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*any*  performed by jack johnson
Recommended by mellocello [profile]

ok, go out and get whatever jack johnson you can get your hands on now! I first fell in love w/ his first album back before anyone knew him. I will admit though, that my little bro and I came up with some pretty hilarious alternate lyrics for his first big song on the radio. It took me a good while to get used to his second album, now I probably listen to that more, and then again with his third album, again, it took me a while. but he is truly great.
he started out filming pro surfing videos, and you can see where he is coming from. really chill, folksy music. good stuff

  rum: does that mean i'm allowed to recommend any (or every) song by richard harris?
Balada Conducatorolui  performed by Taraf de Ha´douks  199?
Recommended by nrnono [profile]

Romanian gypsy music at its best:
- fast rhythm and chord progressions that make you listen in anticipation
- singer's voice (singing in Romanian/Gypsy?) rough sincerity reminds me of an old black delta bluesman
- the coolest violin riff ever.

from Taraf de Ha´douks (Elektra/Asylum)

Crazy Dreams  performed by Paul Brady  1983
Recommended by Stian______ [profile]

Singer\songwriter Paul Brady deals with Folk music . This song is in my opinion up to the level of Bob Dylan \Neil Young . Its melancholic but still up-beat .I like the lyrics a lot : " Tonight were gonna paint this town, were gonna drink champagne till we both fall down ,we'll find some other crazy dream -tomorrow" . Its hard to explain ,but the song moves me very much, the song is pretentious in some ways , but Bradys simple(but not dull) singing makes it not sum up as such.

from Hard Station, available on CD (Polydor)

I Am  performed by Foot Ox
Recommended by dizzies [profile]

This song is cute, jittery and even just a bit creepy. Teague Cullen is brilliant.

from It's Like Our Little Machine, available on CD

Minha Gente  performed by Erasmo Carlos  1972
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

Virtually every song on the utterly incredible parent LP is worthy of a separate entry, but I'll just go with this folksy-cum-spaced-out rumination on the way he identifies with the people he surrounds himself with, musically reminiscent of Pink Floyd in the best possible way. Great playing by various Azymuth and Som Imaginario members.
The dateline in the album's title, by the way, is a reference to the time period Erasmo had experienced from birth up to the album's release, he's fortunately still with us!

from Sonhos e Memorias 1941-1972 (Polydor)

My Own Sinking Ship  performed by Good Old War
Recommended by zmarq13 [profile]

The entire album is incredible but this song is probably my favorite . I love their folksy alternative spin on music it works extremely well with their amazing harmony. Just a great song from a great band. (Band Members: Keith GOODwin, Tim ArnOLD, and Dan SchWARtz)

from Good Old War

Nothing Left To Borrow  performed by The Jayhawks  1995
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

This songs stands in for "Sister Cry", "Settled Down Like Rain", "Clouds". "Two Angels", "Blue", and all the others from The Jayhawks' last two records with Mark Olsen, as well as on it's own. The harmonies are just the most raggedy and pure I've ever heard(sorry, King's X). I used to listen to this one over and over.

from Tomorrow The Green Grass (American)

The Lily  performed by Shelby Flint  196?
Recommended by konsu [profile]

This song is really nice.... Shelby's voice floats pillowy-soft above a lush, paced,jazz ensemble with vibraharp chiming chords alongside a heartbeat-like rhythym section.Her voice dipping down to touch it like a feather only to be lifted by the wind again... and again... A nice "Ode to a flower" almost in a hobbit rock mode, only without the schtik........

This is one of two that she wrote herself for (as far as I know) her only LP. The rest of the record is good, mind you. But the two songs she wrote are worth the price of the record. The other one is "Moonlight", which is an almost Stu Phillips-like bossa-nova...... Very pretty.

The Adrissi brothers look like they did some arranging, alongside Perry Botkin Jr., who did the two she wrote for the record. He's well known as an arranger and had done work with Harpers Bizarre, among others.

Good if you like A&M pop with folksy touches...

Claudine maybe?

from Cast Your fate to the wind (Valiant VLM-2/5003)
available on CD - S/T (Collectors Choice CCM 273-2 USA)

Which Will  performed by Nick Drake  1972
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

A really quiet song, guitar tuned low, has a more traditionally folksy sound than other Drake tunes, which are pretty unique-sounding for the most part. But with his song it works well, and it's my favorite on this record.

from Pink Moon (Island)

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