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All My Friends Who Play Guitar  performed by Starflyer 59
Recommended by Kilbey1 [profile]

Melancholy jangle tune with sweet, haunting melody; discussed the trials and tribulations of those little bands that slip under our musical radar, however worthy. Reminiscent of garage band struggles, all who picked up a guitar in school in hopes of making it big. For those who make it big, hundreds - no, thousands - of bands are still waiting to be heard.

"And never thought it'd go this far / We never thought that / We'd ever go far / Like all my friends who play guitar / Know who we are? / We never go far / Like all my friends who play guitar"

(btw, I had no idea these guys were Christian; never sounded like any Christian music I heard!)

from Leave Here a Stranger

Coastin  performed by Cities Aviv  2010
Recommended by geezer [profile]

Hard hittin philosophical rap and sublime orchestral sample combine with crisp machine beats .The track exists for its languid summer chant of "Coastin,Im Coastin".Its beauty is in its amazing choice of lyrics and music which you can chose to drop in and out of at random with equally rewarding results .

from Digital low, available on CD

Diffrerent Stories  performed by I Am The World Trade Center  2004
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

Synth-Pop candy. Starts out with strummed clean-tone electric guitar, then the electronic beats come in w/ Amy singing in her languid way. The chorus brings Dan in answering her back. It's one of the best songs on The Cover Up, which was their break-up record. Really good contrast of drama-laden lyrics and happy pop.

from The Cover Up (Gammon)

Eat Yourself  performed by Goldfrapp  2008
Recommended by robert[o] [profile]

My favorite track from the latest Goldfrapp LP.
The song takes AM-Radio sunshine pop and exposes the concept to English psychedelic folk at its most radioactive.
The resulting mutation is both sexy and ominous.
The groove is languid, but insistent.
The samples and the synths sound dusty/dirty.
The strings/guitars/harps brood luxuriously.
And then there is Allison's lovely/creepy voice/melody: all woozy sex appeal and little girl menace.
It sounds like that image from the film "Blue Velvet" - lovely summer lawn under which throbs thousands of huge bugs.
Wonderfully slurred....

from Seventh Tree

For Years And Years (Cathy)  performed by Tai Phong  1975
Recommended by john_l [profile]

This must be the epitome of French progressive rock, a (mostly) languid song made by piano and organ on top of the usual rock instrumentation. There is a short fast/noisy bit just before the middle that jars a bit, but basically you want to just lie back and relax while listening to this track, it's so mellow and lovely. Also recommended: "St. John's Avenue" and "The Gulf Of Knowledge" from their second LP "Windows".

from Tai Phong (WEA)

Indian Strings  performed by The London Suede  1999
Recommended by giant [profile]

This song has the depth of vocals like the poetry by Rilke, meeting the somber and exhilirating movement of sound in a languid symphony. Its blood and romance, hurt and sweet love. Its the bird calling its mate. This is what I aspire to compose.

from Head Music

  LawrenceM: yeah, this is a great song. i think "Head Music" is actually a pretty underrated album with some really fantastic songs. Although having to be called "The London Suede" in the US is just stupid. They'll always be Suede to me
Riverman  performed by Nick Drake  1969
Recommended by geezer [profile]

The most beautiful song ever recorded ,hard to qualify,hard to measure,i know ,but one listen of this gentle folk infused languid samba will convince and convert.
Everything on this is right,the apologetic vocal,the crying strings and a portentous forboding lyric,everything seems to move along at a rivers could last for two minutes or two hours,its effect on your senses would still be divine

from Five Leave Left
available on CD - Five Leaves Left

roses in the snow  performed by Nico  1969
Recommended by belphegor [profile]

wow, i mean: wow... i've been an avid nico lover for years, having acquired a deep appreciation of her via some claimed proto-goth associations. obscure subcultural praise and all that velvet underground hoop-la aside, her amazing "desertshore" was proof enough that nico was and is a uniquely powerful force in life and art. but this "roses in the snow" diddy just floored me on a first listen. the revolving, minimalist tune of her harmonium must be the loneliest, most disillusioned harmony ever played since "gloomy sunday," and the cryptically profound words the closest thing rock'n'roll ever got to the "book of job." what does this piece really mean to say? not sure really: but somehow, i think it might be something like re-reading a long-departed lover's suicide note on a warm, languid autumn day...

from the marble index, available on CD (elektra)

Stop (in the name of love)  performed by Margie Joseph  1971
Recommended by sammykipper [profile]

Margie Joseph's 1971 cover of the Supremes "Stop in the name of love" starts off just as you would imagine it, and the first four or five minutes hold no surprises. It is a little funkier and a teensy bit sleazier and languid than the famous Supremes version, but there is no great departure until the middle of the song, when it changes into a grinding psychedelic humpathon. Margie squeals "stop it! stop it! stop it! STOP IT!" as an Isaac Hayes sound-alike slurps behind her ears and grooves sweet nothings for a full five minutes until she pops one off. Brilliant.

from Margie Joseph Makes A New Impression (Volt)

The Folks Who Live on the Hill  performed by Little Jimmy Scott  1972
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Jimmy Scott turns in a monumental take on this Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein standard. Scott's languid feminine phrasing and incredible diction really cause him to stand head and shoulders above nearly all other jazz vocalists. In this performance, he takes material that could come out rather saccharine and injects a healthy dose of pain into it. The result is a throughly memorable, soulful ballad. Due to Scott's lack of a record contract, this recording remained unreleased until 1993.

available on CD - Lost & Found (Rhino)

Worlds Away  performed by Strange Advance  1982
Recommended by john_l [profile]

Lush, languid progressive new wave with synthesizers, from Vancouver, that seemed to arrive out of the blue in '82. They have a number of other good songs, my personal favourites are "Just Like You" and "Alien Time".

from Worlds Away
available on CD - Worlds Away & Back (EMI)

  Colinator: You like 'Just Like You', and so do I, so here are the lyrics: Just Like You She closed her eyes and spoke to me Said 'If you could have seen the things that I have seen' I've walked the desert of lost souls Well the moon was late for me last night But the dawn and I are still alive She said 'Tell me things I want to hear Now you're safe and sound and the coast is clear' I saw her body move with her blue dress on While the sun cut through venetian blinds I was her last frontier when she said 'You're mine' Chorus We'll love until tomarrow Chained to your heart I'll follow And what you ask I'll do Today I'm just like you On razor edge you're falling You're new ice age is calling I know just what this means Today you're just like me I think I've gone too far this time And I feel that I should change my point of view Time fades like shadows in the sun While I stand outside in the pouring rain If I had the chance I'd do it all again PS-There are some beggining lyrics not shown that appear only in the remix version, available on the compilation 'Worlds Away and Back'.

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