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For The Dead  performed by Gene  1994
Composed by James/Mason/Miles/Rossiter

Gene could be seen as everything that was risible about indie circa 1995. A four peice guitar band, with a Smiths obsessed frontman and a Weller obsessed guitarist. However, despite all this, plus unkind words from the press, gene have released a clutch of excellent, stirring singles full of bedsit miserabilism and gritty optimism. This single, their first, still sends shivers down my spine, 7 years on .....

from the single For The Dead (Costermonger)
available on CD - To See The Lights (Costermonger)

Scottish Pop  performed by Spearmint  2001
Composed by Shirley Lee

Any song which namechecks Bobby Gillespie and Stuart Murdoch is all right with me. A beautiful, sweet pop song with the choice lyric "when I'm with you it's like Scottish Pop". Gorgeous.

from A Different Lifetime, available on CD (hitBACK)

Houses On The Hill  performed by Whiskeytown  1997
Composed by David Ryan Adams

I don't know what it is about this song. "Strangers Almanac" is a brilliant - probably my all time favourite '' record - but this song transcends even that superlative, to be one of my favourite songs of all time. It has mved me to tears twice now, and no doubt will again. Ryan Adam's bruise of a voice, the beautiful lyrics, the sad subject matter. Just perfect.

from Strangers Almanac, available on CD

Apple Of My Eye  performed by Ed Harcourt
Composed by Ed Harcourt

Ed Harcourt has now committed this song to tape three times in three years. Firstly on the excellent debut mini-LP "Maplewood" in 2000. It was fleshed out and re-recorded for his full-length debut LP, "Here Be Monsters", in 2001, and now surfaces again in 2002 as the a-side of his most recent single. This time it's even better still, and comes accompanied with a great video. This is classic, piano led pop which could have been recorded at any time in the last 30 years. Comparisons to Randy Newman, Nick Drake andTom Waits have been forthcoming, and not unjustified. A great song which just gets better with each trip to the studio.

from Here Be Monsters, available on CD

Nature's Hated  performed by Orlando  1997
Composed by Dickon Edwards

One of the few bands involved with the short lived "romo" movement, Orlando were the only ones to release an album, and were far superior to any of the other indie chancers jumping on the badnwagon. This song, along with the other excellent single "Just For A Second", were attempts to meld postcard Records, Motown and PWL into bright, shiny pop. Dickon's keyboards soared, and singer Tim Chipping's vocals sounded like a young David MacAlmont taking flight. Of course, obscurity beckoned - Dickon went on to play guitar for Spearmint and form Fosca, and Chipping's current whereabouts are unknown. A brief, bright moment in pop, snuffed out all too soon.

from Passive Soul, available on CD

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