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Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now  performed by The Smiths
Composed by Morrissey/Marr

a triumphant celebration of loneliness. an anthem for outsiders

from Hatful Of Hollow (Rough Trade)
available on CD - Hatful of Hollow (Rough Trade)

Gravity Grave  performed by Verve  1993
Composed by Verve

a fantastic 8 minute trip. loose, completely unstructured with neither verse nor chorus to be found. just fantastic vibes and a sense that this is like nothing you've ever heard before. this song works amazingly well if you're driving down a country road in the middle of the night, when the road is covered in fog.

from Gravity Grave EP (Hut)
available on CD - The Verve EP (Vernon Yard)

America  performed by Simon & Garfunkel  1968
Composed by Paul Simon

In my opinion, the best S&G song, from their '68 masterpiece "Bookends". Lyrically beautiful, with a haunting melody and beautiful vocals care of Artie and Paul. A beautiful, soothing song for a turbulant time.

from Bookends, available on CD (Columbia)

  05 Feb 02 ·phil: DEFINITELY the best Simon and Garfunkel song - Paul at last raises himself to some excellent lyrics , and the singing is just sensational - when they sing 'so I looked at the scenery/ she read her magazines/ and the moon rose over an open field' tears spring to my eyes.

Seriously, people diss Art Garfunkel, but the man is truly a singing genius. It's all very well to go on about the importance of writing blah blah blah second most talented member of Simon and Garfunkel blah blah blah, but when you can sing as well as Art, what does it matter? He adds so much to their songs just with the beauty of his voice. Paul should never have got rid of him.

  30 Sep 02 ·G400 Custom: Nice to see someone standing up for Art Garfunkel's often wonderful singing. His 1978 album 'Watermark' is largely composed of Jimmy Webb songs and is well worth a listen, particularly 'Mr Shuck'n'Jive' and 'Shine It On Me'.
Marquee Moon  performed by Television  1977
Composed by Tom Verlaine

Fusing pyschedelia with Velvets drone, the 10 minute plus "Marquee Moon" is a staggering piece of music from one of the best albums of the NY punk movement. I'm not usually a far of virtuoso guitar heroics, but here it works so well ... with Richard Lloyd & Tom Verlaine's distinctive guitar technique seemingly battling it out for supremacy. Many bands have based their entire career on this song.

from Marquee Moon, available on CD (Elektra)

Pink Frost  performed by The Chills
Composed by Martin Phillipps

Classic New Zealand psychedelia .... jangly guitar, haunting, evocative lyrics, fragile vocals and an otherworldly feeling which perfecly evokes Dunedin. The best New Zealand pop song ever written.

from Kaleidoscope World, available on CD (Flying Nun)

  14 Sep 01 ·delicado: I saw The Chills at my first ever gig in March 1990. They were really good actually, but somehow I never followed up and bought any of their records. I will have to check this one out. Playing at the same show were McCarthy, whose records I did buy, and who became Stereolab.
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