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All Apologies (Unplugged)  performed by Nirvana
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

Kurt Cobain's voice is incredible, and somewhat painful to listen to. When I'm depressed, this is the first thing that I play.

Do I Scare You  performed by Shakespear’s Sister  1996
Recommended by OneCharmingBastard [profile]

One of the finest moments of she-glam ever, Siobhan Fahey's long-buried-but-about-to-be-unearthed-for-reconsideration third Shakespear's Sister record has many harrowing moments of brilliance, but none moreso than "Do I Scare You". Opening with a swirl of Eastern-cum-goth keyboards, boasting "there goes the year/in doctors bills and sleeping pills", Fahey's voice squeaks, snipes, and snarls throughout, ultimately climaxing on the verge of pumping lyrical lead into a deserving partner (and listener) by the final bridge. I can't think of a celebrity meltdown on disc that was ever this catchy.

from Shakespear's Sister (SF)
available on CD - The Best Of Shakespear's Sister (London/Warner)

Everybody Hurts  performed by R.E.M.  1992
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

If you're ever depressed and feeling really low, just put this song on... and everything will be ok. Inspiring and incredibly beautiful.

from Automatic For the People (Warner Bros.)

  CaitlinSpelledWrong: It's a great song and the video might be even better. Scratch that out, you can't compare the song and the video. Just know that the video is amazing.
  ambassador: i just heard this song again on the radio after not hearing it for a couple of years and it became so clear to me that the boys from R.E.M. masterfully created a modern, pleading soul ballad. Notice the breakdown at the end and you can almost imagine Mike Stipe down on his knees pleading to the audience, ala James Brown. Love the song even more now.
Miss World  performed by Hole  1994
Recommended by oceanacid [profile]

An incredible emaotional hard rocking song that is totally relatable.

from Live Through This, available on CD (Geffen)

Napoleon  performed by Ani DiFranco  1996
Recommended by snoodlededoogans [profile]

if u've ever thought that capitalism aint all it's cracked up to be...ani hears you. this is perhaps THE song about the 'music industry'. ever want to do a 'Fk the RIAA/BPI' comp? here u go. a pristinely crafted effortless sounding very personal rant on what's wrong with the way things are...and how we get by till the world is the way it SHOULD BE...

from Dilate (Righteous Babe)

Only One  performed by Goo Goo Dolls
Recommended by xicanti [profile]

Another great song to listen to when I'm angry. I like to whip through all of "A Boy Named Goo" when I'm really pissed off or depressed, as I always find something on there to placate me, but this one in particular gets me every time. It's probably my favourite GGD song, and I like thinking about who it could be about.

from A Boy Named Goo

paper cup  performed by the 5th dimension  1968
Recommended by jack kane [profile]

paper cup is about sinking to the lowest rung of society, having been abandoned by a faithless woman. you know when depressed people sometimes have a flash of an idea that they desperately believe will give them a reason to exist? paper cup's like that - the narrator won't have to worry about the things you need for a normal life "cos i don't really want 'em anymore". combine this notion with the 5th dimensions' upbeat, beautiful harmonies and you have a masterwork of melancholic tension.

from the magic garden
available on CD - the best of the 5th dimension

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