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Albatross  performed by Slowdive  1991
Recommended by Genza [profile]

Hell, I could have picked almost anything from the back catalogue of this band. Albatross is the stand-out track of an outstanding 4 track EP (entitled Holding our Breath) from early ’90s shoegazers Slowdive. Bemoaned, decried and hated by Britain’s Britpop-loving press, Slowdive’s beautiful multi-layered sound has latterly found a kindred spirit in much lauded post-rockers Sigur Ros. So maybe they were right after all…

Back to Reading – and there is no stronger example of the Thames Valley sound than Albatross. Layer upon layer of minor chords – almost symphonic in their beauty – Albatross swells to a powerful crescendo of highly processed guitars. Non-believers should check out double A-sides Catch the Breeze and Shine. The fourth track on the rather grand EP is a cover of Syd Barrett's (former lead singer of Pink Floyd) Golden Hair. Utterly remarkable.

from Holding our Breath EP (Creation CRE 112)

Bird on the Wire  performed by Leonard Cohen  1973
Recommended by eve [profile]

This song is mostly carried by Leonard Cohen's voice, which meshes really well with his "longing/loving/musing on a wasted life" style lyrics. It moves really slowly, but that makes it nice.

from Suzanne

Can’t Help Loving That Man  performed by Trudy Richards  1957
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

I originally came across this recording on the soundtrack to the film 'the Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' and I have been thanking my lucky stars since! Taken from the rare and out of print LP 'Crazy In Love' (which you should purchase on sight if you ever come across it!) Ms. Richards throws a good swing into this exquisite torch song and brings down the house with the help of Billy May and his orchestra! I am forever indebted to the person or persons who compiled the 'Priscilla' soundtrack and led me to this great song and the original LP from which it was taken!

from Crazy In Love! (Capital T 838 (British pressing))
available on CD - the Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - Soundtrack (Mother/Island)

Concentrate  performed by Willie Tee  197?
Recommended by Festy [profile]

I know next to nothing about Willie Tee, but I became obsessed with this track. The song contains the kind of politically incorrect lyrics that were accepted back in the day without the batting of an eye lid. Willie Tee tells his woman how she should be spending her time ("Concentrate on loving me; activate this fire in me") and suggests a reward ("You've got to place your trust in me; I'll satisfy your fantasy"). These were the days when men were men, and women were letting them believe that they were in control. This track is definitely one for late nights with that special woman who apparently needs to be told what she should be spending her time thinking about.

available on CD - Creative Musicians (Perfect.Toy Records)

Crooked Teeth  performed by Death Cab for Cutie  2005
Recommended by HelterSkelter [profile]

Very nice sound to it, you got your basic instrument set in this one, I like it because of the lyrics.. They're not totally simple. It's easy to understand today's pop and stuff like that, but Deathcab actually puts some more effort into their music.

from Plans (Atlantic)

Detamble Wings  performed by Finn Riggins
Recommended by StuartTheMan [profile]

Odd time signature, uplifting song

available on CD - A Soldier, A Saint, An Ocean Explorer (Tender Loving Empire)

donne-moi ton amour  performed by sylvie vartan  196?
Recommended by daidai [profile]

a french reworking of 'gimmie some loving' by the spencer davis group. lush strings and pounding horns make this song a stormer. i personally like this version better than the original. highly recommended.

Everloving  performed by Moby  1999
Recommended by Rena Blue [profile]

I am a massive Moby fan, but this has to be my favourite piece of his music. The album version fails to do the arrangement justice. But most beautifully done 'Live on TV Jools Holland' this recording is unfortunately only available on 'Moby Play The dvd'.

from Play, available on CD

Falling and Loving (Xmas Lounge)  performed by Hideki Kaji  1999
Recommended by tinks [profile]

This short, upbeat little instrumental is terrific! The organ playing sounds like Walter Wanderley on speed!

from The Fireworks, Candy & Puppydog Store, available on CD

Fatty Fatty  performed by The Heptones  1976
Recommended by james [profile]

Rude in every way. Throbbing with self confidence, the gossamer soft voice of Leroy Sibbles builds with the music to a prolonged orgasm of strings [ORGASM: a collective term for stringed instruments when used in the Reggae style]. This is slow all night loving, crying out for a ten minute dub version to be looped ad infinitum, the which, alas, does not exist.

