  15 Nov 06 ·delicado: Ok - I just deleted a couple of comments from here because someone disobeyed my 'be nice' rule. First time I've had to do that in nearly 6 years! I dunno - if it's not spammers it's nutcases! Sorry you were bothered by this, Open Book...
Redd Hott  performed by The Gossip  2001
Recommended by Celainn [profile]

from That's Not What I Heard, available on CD

Hotel Voulez-Vous  performed by Miranda July  1997
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

This is like a favourite film. A spoken word track, with backing by a scratchy American Red Cross WWII record, it's an epic tale of time travel and family hatred.

Miranda is multi-talented, being a recording artist, film maker, performance artist and writer. Unfortunately she seems to have given up making records: a real loss.

from 10 Million Hours A Mile, available on CD

  03 Feb 04 ·barrythejackal: Quite right. Mesmerising stuff from this really interesting performer and Kill Rock Stars affiliate, with as much balls as any of the seminal riot grrl bands on that label. Essential listening!
Split  performed by LiLiPUT  1980
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

Swiss post-punk that really cheers me up. Certainly one of my favourite singles of all time, this. Five women (formerly named the corporate-baiting Kleenex) weave ununderstandable lyrics through a backing as tight as anything The Fall have ever produced. I first heard this in a Brighton record shop 5 or so years ago and nearly ripped it off the turntable in my anxiety to have it for my very own.

from the single Split (Rough Trade RT 047)
available on CD - LiLiPUT (Kill Rock Stars)

  08 Apr 05 ·shakeahand: Kleenex were great - this (and its b-side Die Matrosen) were Liliput's greatest moments. Their entire output Kleenex + Lilipt is available on a double CD. Also listen to 'Hitchhike'... and When The Cat's Away.
love with the three of us  performed by stereo total  2001
Recommended by olli [profile]

english language version of "l' amour a 3", available as a bonus track on the american release of "musique automatique".

cute electronic pop song about threesomes, courtesy of french-german electro-rockabilly-breakbeat-chanson-disco-pop sensation stereo total.
features some great moaning samples.
the ooohohouou- sound in the chorus remind me of a norwegian children's programme i used to watch when i was a kid. i just love the vocals in this version. they might not be technically perfect, but the french-german accent is really cute, and adds a lot to the feel of the song.

"it's absolutely out, i know it's hippie shit/
but i say it loud, with the three of us, i love it"

(by the way, stereo total are very nice people. they deserve your love)

available on CD - musique automatique (kill rock stars)

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