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All Things Must Pass  performed by George Harrison  1970
Recommended by nuthings [profile]

From George Harrison's first solo LP - a good song about how when things seem at their worst, good times are just around the corner.

from All Things Must Pass (Apple Records), available on CD (Apple Records)

Ancient Ritual  performed by Henry Mancini  1961
Recommended by nighteye [profile]

Does it get more relaxed than this? Luscious strings with vibraphones and a trombone in the background. This is the ultimate cocktail party song for the ultimate 'Bachelor themed' movie, too bad it isn't available on DVD yet.

available on CD - Bachelor In Paradise Original Soundtrack

Blowin' Bubbles  performed by Call and Response  2001
Recommended by ronaldo [profile]

Just a perfect, perfect pop song. Makes you wanna dance and groove along, but at the same time it's soo unbelievably sweet and a just a liitle melancholy. It starts with a drum beat, and then there's this bass-and-drums groove for a few seconds. Then a little sweet electric piano line enters, just before the voice begins singing the melody: "I'm drinking stars up in the sky, you know where you are / I'm driving cars around your house, it seems so fun". When it's time for the chorus ("So listen to my bubble go pop / I'm coming in, I'm coming over the top"), the main voice sings over a backing vocal doing an "ooh" harmony, and then there's absolute genius backing vocal, where the word "pop" becomes "papapapa". After that, a little guitar riff/solo, along with a very cool electric piano line. Then it just repeats everything all over again one more time, for infinite happiness. The time for a middle break has arrived. A new funky bass groove with lots of different "papapa"s harmonizing together. Now, go back to the first bass-and-drums groove, with a jazzy, relaxed guitar solo, and then it's just grooves and grooves and heavenly harmonies, "Blowin' bubbles".

Bogusflow  performed by Beck  1994
Recommended by Sulku [profile]

Very relaxed. And unpolished (Beck even starts laughing near the end.)

Bus Stop Boxer  performed by Eels
Recommended by Herr V [profile]

Relaxed and melancholic song... E's beautiful lyrics and the tasteful use of effects make this a song that stays with you the rest of the day.

Colors Bleed  performed by Call And Response  2004
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

It's in waltz time, with a strummed electric guitar intro followed by female vocals, bass & drums. There's a short female vocal counterpoint part, then the louder chorus. Towards the end the song changes key with a solo guitar figure, joined then by bass, then the the synth & drums enter in a musical explosion that's really cool.
I did'nt like this song at first, liking the rest of the album("Winds Take No Shape") better but the song has grown into one of my favorites on this record.
The full album is one of my favorites of the decade, second only to "Flying Saucer" by Astronaut Wife.

from Winds Take No Shape (Badman)

Don’t Talk to Me About Love  performed by Altered Images  1983
Recommended by dsalmones [profile]

By late 1983, when Altered Images' third and final album, Bite, was released, Altered Images were already dead in the water. The group had never made any particular headway in the US, where their blend of Siouxsie and the Banshees and the Monkees (not to mention Claire Grogan's bizarre, baby-talk hiccup of a singing voice) was just a little too weird for mainstream tastes, and in their native UK, their colorful look and bubblegummy 1982 singles "I Could Be Happy" and "See Those Eyes" had forever typecast them as a kiddie-pop band. Grogan was already branching off in her second career as an actress (she played the title role in Bill Forsyth's 1982 cult classic Gregory's Girl), and Bite seemed like a mere contractual obligation. For the most part, it sounds like it, too, but the brilliant single "Don't Talk To Me About Love," which led off side two, was a welcome surprise, and possibly the best song they ever did. Mike Chapman's production recalls his work with Blondie, while the disco-tinged electronic beat, chicken-scratch electric guitar part and rubbery, melodic bass part all sound closer to New Order's "Blue Monday" than Bananarama's "Cruel Summer." Grogan herself is in an entirely different mood than usual, with her newly-lowered singing voice (and slightly improved enunciation) displaying a rueful, almost petulant edge that suits the cranky lyrics. Only at the very end does she shoot into her usual helium-pitched unintelligibility, with an air of "See, I can still do this, I just choose not to anymore." Coupled with the most indelible chorus of the band's entire career, it all adds up to a minor masterpiece. Sadly, however, nobody wanted to know.

from Bite (Portrait 25413)
available on CD - Bite...Plus (Edsel)

I Bleed  performed by The Pixies  1989
Recommended by naked mardou [profile]

This song is recommended for anyone who likes Weezer's Undone (The Sweater Song), and doesn't know its true roots. This track happens to be the exact same song, with different lyrics, recorded many a year before Weezer came along. With a slow and steady tempo and half-sung, half-spoken lyrics, this chill classic is a must for any playlist.

available on CD - Doolittle (4AD)

Just A Little Lovin�  performed by Dusty Springfield  1969
Recommended by eftimihn [profile]

As a rather casual Springfield listener i didn't discover this track until recently. While the "Dusty In Memphis" album boasts better known songs (e.g. "Son Of A Preacherman" of course), this one is an underrated gem. A soothing, relaxed opening turnes into an emotional, soulful finale drenched in swirling strings, horns and driving drums and bass.

from Dusty In Memphis, available on CD (Atlantic)

Let me take your life  performed by Final Boss  2006
Recommended by ref. [profile]

The song is mostly comprised of guitars, though it also features synths that provide timpanies, mallet sounds, and string sounds, as well as an electric bass guitar.

Its a really interesting arrangement and has quite a memorable main melody. The song ends with an interesting modulation (key change) that sustains the main them.