from Night Food, available on CD

Flying Dutchman  performed by Tori Amos  1991
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

As Morrissey would say, �I know very well how I got my name�. This is the track that inspired the name I use here, on my email, on ebay, amazon, etc� A song about loving and accepting yourself despite others� inability or unwillingness to acknowledge you. This is truly one of the best tracks Tori recorded during the Little Earthquakes phase and promptly buried as a b-side track on a single release. (most of her best tracks end up on b-sides for some reason)

from China - UK CD Single, available on CD

  konsu: Hmmm... I always thought your name was a reference to the great jazz label. They put out some of their best records in the early 70's... I do however acknowledge and accept the origin of your name despite my unwillingness!
Funeral March (from Once Upon a Time In The West )  performed by The Future and The Human League  2002
Recommended by Genza [profile]

Another track from pre-Dare Human League. This is the League's version of Ennio Morricone's Funeral March from Sergio Leone's 1969 western, Once Upon A Time In The West. Like the League's interpretation of You've Lost That Loving Feeling, the track a is slow-paced, electronic beauty.

It was originally recorded in the late 1970s and received its first public airing on the recently released The Golden Hour Of The Future.

This album, actually credited to The Future and The Human League, compiles recordings made between 1977 and the moment The Human League signed to Virgin Records in 1979. The Future is The Human League's first name.

from The Golden Hour Of The Future (Black Melody MEL4)

Goodbye My Friend  performed by Susie Krauter  2006
Recommended by trunorthmusic [profile]

This is a warm and uplifting goodbye song used as a retirement song and also used in memorials. People use it for retirement slide shows and retirement parties. I love it because it honors the person who is leaving or has left - in a really special way. The song is found at :

Goodbye My Friend  performed by Susie Krauter  2006
Recommended by trunorthmusic [profile]

This is a warm and uplifting goodbye song used as a retirement song and also used in memorials. People use it for retirement slide shows and retirement parties. I love it because it honors the person who is leaving or has left - in a really special way. The song is found at :

Gypsy Rose Lee  performed by The Distillers
Recommended by ladyfelicity [profile]

Hardcore, with Brodie's raspy voice, but she's singing, not yelling in this song. I especially like the phrase "you were Marilyn Monroe."

Isobel  performed by Björk  1995
Recommended by eevas86 [profile]

beautiful song. beautiful voice. loving it.

from Post

  delicado: It's a great track. How about those Deodato string arrangements as well!
It’s My Life  performed by Talk Talk
Recommended by Mister C [profile]

There are tracks you really like but you dont always know why, I remember the first time I heard this and I couldnt get it our of my head. Here I am many years later still loving it. If you get a chance get a 'best of Talk Talk' and you will be well rewarded.

  FlyingDutchman1971: Great track! The 12" remix is excellent, and I was happily surprised by Gwen Stefani's recent rendition of this great song. Why didn't I think of recommending this one???!!! Stupid Dutchman... stupid stupid stupid...
Jos aiot niin sano  performed by Liekki  2000
Recommended by tempted [profile]

A beautiful, progressive pop song from the best album I've ever heard. This is something completely different. A lush arrangement with flutes and ravishing J. Marr -like guitars. The melody and chords in the chorus give me goosebumps. The talent and musicianship are simply stunning. This is almost as good a pick as any song from this, Liekki's first album. They come from Finland.

from Magio (Hawaii Sounds)
available on CD - See above!

Little Eyes  performed by Yo La Tengo  2003
Recommended by Bazz [profile]

Season Of The Shark was a nice song off of Summer Sun but Little Eyes is much much better. It starts off with a penetrating beep followed by warm synths. When the beat starts you just can't refuse tapping along with your feet. And the vocals... oh my. The vocals sound as if angels are whispering in your ears. A nice instrumental break somewhere in the middle, and this song is a real gem on an album that was a big let down. Except for those two tracks.