Its a beautiful rock instrumental song with a focus on arrangement, textures, and mood that you might see in a classical piece.

Reminds me of the Stone Roses without the psychedelic rock vibe.

from not released
available on CD -

Live How You Love  performed by Kasey Rausch & Friends  2006
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

This is a laid-back bluegrass-y type tune that's just a lot of fun. The performer is young but there's wisdom in her words...

from Live How You Love (Rauschhouse)

Miracles  performed by Soulounge  2003
Recommended by lenny [profile]

Regularly I fall in love with songs that have a harmonic, perfectly tuned voice chorus like "miracles". The Fender Rhodes keyboard and a moderate bass-line completes the relaxed mood.
I immediatly feel this bittersweet mixture of good times memories and melancholy.

from Home

sexy girls  performed by gert wilden  196?
Recommended by olli [profile]

great young girl "lala" vocals, catchy downtempo bassline. some fairly standard sax playing. originally from a series of german "educational" porn films from the sixties, and it�s pretty easy to tell. no moaning though. pretty similar to the more relaxed efforts of peter thomas, this is one good piece of horny sixties kitch.
how come porn music was so much better back then?

available on CD - schulm�dchen report (crippled dick hot wax)

  olli: hmm. that was supposed to read: available on the cd "a very special album" on emperor norton. there�s also a cover by the danish band pornorama. it doesn't add much to the track though, except better recording technology and a dodgier sax line..
step inside love  performed by cilla black  1967
Recommended by olli [profile]

great song. because it starts off in a relaxed easy listening mood, the big paul mccartney chorus caught me completely offguard on first listen. Hasn�t left my playlist since...the demo version is superb, too.

  Swinging London: Oh yes...a great, great song. Her best by far. I agree, her demo version is also good or am I thinking of the bossa style version she did?
Theme From "Blow Up"  performed by Bobby Hutcherson  1967
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

This whole album is a masterpiece, but "Blow Up" is a track that should definitely be better known. It's a vibes-piano-bass-drums quartet session with Herbie on piano that inexplicably was never released at the time, only in Japan over a decade later. It was available on CD for a while in the early 90s, but has since been deleted. The track builds on a steady, understated 4/4 groove anchored heavy bass and creative drumming courtesy of Joe Chambers. Eight minutes of relaxed heaven, with messrs. Hutcherson and Hancock engaging in sublime vibes/piano dialogue over a very catchy theme. Seek out this album any way you can!

from Oblique (Blue Note)

This Isn't Maybe  performed by Waldeck  2001
Recommended by secularus [profile]

The driving force of this trip hop/nu jazz oriented song is the Chet Baker sample, "this isn't sometimes, this is always, this isn't maybe this is always," that exquisitedly weaves its way through the various waves and troughs of the rhythm underscoring the track. For those who have never heard Chet Baker sing, think of Chris Montez, who like Chet epitomizes the he/she question - is it a she or he singing? The sultry and relaxed vocals have endeared me to this song. This track was released in late Feb 2001 on 12" but is believed to be on Waldeck's forthcoming lp, The Night Garden, scheduled for release in late May 2001 on Emagine Music in the US.

Viva La White Girl  performed by Gym Class Heroes  2005
Recommended by eddier5888 [profile]

Laid back song that is a little bit different from most of Gym Class' regular songs. Less Hip Hop and more R&B sound to it. It is a really good song to calm down too and I think it shows some range in the artist's abilities and hopefully a look at what may come later on.

from As Cruel as School Children

Walkabout  performed by Noah Lennox feat. Atlas Sound
Recommended by ianmalcolm2 [profile]

Doesn't everybody love a good collaboration? It turns out Noah Lennox's beachboy-inspired vocals fit in nicely with the sound-collage electronica of Bradford Cox's offbeat side-project, Atlas Sound. The tight vocal harmonies, and childlike sampled groove compliment each other perfectly.

Nothing too deep in terms of vocal content. It's one of those songs where the chorus is repeated about 800 times, but you can never remember the words.

Instead, this song is all about atmosphere. I'm a sucker for that bleached-out, 70's technicolor vibe lately, and this song captures it more effectively than most. The lo-fi skuzziness, however, only enhances its pop-perfection.

Enjoy before summer ends! This is the perfect doobed-up jam for driving to the beach on a day where you can see the heat. Happy listening.

Which Will  performed by Nick Drake  1972
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

A really quiet song, guitar tuned low, has a more traditionally folksy sound than other Drake tunes, which are pretty unique-sounding for the most part. But with his song it works well, and it's my favorite on this record.

from Pink Moon (Island)

Windmills Of Your Mind  performed by Dorothy Ashby  1969
Recommended by brendan [profile]

I've got 5 or 6 Dot Ashby albums, and this is by far my favorite song of hers.

It's breathtaking, no mistake. The bass and drums are steeped in funk, yet keep it mellow. A flute (?) section keeps it nice and light. Its all held together by 'Dorothy's harp' her playing is perfect, sprwaling rich deep soundscapes.

I can't emphisise how perfect this song is. If you've hard any version of 'Windmills...' I'm sure you can imagine a harp suitung it well.

I belive Cadet have recently reissued the 3 albums Ashby did with them (Afro Harping, The Rubiayat of Dorothy Ashby, and Dorothy's Harp), but they can still be hard to get hold of. An excellent quality copy from an original LP can be found on Dusty Fingers Vol.1, also on vynil.

I'm not sure if this is available on CD.

from Dorothy's Harp (Cadet)

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