from Summer Sun (Matador)

maybe  performed by emma bunton  2005
Recommended by heinmukk [profile]

surprisingly super catchy song. i heard it first when emma performed the song at the eurovision song contest pre-show in german tv. it was pure coincidence that i zapped in when the song started. lucky me!
musically: a bit bossa beat, a lot of "aaah" and "uuuuh" and so on (loving it), the brass sounds a little bit too synthetic. refrain very stock/aitken/waterman-like. but i'm loving those guys too.
does anybody know how the album sounds like?

from free me

Neverending Math Equation  performed by Sun Kil Moon  2005
Recommended by twanza [profile]

Sun Kil Moon issued an album called, Tiny Cities, in 2005. It's composed entirely of Modest Mouse covers rearranged for acoustic guitar. I almost didn't recognize this song when I first heard it, until I paid attention to the lyrics and then BOOM! I have to admit to loving this album more than the original MM recordings.

from Tiny Cities, available on CD

Night of wonders  performed by The Crystalairs  1994
Recommended by roberto [profile]

The Crystalairs are a german vocal quartett that started out in the 80`s. (Their earlier name was "Del Romans", they released many records on the "Crystal Ball" - label, what was the influence for their new band name.) In their youth the 4 guys had all collected many 45's from the USA ranging from doo wop to girl group classics, but all their songs are self-arranged self-written originals or unreleased songs from others.
"Night of wonders" is one beautiful example for their harmonic style and their loving vocals.

available on CD - And then they sang again (Little Maria)

  fantasticsupremedeluxe: Not to forget: "First time romance" from 1990, available on the "Crystal Ball" label!
She’s Like The Wind  performed by Patrick Swayze
Recommended by eevas86 [profile]

I love his voice! Just loving it.. <3

Stop Loving Me,Stop Loving You  performed by Marvin Gaye  1976
Recommended by geezer [profile]

An accusatory narrative on his marriage to Motown owner Berry Gordys daughter.Sweet but bitter not the same as bittersweet.Strangely compelling with no distinct melody ,bridge or chorus and the title only mentioned in the last few bars .However you feel after one listen an intimacy with the songs creator and this confessional opus .In places you can hear four or five Marvins pleading and apologising and blaming.I think in this instance it would appropriate to use the word genius .The moral being never marry the boss,s daughter.

from Here My Dear, available on CD

To know him is to love him  performed by The Teddy Bears  1958
Recommended by valesca [profile]

This brilliant song was a number 1 hit in the United States in 1958. It was sold over 1 million times between the release date in oktober and Christmas. It was written by Phil Spector, who was the songwriter, guitarist and composer of The Teddy Bears. (The band`s name is based on the number 1 hit "Teddy Bear" by Elvis Presley)The inspiration for the songtext was the inscription of the grave of Phil Spector`s father, who commited suicide.

The arrangement of "To know him is to love him" is very light an pure, so that the sad and loving words come to the fore. The angle-like vocals sung by Annette Kleinbard create a heavenly ambience. To me "To know him is to love him" is one of the most affectionate and beautiful songs I`ve ever heard. Although the song is performed by many bands and singers(for example "The Chordettes") the version of The Teddy Bears is according to my taste the best of them all.

available on CD - Billboard Top Rock & Roll Hits (Rhino)

Wedding Day  performed by Swift Ships  2006
Recommended by doublelife [profile]

Wedding Day is a guitar rock song with a mid-tempo dance beat. The lyrics are tight and concise. It's about a young man's fear of commitment. It's just over two minutes, and it has superb movement. The simple guitar leads in the closing bars are brilliant. I like this song for the steady, thumping drums, the sweetly melodic underlying riff, and the general resignation of its singer.

from Rebel Renaissance, available on CD

You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling  performed by The Human League  1979
Recommended by Genza [profile]

This is a cover of the Spector, Mann and Weil classic. I'd always loved The Human League - and Dare is probably the seminal new romantic album. But it wasn't until a friend of mine bought Reproduction in the late 1980s that I discovered the early, darker side of The Human League.

Reproduction is often slated for being too doomy and too pretentious. But there's some real gems on there - and Empire State Human and Blind Youth bounce along nicely.

The real killer is track 7 - which effectively blends electronic lament Morale with the League's cover of You've Lost That Loving Feeling. It's a beautiful, slow version - a totally electronic lullaby and it's totally essential.

from Reproduction (Virgin CDV 2133 CDV 2133)

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